What color curtains make a room look bigger and brighter?

Your home’s decor is greatly influenced by colors since you may use them to attract attention to a specific area or make a space appear larger than it actually is. Since most rooms include windows, using curtains is a fantastic way to use color to your advantage. Which is the best color for curtains you should choose to make a space appear larger? 

Choose light color curtains that are to give the impression that a room is open and spacious. 

Additionally, texture has the power to either restrict or expand your living spaces. Of course, the remaining decor should have some influence on your choice of the best color for curtains. Continue reading for additional advice on selecting the best curtains for your house.

Which is the best color for curtains to make a room look bigger and brighter?

The details of a few colors that will provide the impression of a bigger room are provided below. You may select it based on the interior and wall colors.

1. Off-white and white

When you want a spacious room, choosing white and off-white is the best color for curtains. The setting is classic and cozy thanks to the white and off-white window and door coverings. After a stressful day of activities, entering this little space will make you feel free and comfortable.

White is a versatile color that always radiates to its surroundings. As a result, when sunlight strikes it, it will disperse natural light.

2. Light Blue and Light pink

Many parents dedicate small rooms to their children and gender-specifically decorate them. When it comes to females, use the pink theme, and when it comes to boys, use the blue theme. It will generate interest and give the kids a sense of ownership. Once you get inside and take a seat, it will appear spacious and bright.

3. Sage green

The current and most fashionable shade is sage green. Sage green is created by combining green with gray. If you want to make the little space appear larger, hang sage green curtains in the room.

Having a sage green touch inside will make it appear natural from the inside as well. Therefore, to give a room a fresh, cheerful appearance, it is preferable to change the curtains on the windows and doors. 

4. Light purple

The color light purple stands for confidence, boldness, and faith. In your small space, swap out the dark-colored blinds for light-purple ones.

The intellect and personality are affected because of dark colors. Thus, decide on a bright, light color every time since it will help you think more clearly.

If the furniture, carpet, and wall color are neutral, it is best to hang bright curtains. Select shutters in a neutral color if all the other decorations are bright.

5. Light Grey 

Between the tones of black and white is gray. Therefore, when the black shade is more than the white shade, it will be darker. Similar to how it will be bright if it contains more white than black shade.

The ratio of each color determines how it looks. In order to achieve balance, it is, therefore, preferable to choose a light gray for getting the best color for curtains for a small space.

Gray is becoming more and more in demand and used in both homes and workplaces.

When the sunshine comes in through windows and doors, it is calming and makes your space appear brighter. Hanging mirrors with gray frames in front of the window and entrance will also reflect the light.

Which is the best curtain type to make your room appear bigger?

Various kinds of curtains make the room look more spacious. You can sew in accordance with the window and door sizes.

1. Sleek and stylish modern curtains

Everyone wants to give the room a fresh appearance. On the wall, you may hang curtains in a modern, stylish design. Your preference will influence the fabric choices. It needs to complement the decor and be a light color. It is usually offered in white and light gray color. Therefore, you may consider it the best option to brighten your space and make it appear bigger.

2. Roller curtains

The curtains are often hung over the roller about 8 to 10 inches above the window frame or close to the ceiling. The cloth will roll over the cylindrical rod above the window frame. To turn the roller rod, there is a button and a rope on one side. When it rotates to the wall side, the fall will begin. Similar to when it spins the other way, the cloth will begin to roll on the rod.

3. Venetian curtains

Venetian curtains come in practically every color and are fashionable and trendy. The manufacturer horizontally stacks the leather or plastic strips one on top of the other.

It adjusts the intensity of light coming inside. If you want extra natural light, you may widen the spaces between the strips. When you completely close it, the sun’s rays will not be able to pass through.

4. Pleated curtains

Pleated curtains are often hung in front of windows. When you wish to open the window, you should just gather its upper portion, thus it should be light in weight.

Additionally, it acts as a barrier, preventing the entry of external heat and maintaining the room’s temperature.

5. Sheer curtains

When you hang them in a small space, they become somewhat transparent and light. This is so that the sun’s rays may enter the room during the day.

Sunlight will enter through the transparent curtains and make you visible to outsiders. It makes the space appear bigger and fills it with natural light.

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