Easy Steps to Make a Bed Look Like a Hotel

Easy Steps to Make a Bed Look Like a Hotel

Staying in a luxury hotel and jumping in on that luxe bed is a dream we often dream of. It is a kind of indulgence we do not get to enjoy often with our regular schedule. Most hotels take pride in the luxury they provide, and the bed is the most luxurious often. You will find many things in a hotel bed that look comfy and pretentious but are actually aren’t that hard to achieve at home. It just takes a few extra additions and layers like duvets, comforters, fluffy pillows and the perfect mattress. Here are a few tips to achieve that hotel-like luxury bed. 

A good mattress

A good bed is an important part of good sleep, maybe the most important one. Therefore, you should invest in a good quality mattress first. Livpure has many options for the mattress which suits your need the best and provides you with ultimate luxury without pinching your pocket too hard. However, if you already have a mattress in your house that you love and has not faced much of a wear and tear, and don’t want to get rid of it, then flip it and fluff it. This simple trick makes your mattress feel like new and enhances the lifespan of your bed too. Make sure to keep your old mattress vacuumed and cleaned as well. 

Still don’t feel like the marshmallow-like softness? Ask your mattress provider for an extra thick layer of memory foam or buy one extra thick memory foam mattress that provides the softness as well as the back support you need. 

Use good bed sheets

We know you must’ve never bothered about thread count on your bedsheets. But good hotels pay extra attention to their bedsheets and pillow covers. The secret is using a quality Egyptian cotton, 300-thread-count bed sheet that feels fresh, luxurious and soft. Thread count is a measure of how many threads are woven into one square inch of a piece of fabric. In the Indian market, though, it’s a relatively new term. But you will find it on Livpure’s website in many soft colors and great prices! 

One sheet won’t do the trick though to make it as luxurious as a hotel room. In hotel rooms, if you’ve noticed closely, there are two closely fitted sheets that are tucked in tightly whereas one flat sheet is placed over it for a feathery and soft feel. Use one fitted sheet vertically and another one horizontally to get the right bounce and luxury on your bed. 

Layering and more layering

Do you know what will give that plush feel like a hotel? Layering your bed with soft high-quality duvets and comforters. And where else would you find a comforter to match your high-quality Egyptian cotton bed sheet than Livpure’s website?

Keep your bedding clean and smelling fresh to feel extra luxurious when you get into the bed. You can always fluff it up before you make your bed to have the perfect sinking feeling when you actually get into the bed at the end of a tough day. 

After all of this, throw in a nice blanket or a luxurious throw for those cold nights. Nothing can beat a warm blanket on those wintery nights with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a book right? Just like your dream staycation, but one you can have every day right on your own bed. 

Pillows and cushions

You might have noticed hotels with many fluffy pillows and cushions on one bed. While decorative cushions can be removed while sleeping, it still gives that extra plush feels to the whole setting. Get pillows which are supportive for your neck and back. Use  cool gel pillows as your bedroom addition from Livpure. 

Make sure your pillows are cleaned and dried often as these are the places bacterias grow most rapidly. Get it professionally cleaned or do it yourself at home, also show it some Sun from time to time. Fit it with Egyptian cotton covers to match your bedsheet as well. 


We know how difficult it is to even think about laundry days when you have light coloured bedding. It is even more of a nightmare if you have kids or pets. But these are just small pains compared to the luxury you seek. You must have noticed hotels having all white bedding with a slightly darker soft layer. Whites, blush pink and off white works the best to give that posh look to your bedroom.

These colours also match any of your interiors the best and are known to give you a good and peaceful sleep. Make sure more and more layers are of white or light pastel colours and top it off with a cool coloured top layer or a throw. Get soft coloured cushions as well to finish off the look. 

Accessorize your bedroom with warm coloured bedside table accessories, light coloured framed photos of your loved ones or a calm painting, rather than a loud one. Add bathrobes to your bedroom for that little hint of the hotel room feel, which you can wear to your bed after a warm bath before getting in your pyjamas as well. 

Regular cleaning

Opt for regular cleaning of your white or light coloured bedding for it to look spotless and feel crisp and clean. For the delicates, opt for dry cleaning. You have to clean your mattress and pillows on regular intervals for not only to get rid of smells and stains but also to stay away from allergies and skin problems. 

Use a fabric conditioner after every wash of your bedding to give it a soft feel and for them to smell nice. Keep food and pets away from the bed if you are too panicky about your bedding. Maintain a hotel-like feel all throughout the year without making a hole in your pocket by learning to simply do it yourself tricks for cleaning your bedding.