curtains from bed sheets

How to make Curtains from Bed Sheets?

Fancy, ready made curtains can be extremely expensive for what you actually get. But what if we told you that you can not only make curtains but make designer curtains right at home. If you have a sewing machine and can sew a straight line, that’s all the skill you need for this! And what more, you can make these curtains from your bed sheets- either good condition old ones or some picked up from sale counters. 

Why DIY? 

Using bed sheets for making curtains allows you to match and coordinate your window coverings with your bedroom decor without burning money on custom-made curtains. It can also a way to reuse those bedsheets you’ve been wanting to give away. And, the best news of all is you don’t have to be a professional sewer to make functional curtains. Use a few interior decorator’s tricks to turn sheets into curtains without having pro skills in sewing, all you need to know is how to sew straight lines. And, if you are not really into sewing at all, we will try to give you a couple of alternatives as well.

How to Make Curtains from Bed sheets out of your own

  1. Measure the width of the window opening and measure for length starting from the curtain rod. Determine if you wish for floor or window sill length curtains. While window sill length curtains are more practical, floor length curtains give a more luxurious feel to the room. 
  2. Take your measurements to the shop and choose the right size bed sheets. Purchase the ones that may provide a complete width or two separate ones making your windows look luxurious and high-end. If you are thinking about recycling your old bed sheets, find good looking and matching ones. 
  3. Measure the width and length of every bedsheet. Mark them according to the measurements in step 1. Cut the sheets to suitable sizes.
  4. Create the rod pockets by gently opening each end of the wide top hem of the bedsheet with a seam ripper. Finish the rod pocket by folding the unfinished edges inside the pocket and securing them with fusible hem tape or hand stitching. Both will work wonderfully, do whatever is easier for you! 
  5. Iron the fabric, then pin the hems of the curtain panels. Give your curtains an expert look by employing a twice-turned hemming technique to completely conceal the raw edges along the bedsheet. Do this step if you are okay with using the sewing machine, but doesn’t require professional-level expertise. Fold the material into a narrow hem. Make the second fold the required depth of the finished hem.
  6. Sew hems employing a medium length, straight stitch on your textile machine. Do not forget to iron the curtains before hanging.

Tips and Tricks for Curtains from Bed Sheet

  • Cut queen and king bed sheets in half lengthwise to form two curtain panels. Two twin or full bed sheets will adequately cover most standard-size windows.
  • Eliminate the rod pocket completely by using clip-on curtain rings. If there’s no issue with the pattern, attach the clips along the narrow bottom hem and hang the sheet upside down as it will give a cleaner look. Measure the ring and clip drop when considering the finished length of your curtains. If the sheets are the proper size, you will not need to sew at all, just clip on the rings and go hang them over the windows.
  • If you do not have access to a stitching machine, create hems and seams with fusible hem tape. Create a twice-turned hem, cut the fusible tape the right width and length, insert it into the hem folds, and iron it in line with the package directions. There you go- a non-sewing alternative we promised to give you! 
  • Every bedding manufacturer produces sheets with slight variations in dimensions. Check the package for precise sizing. Livpure’s Egyptian cotton bed sheets come in two sizes- queen and king. They are the best quality cotton bed sheets available in the market and are just perfect for your DIY project. 
  • Sheets are typically not thick enough to produce adequate privacy, insulation, and lightweight control. Use a blind or shade as the first layer under your decorative curtains. Well, we are talking here about most sheets. Livpure’s sheets have an amazing thread count- after all, it’s an Egyptian cotton bedsheet. 
  • While using fusible hem tape make sure to leave no portion exposed. Fusible hem tape will leave a sticky, difficult-to-remove residue on your iron’s soleplate. 
  • You can also put some designs on your curtain. Make a stencil and put some spray paint and color sealant over it. With Livpure’s cotton bedsheets, the thread count and weaving are so good, you won’t find it leaking any colors as well. Livpure’s single ply yarn produces the finest and strongest threads out of long-staple cotton. It will last you extremely long, even after you get bored with them. That is why it is best to repurpose them as curtains when you get finally bored of them. 


Why buy ready-made curtains which will make a hole in your pocket, when you can easily DIY at home from bed sheets- which literally come at bargain prices. You can also repurpose your old boring bed sheets by giving them a new color flair- try stencil art or tie-dye coloring. You just need to follow our simple guide to give a new look to your bedroom! Use cotton bed sheets to give a cool feel to your bedroom and also add blinds as a first layer to give your room some more privacy. You can let the interior designer in you go wild with this idea!