Smart plug

Livpure Smart Plug

Livpure has launched a new product called the Smart Plug. This is an electrical  plug that blends your electrical appliances with smart technology which in turn helps control your devices connected to the Smart Plug from anywhere with the Livpure HEKA App. Commands can be made via voice control features too using Alexa, Google Home, or Siri.

The Plug is a 10A point that can connect to appliances such as one’s lights, fan, water purifier without a heater, security alarm, mobile & laptop charger, WiFi router, and more. 

The 16A one can connect to appliances such as a geyser, AC, water motor, room heater, EV charger, to name a few. 

Additionally, the new Livpure Smart Plug does protect against power fluctuations as well as allowing one to monitor and save electricity while at it. 

Due to the HEKA app, users may control appliances connected via the smart skin at any point. Users can also look forward to a 24 hour timer system where one may cater to their schedules by setting various timelines for different appliances. 

The Livpure Smart Plug also has a geo-fencing feature that allows one to switch on or switch off an appliance based on the distance from the phone to the plug. All-in-all, it is the first of its kind in India and is a sure step towards the technological future we can look forward to.