How successful women manage their sleep and work

How successful women manage their sleep and work

Today’s woman might find herself juggling multiple roles between which she has to switch at any given day and at any given moment. These can include but don’t seem to be limited to- a mother, chauffeur, chef, coach, wife, sister, moderator, negotiator, colleague, boss, and many more. Their struggles are variant, as they struggle to search out a greater balance between the various facets of their lives while doing their best to be their genius best and show abilities through their career and family. Find below pointers for how women manage sleep.

What are women’s priorities? 

Women are great caretakers and can put the wants and priorities of others first but over time this only results in failure. What is seen is that the majority of women think “I just can’t have it all.” They’re resigned to the idea that somewhere in their busy days something’s gotta give and most times they’re the ones left holding the short stick. Often overlooking their health and well-being to take care of all the competing priorities of their career and family.

So how can you women, “have your cake and eat it too?”

Instead of trying to cut short your priorities and your ‘me-time, you have to start with the mindset that your health and well-being matter. Then put into practice some new habits that may regularly make you content so you’ll be better at helping those around you. We will assist you to adjust your thinking, and positively shift your priorities to create time for the life you’ve been dreaming of living. A life where there’s a balance between a thriving career and cheerful home life and sleep.

Sleep and work for women

Sleep is one among those daily needs of life that we all know is very important and yet, on the list of priorities, it’s often the last one. Everyone requires a minimum amount of sleep to function the subsequent day, but generally speaking, females can get by on even less sleep than men can. In fact, researchers have found that women aged 30 to 60 receive an average of six hours and 41 minutes of sleep during the workweek when the general requirement is seven to nine hours. Women also are more likely to have trouble drifting off to dreamland and staying there  as chronic stress interrupts our natural cycles.

Paired with female-only experiences, like premenstrual symptoms, including insomnia and the annoying task of finding a snug position at seven months pregnant, it’s no wonder women feel exhausted. Sleep, very much needed for women as equally as men, is still elusive, especially if they have both work and home to take care of. So how do successful women do it, and how can you do it too? 

Manage your health first

If your energy is low and you don’t have the oomph to care for the important people and things in your life, then everybody loses. Be sure to eat healthy foods that feed your body with good nutrition, and make time for a few regular exercises so you’ll see the stresses go away from your life. If you don’t, these stressors can build up in your system and cause a range of health issues both mental and physical. So, dodge the bullet by taking out some self-care time during the day. 

Communicate your wants and desires 

As much as we might wish to think that our significant others can read our minds, they mostly can’t. Rather than having to make them guess and be disappointed once they don’t determine exactly what you would like, tell them straight what you would like. Practice having open, honest, and heartfelt conversations together with your loved ones so everyone involved feels seen, heard, and revered. 


Things like meditation, prayer, getting a wonderful massage or a mani-pedi, doing yoga, or taking a walk during your lunch break are all great ways to de-stress and feel good. Find some ways which work for you and practice them regularly. It’ll calm your mind and ease your spirit, and you will keep going on through your life. 

Set your priorities clearly

What is your priority in life? What is the second most important thing in your life? The third thing that’s most significant in your life? When you’re clear on what has to be prioritized first, then it’s less stressful to form choices and decisions that support your priorities as you honor your values, heart, and spirit. Making a physical list does no harm, and you might go to bed every night stress-free because of that.

Get your zzzzz…

Getting enough quality sleep is super important! It’s the time when your body can process through the strain of the day and rejuvenates your cells. Studies have shown that a scarcity of sleep can create a mess of negative effects like loss of attention and productivity, forgetfulness, depression, weight gain, premature aging of your skin, and health risks like high pressure, cardiac disorders, and diabetes, just to name some.

If stress has you worrying and keeping you up at midnight, try various mindfulness meditations before you hit the pillows to wind down your body and mind for a restful night’s sleep. 

Make the bedroom a haven for sleep

Do not use your bedroom for anything other than sleep and intimate activities. Organize your bedroom in such a way that it gives calm and cool vibes. Adorn it with blackout curtains, keep your bedroom pet-free, dust-free and invest in a good luxury mattress and pillows suitable to you and your partner’s needs.

Seeping with your partner and need an undisturbed sleep? Livpure’s memory foam mattresses will keep your partner’s movements at bay by reducing motion transfer on the mattress. Suffering from neck and shoulder pain after hustling all day long? Try our cervical pillow for comfort and uninterrupted sleep. 

Know your boundaries

What are you willing and not willing to try to do for your work? Where does one draw the line between work time and family time? When does your work-day begin and end? When is your sacred time with family and loved ones, and then just yourself? If need be, put it on your calendar and frame it.

The more you practice honoring these boundaries, the more you’re honoring your core values. As you are doing this, it becomes easier to switch or change gears in your mindset to depart from work and be fully present with friends, family, and yourself.

Schedule Regular Play Dates

Just as much like your kids need play dates with their friends, so does one along with your husband and girlfriends. Go out to let your hair down and be your “adult” self rather than mom, or boss, or colleague. Create downtime for your hard-working brain to simply have fun, be silly and do what floats your boat with friends and loved ones.

The bottom line

Being a mother, wife, and boss can take a toll on your sleep, but make time to have enough. Chart your day to successfully manage your time. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. Women are capable of doing everything a man can’t, so it’s time to change perspectives of the society that women can’t have it all and need to leave the job to raise a family or vice versa. Do it as every successful woman does it- ace your days like a boss!