Natural ways to keep your bedroom cool

Natural ways to keep your bedroom cool

Summer months make most of us really happy- it’s the summer vacation time, lots of cool drinks and good food around, visits by family and friends, etc. But it also means there will be a lot of people in the house and the house will just get hotter- as if the summer wind was not enough. Using air conditioners is not always energy-efficient and cost-effective, especially for an extended amount of time. There are ways you can keep your bedroom and house cool naturally. 

Place box fans in windows

Upper floors tend to trap rising heat and using box fans could be a good way to keep the rooms on the upper floor cool during the summer naturally. When cooling a space with fans in windows, face them outward to vent the new air out, especially when it’s hotter outside. It works the same as exhaust fans in the kitchens. 

Get the right ceiling fans

One of the most effective ways to stay cool without an air conditioner is to put in high powered ceiling fans. Anywhere people tend to congregate, whether it is the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, those are the spaces where you are looking to get the most proper air circulation and cooling, and that is where they are most useful. But where the fans are installed is simply half of the work- picking the proper sized fan for your room is additionally important for effective cooling. Smaller rooms, around 15 feet by 15 feet or less do not need anything larger than a 52-inch ceiling fan. For 20 feet by 20 feet rooms, it is recommended to get a 60-inch fan. For larger rooms, 30 feet by 30 feet and above, you would want an 84-inch fan.

New ceiling fans could also be costly to buy but they are much more cost-effective than installing and using air conditioners in the long term. Ceiling fans are incredibly energy efficient.

Optimize the fans you’ve got

If new fans are not within the budget, you can take extra steps to boost the performance of those you have already got. Here are some maintenance tips for cooling an area with fans more efficiently. 

  • Run Fans Counter-Clockwise: in the summer, run your fans counter-clockwise on their highest setting to push air straight down and make a wind chill effect. In the winter, set them back to clockwise on low to slowly force warm air down into the area.
  • Clean Them Regularly: Keeping your ceiling fan dust-free is not just hygienic, it also can help your fan working better. Dirt on fans can heat up the motor, which makes them run more slowly and can cause breakdown due to overheating as well. 
  • Polish the Blades: Polishing a fan’s blades can reduce drag, improving its ability to maneuver air. To do this, remove the blades and wipe them down with a wet cloth. Then, dry and coat them with lightweight furniture or metal polish, reckoning on the fabric of your blades. Let completely dry before reinstalling.
  • Fix Any Wobbling: If your fan is wobbling, it is working harder than it is supposed to and would not cool your room down well. Tighten or replace loose screws in your fan.
  • Oil Your Fan: Five to six drops of light machine oil can get eliminate annoying squeaking sounds and help the motor run more efficiently. But know that not all fans can be oiled- some motors are completely sealed up. Find your manufacturer’s guide for instructions on oiling your ceiling fan.

Spot-cool your bed

If you are trying to work out a way to cool your bedroom with fans, focus your efforts on your bed. Use a pedestal fan to push cooler, middle-room air onto your bed while you sleep.

Use breathable bedsheets

When it is hot and you get sweaty, breathable cotton bedsheets are of utmost importance. Non-breathable sheets will make life more difficult- it will make seeping hotter and the body would be uncomfortable throughout the night. Livpure’s Egyptian cotton bed sheets are the most breathable cotton bed sheets you will find in the market today. They are moisture wicking, sleeps cool, hypoallergenic, and very durable as well. When you sleep on them, not only it feels luxurious at the touch, it also keeps you cool all night long. 

Have a nighttime cool-down routine

Having a cool-down routine is a great way to stay cool in the summer without an air conditioner. Not only does it keep your body temperature lower, but it can also help keep your home cool naturally. Because physical activity creates body heat, start settling down about an hour before going to bed and turn off electronics as well. Then, start cooling yourself down- drink plenty of cool water and drape a cold pack on the back of your neck. You can also take a bath before bed, it helps keep the body temperature down. 

Draw the curtains

While natural light is great for you, too much of it can turn your home into a sauna during the summer months. During the summer, it also makes going to sleep difficult as the sun comes up really early in the morning and your sleep gets disrupted before you have had enough. Blackout Curtains from Livpure serve the purpose of keeping the light and the extreme heat out of your rooms. With upwards of 95% blocking out of light, it also keeps some amount of noise limited to outside. Blackout curtains are not only good for sleep at the night, but it is also excellent in keeping the room cool during the day. 

Make a few long-term improvements

If you are really, really committed to the whole no air conditioner thing, you can make a couple of changes to your house that will keep it cooler for many seasons to come. Insulated window films, for example, are a smart purchase as they work similarly to blinds in keeping the heat away from the room in little amounts. And additions like awnings and planting trees or vines or even a lot of small plants near light-facing windows will shield your home from the direct sun’s rays, reduce the amount of heat your home absorbs and make your investment even more worthwhile. 


Keeping your bedroom cool is very important for a good sleep. The ideal temperature needed for your body to have a good sleep is around 18 degrees celsius. But it is always not achievable. Cooling down your bedroom naturally is also good for the environment as air conditioners use a lot of energy. Show your commitment towards the environment and cost effectiveness today and follow our tips to cool down your homes.