Use Different Towels for Face and Body

Use Different Towels for Face and Body

Using the same towel for your face and body is most probably what you do every day. And most of us might have not even put a thought regarding this, isn’t it? We hardly even own so many different towels. How many times have you mocked your friend or that member of your family who has like 10 different towels in their home! They might be right in doing so! 

We use our towels for our hands, face, body after bath and after a workout, after dishwashing, after eating etc. Now think about the different kinds of bacterias and oils you pick up from these different places. Let’s delve deep into why we need separate towels. 

Using your bath towel for your face- is it good?

Do you dry your body with the same towel you use to dry your face after a bath? Most of the people around us do, and so do we. We get it. Washing a massive amount of clothes is a pain. However, this habit knowingly or unknowingly could be doing your skin more harm than you imagine. That bacteria, which you wind up moving from your body onto your face (or vice versa) with your towel, is not good.

Bacteria, fungus, dead skin cells, oils and other debris can collect on the towel which can become the culprit of skin infections, acne flares, and irritation. Not only that, residues from your body soap, oil, moisturizer etc. can be unsuitable for your face. You wouldn’t want that huge amount of money you use to keep your face looking fresh and youthful to go to waste due to foreign substances, would you? 

What about infections?

Speaking of infections, it is important to proceed with caution if you’re dealing with that. If you have an open or raw skin on any part of the body, you do not want it on your face at all. In addition, if you are removing makeup from the face that will be deposited on your face towel, it should not continue to be used on other parts of the body as a rule. Not only that, if there is any soiling on a towel, be it dirt, makeup, or bodily fluids, you should clean thoroughly before reusing it.

What kind of towels to buy?

Standard cotton or nylon towels are quite rough on the skin. Using them can cause friction because the rough cloth acts as an exfoliant. Doing this too often can result in rough patches on your skin and stripping away your skin of good natural oils it needs. Did you know, bamboo fiber is one of the softest materials available in the market, and we at Livpure have the best bamboo fiber towel set for your needs. The set comes with a bath towel and hand towels- which you can use for your face and hands. It also comes in beautiful colours and gives you an extra luxurious feel. 

All in all, use a separate body and face towel and wash it at least once a week. But if you remove makeup and oils from your face using a face towel, wash it after every use thoroughly. 

Replacement of towels

We will tell you why it’s important to not only have a different hand towel set aside for drying your face but to make sure that it stays super duper clean, meaning you should wash it or replace it with a fresh one every couple of days. If you’re prone to breakouts or use makeup on a regular basis, you might want to get a fresh face towel even more frequently, preferably wash it after every use. For acne-prone or very oily skin, you should wash your face towel daily. Skin bacteria transferring back and forth between your face and the towel might be problematic if you’re prone to acne or rosacea.

Aside from regular laundry days, keep your towels bacteria, germs and dirt-free by making sure they dry completely, preferably air-dried, between uses. That might mean moving your towels out of the bathroom after you use them to hang, where they can get some fresh air and sun. This applies for both face towels and a bath towel. 

Livpure gives you the best solution for all these needs. We provide you with sets of two bath towels; one bath towel and two hand towels; and a family set of two bath towels and four hand towels in exciting colours. With our bamboo fiber towel sets not only do you have the option of putting it through the laundry regularly because we have alternate towels for your daily needs, but also comes with the advantages of bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is quick-drying, anti-bacterial, super soft and light, anti-allergen and made with natural materials. It is a gift which keeps on giving, and it comes with a one year warranty from Livpure. 

If you need just a little bit more convincing to use separate towels for your face and body and buy our bamboo fiber towel set, visit our website for exciting discounts! Finally, it may be concluded that your friends and family members who have different towels for different needs and got a lot of mockery because of that might just be doing the right thing all this while.