Facts about sleeping with your loved one

Facts about sleeping with your loved one

Spending hours in bed with your loved one is one of the best things you can do with one another, especially during these times when going out on fancy dates is not a viable option. And we’re not just talking about the kind of exploits you read about in a steamy romance novel or watch in rom-com. The benefits of sleeping next to your partner cuddled up, can have a positive impact on your personal health, as well as the health of your relationship. So prepare to get both physically and emotionally closer. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy it more than any box of chocolate or perfume you could receive as gifts from your partner. Sleep is the gift you need and deserve!

Sync together with your person

Couples who head to bed at an identical time typically get up around the same time, leading to similar body clocks. This harmony is an indicator of satisfaction in a relationship.

Provides a more restorative sleep

If you’re next to someone you’re keen on and are drawn to, you’re likely to have some non-sleep fun and when that happens, it can boost estrogen levels in women, thus resulting in a deeper slumber. Oxytocin in men is released, leading to some serious fatigue. Basically, it’s like eating an enormous chicken dinner without the calories.

All kinds of health benefits

Sleeping next to your life companion doesn’t just provide romance but health benefits too. It can lower pressure because there’s that oxytocin coming into play again, reduce inflammation because of lesser cortisol levels and improve your immune system. A research found that sexually active partners are safer against common colds and also the flu because they produced more antibodies.

Feel happier

If you’re physically near the person you love on a nightly basis, that alone can release dopamine, which, when released in large quantities, can cause you to feel pleasure. Also, serotonin, a.k.a. the “happy chemical” is released within the body, thus improving your mood and helping to counter depression.

Go to sleep faster

When you’re alone, you’ll get lost in your own head and so if you sleep alone, you will most probably end up overthinking things. Once your brain starts going, it’s that much harder to tune it out, close your eyes, and shut it down, so you truly go to sleep faster after you roll in the hay with some other person.

Safe and sound

Having someone by your side at night can be comforting and help you sleep deeper. This can be more about men, who sleep the same when with a partner or alone versus women, who tend to be wide awake more during the night after they have someone by their side.

The side you sleep on makes a difference

If you sleep on the left side of the bed, it means you would like to get a decent start to the day, you wish good for your job, have plenty of friends, and get up in a good mood and with a more positive outlook on life. If you sleep on the right side, you favor your own company, are grumpier, more pessimistic, and do not like your job.

The closer and sleep better

People who sleep close to each other not only have a happier relationship, they also sleep better. So cuddle up.

Warm sleep

The warmer you’re, the deeper the sleep. When you are sleeping with someone else, the other person’s body keeps you warm to an optimum temperature. But when it starts to get a little hot in there, just stick a foot out of the comforter. Your blood heat will adjust and you may be back to dreaming in no time. Choose an All-weather Comforter from Livpure Sleep to maintain the exact amount of heat underneath the covers, as it is suitable for winters and summers. Get toasty temperatures for a good sleep all around the year. 

Makes you a more robust partner

Whether it is a marriage, you’re cohabitating, or something in between and undefined, relationships are built on strong connections, good communication, and compromise. Sleep deprivation interferes with mood and can diminish the positive parts of a very good relationship. It ultimately means a restful night cannot only avoid any potential conflict but also improve the relationship between you and your partner altogether.

Less stress

With less stress about anything from security concerns to relationship issues, comes the lowering of the strain hormone cortisol. Further because of the reduced level of cytokines, which should do away with inflammation, it is all the way better.

Oxytocin is released after sex 

Oxytocin, also called the love hormone, is why some people fall asleep immediately after sex. But even brushing up against your partner can release oxytocin. And, hey, whatever happens subsequently is up to you. But its release is what relaxes you and makes you sleepy.

More energized

If you’ve slept soundly and comfortably, you will appear refreshed in the morning. That is great for you and everybody around you. No, really. Your partner, or your kids, or your co-workers can tell when you’ve have a crappy sleep. You will be either lousy or in a bad mood around the people you love. 

Between the sheets

We can talk all about sleeping and cuddling with your partner which gives you a good sleep. But the right bed and bedding is the first step towards a perfect slumber. A good mattress can change your whole mood and sleep. And if your partner tosses and turns in the night, Don’t let it disturb your sleep and your relationship. A memory foam mattress that diminishes motion transfer is all you need. Livpure Sleep’s memory foam mattresses- Ortho-X, Regal, and the-natural ayurvedic foam mattress Naturale, will solve all your problems. All you need is to go online and order it from the website and get it delivered right to your doorstep. 

Talking about some smooth between the sheets action, you need fine Egyptian Cotton bed sheets- fitted or the normal ones, to feel in the mood. They are so luxurious that you would want to be in bed all day with your partner. 


Whether you are married or just starting in love, you will grow with the relationship and make it stronger only if you get a good night’s sleep. Do not skimp on it, however lucrative it is. Get some snuggle and snooze time together to get it right. It will take care of your physical and mental health for the long term. Happy sleeping!