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List of Factors to Take Into Account When Buying a Water Purifier

Everyone wants to live a healthy life without any illness, and drinking filtered water is one of the most important steps in that direction. This can be done by using a water purifier to filter out all the dangerous contaminants in tap water. The best water purifier for a home is chosen after considering several variables. Drinking safe and filtered water directly correlates with good health. As a result, one must choose your water purifier for home care and avoid compromising any health factors.

Water Purifier

  • Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier ₹25,190.00
    Why Choose Livpure Zinger Copper Hot Water Purifier? Ambient, Warm And Hot Water Options 20,000 L Water Saving 6 Stage Advanced Purification Taste Enhancer 6.5 Litre Storage Interactive LED Display PRODUCT SPECIAL FEATURES Constant Hot Water Supply Zinger Hot provides you with instant and constant hot water supply as per your requirement. HR Membrane The HR membrane in the hot water purifier gives you clean and healthy water from any source. Copper 29 Cartridge The water purifier comes with an inbuilt Copper 29 cartridge that adds the benefits of copper and gives you healthy water to drink. Interactive Touch Display The compact water purifier has the most advanced sleek design and also an interactive touch display where you can see updates about your RO. TDS Levels up to 1500 Borewell/Tap/Tanker Source Hot and Warm Water Drinking WHY IS DRINKING HOT WATER GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH? Drinking hot water is known to have its own health benefits. Some of the reasons you should drink hot water are: Helps improve central nervous system function Helps in digesting the food Helps you stay hydrated Helps improve blood circulation Helps decrease detoxification systems INSTANT AND 10X MORE HOT DRINKING WATER Don’t wait for the water to heat in your RO. Get instant flow of hot and warm water as per your requirement. Livpure Zinger Copper Hot provides you with a continuous flow of hot water without any break. Just select the dispensing option and get unlimited hot or warm water. HIGHEST WATER RECOVERY Livpure is committed to protecting the environment and creating planet-friendly products. Zinger Copper Hot features the innovative HR70 technology that reduces the wastage of water and helps to save about 20,000 liters* of water every year. *Calculated assuming 20L of water (at 30°C) consumption per day household. Water-saving may vary based on actual consumption. GOODNESS OF COPPER Livpure’s Zinger Hot Water Purifier comes with a Copper 29 cartridge that works as an added layer of purification. It adds the goodness of copper and helps in improving immunity and digestion with copper-enriched water. Copper water is very much helpful in the winter season and is also recommended by doctors to drink copper enriched water. 6-STAGE FILTRATION RO 1500 TDS MEMBRANE Livpure's 1500 TDS Membrane purifies water from any source and can work up to TDS 1500 ppm. Get purified water from any source like borewell, tap, or tanker water. *Spare part cost not included NOW GET A PRODUCT DEMO VIA LIVE VIDEO CALL! Enjoy a showroom-like experience from the comfort of your house One way video for your complete privacy Book a time that works with your schedule Schedule Now PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE UP TO RS. 2000 FREE FOR 1ST YEAR Livpure Zinger Hot comes with 1 Year Warranty 2 Free Preventive Maintenance Compulsory Sediment Filter Change Compulsory Carbon Filter Change KNOW MORE ABOUT ZINGER COPPER HOT LIVPURE ADVANTAGE 1000+ Certified Engineers 19000+ Service Locations ISO Certified Manufacturing Plant
  • Bolt + (RO+UV) Water Purifier Bolt + (RO+UV) Water Purifier ₹15,205.00
    WHY BUY BOLT+ (RO+UV) ? UV Sterilization 7 Stage Filtration Storage Capacity Mineralizer In-built Pre-Filter PRODUCT SPECIAL FEATURES Highest Water Recovery Livpure’s in-house HR70 Technology helps save up to 20,000L of water every year. Not only does it filter out bacteria & viruses but also removes harmful chemicals like chlorine & fluoride present in the tap water. Advanced Purification Method Livpure's advanced seven-stage purification process cleanses the water so effectively that it is as pure as bottled mineral water or distilled water, even with a TDS level up to 2000 ppm. In-tank UV Sterilization The Bolt + Copper (RO+UV) comes with in-tank UV sterilization technology to keep your water sterilized while the water is stored in the tank. This technology guarantees bacteria removal even after the non-usage of the tank. Copper 29 Cartridge The Copper water filters add the purity of copper which in turn helps you to boost immunity, improve cardiovascular health and support healthy and glowing skin. TDS Levels up to 2000 Hard and Soft Water Source Nuclear Family Copper’s Added Level of Protection The copper cartridge adds the benefits of copper that improves the immunity of body cells with copper content in water and helps in digestion by detoxifying harmful toxins from the intestines and prevents acidity in the stomach. Essential Minerals for Healthy Living Livpure’s mineralizer adds minerals like magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium that help in boosting the immunity and also help in enhancing the taste of the water. With the addition of mineralizer, the mineral enriched water has the following benefits: Magnesium Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases Sodium Helps control blood pressure Calcium Helps maintain strong bones Potassium Helps regulate fluid balance 7-STAGE ADVANCED PURIFICATION Livpure Bolt (RO+UV) comes with an advanced 7-stage water purification process that provides you with clean and pure drinking water even from a source that gives hard water. The water purifier comes with Super Sediment Filter, PA Filter, Carbon Block Filter, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane, Mineral Cartridge, Copper 29 Cartridge, and In-tank UV Sterilization. HR70 Technology Saves 20,000 water every year Mineralizer Ensures the right amount of essential minerals 7-Stage Purification Removes harmful elements from water Copper 29 Cartridge For an added level of purification NOW GET A PRODUCT DEMO VIA LIVE VIDEO CALL! Enjoy a showroom-like experience from the comfort of your house One way video for your complete privacy Book a time that works with your schedule Schedule Now LIVPURE ADVANTAGE 1000+ Certified Engineers 19000+ Service Locations ISO Certified Manufacturing Plant
  • Under The Counter (UTC) Neon Under The Counter (UTC) Neon ₹17,950.00
    PRODUCT SPECIAL FEATURES Under the Counter Design Saves spaces over the counter RO 2000 TDS Membrane Purifies water from any source Silver Nano Technology Prevents growth of bacteria UV Lamp Failure Alert Audio Alert for inefficient UV Lamp UNDER THE COUNTER DESIGN The compact and efficient design of the water purifier makes it easier to fit it under the sink, maintaining the beautiful look of your kitchen. Livpure Neon can be easily be attached to tap or other dispensers as well. TDS Levels up to 2000 Borewell/Tap/Tanker Source Clutter free Kitchen SILVER NANO TECHNOLOGY Livpure Neon uses silver nanoparticles that are highly toxic towards microorganisms and work as good antimicrobial agents. The nanoparticles prevents the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi that contaminate the water. PURIFIES WATER FROM ANY SOURCE Livpure Neon comes with the RO 2000 TDS Membrane that is equipped to purify water from any source like tap, under ground water or tanker water. The high quality membrane is suitable to use for water having TDS as high as 2000. PURIFICATION STAGES NOW GET A PRODUCT DEMO VIA LIVE VIDEO CALL! Enjoy a showroom-like experience from the comfort of your house One way video for your complete privacy Book a time that works with your schedule Schedule Now PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE WORTH RS. 1500 FREE FOR 1'ST YEAR Livpure Under The Counter (UTC) Neon comes with 1 Year Warranty 2 Free Preventive Maintenance Compulsory Sediment Filter Change Compulsory Carbon Filter Change LIVPURE ADVANTAGE 1000+ Certified Engineers 19000+ Service Locations ISO Certified Manufacturing Plant

When finalizing which RO water purifier is appropriate for your home, some important aspects are very important. Your ability to get clean water free of dangerous pollutants may depend on how effective your water purifier is. The machine’s longevity, the price of the water purifier, and the customer services offered with your purchase are some other necessary aspects. Who does not want to take advantage of water purifiers knowing how crucial it is to consume safe water for survival?

To have access to filtered water every day, people are encouraged to buy the Livpure water purifier. Livpure has the best RO in India. It provides you with a technically advanced safe water purifier.

1. The efficiency of the purifier: Removing contaminants from water is one of the efficient factors of the best water purifier. Well, the elimination of the contaminants present in water is dependent on the kind of water quality that your municipality provides. Any water filter does not necessarily eliminate all contaminants. Therefore, if you notice that the water is largely clear and clean but only has a problem with the taste, you may need a safe water purifier, in which case you require a UV-function water purifier. To remove impurities from water, water purifiers combine several technologies. This does not, however, imply that all water purifiers can eliminate the many contaminants that can be found in water. To choose which water purification system will work best for you, evaluate the quality of the water in your area before making a purchase. You can choose RO water purifiers. You should also verify the water purifier’s NSF-Certification.

2. The price of replacing filters: A major concern of almost all customers is to look after the price of the water purifier if it is under budget or not, and after that if replacement is pocket friendly or not. Always try to choose an AMC feature that lowers repair prices if you want to avoid any impending confusion or filter repair expenditures. Before making a final decision, be sure to account for the cost of replacing the filters. The price depends on the type of water purifier you use. To avoid confusion and frustration in the future, learn in-depth about the cost of fixing the filters. Another smart choice you might make is to work with AMC, which will help to reduce the expenses of replacement and maintenance. To get access to this benefit you can choose Livpure, the best RO in India.

3. Amount of water your family consumes: Don’t forget to take the size of your household into account when choosing a water purifier. The reason is that water purifiers have storage capabilities to make sure you have clean water even if there is no electricity. Therefore, consider how much water your household uses as well as the water needed for other purposes like cooking before making a final selection. It is best to get a countertop or under-the-counter water purifier if you have a large family. To find a water purifier for your home with appropriate storage, consider the size of your family.

4. Electricity consumption: If you are wondering about the amount of electricity that your water purifier will consume then relax. We have a super solution for the same! Livpure water purifier’s power consumption is quite less as it requires the use of a small amount of electricity, approximately 25 watts. Well, this factor also differs from family to family based on water usage.

For instance: If a family consumes 15 liters of water every day on average, their annual electric utilization will be roughly 1.52 units which is fine. You must go with a Livpure water purifier to save yourself from wasting extra money on electric charges.

5. Warranty provided: The warranty duration that comes with the RO water purifier is a crucial feature that people consider when selecting a safe water purifier for themselves. This is important since the warranty period ensures that customers will have the team’s help if their equipment malfunctions or their purifier do not perform as expected. The consumer doesn’t have to worry about any potential future malfunctions because your product is guaranteed. The most appropriate warranty time for the water purifier can be chosen using this method, which is dependable and trustworthy. For the warranty listed on the product’s warranty card, various providers provide a range of choices. Depending on the features of your RO and your subscription plan, the overall warranty duration often lasts between one and two years.

About Livpure

Livpure is regarded as one of India’s most reliable RO water filters. A cutting-edge water purification system is available through the subscription service Livpure Smart, which also provides access to pure and hygienic drinking water. When you begin using your subscription plan for Livpure, you can use the warranty activation option to begin your warranty period by logging in with your information on the official website. A smartphone app that connects to Livpure water purifiers notifies you when the filters need to be maintained or updated and keeps you informed. It guarantees that all replacement filters and spare parts are offered on the website or in physical retail locations.

In addition, the most astounding thing regarding Livpure is that there are no additional fees for technician visits or any form of filter replacement or cleaning. The customer care number, and official email Id, make it simple to contact the support staff.

As mentioned before, the price of a water filter is super comfortable to buy one and also you can have varieties like alkaline water purifiers, hot water purifiers, etc.

Still, you are waiting? Go and immediately visit the Livpure website to choose the best water filter for your home.