home clean in monsoon

How to keep your home clean and dry in the rainy season

Just like our body needs a bit of extra care during the monsoon season, our home also requires some preparations and changes to be ready for several things that come together with the rainy season. We are not just talking about germs and bacteria, but also about moisture and dampness that leaves a musty smell in all our rooms, furniture, clothes, mattress, etc. While smell seems to go away after the monsoon, leaving behind the mugginess, it also makes the walls weak, iron objects rusty, and more. If the matter escalates too much, it can end up being a pricey affair fixing those. Therefore, it is best to be cautious beforehand. Here are some tips which will facilitate your shielding your home from unpleasantness and dampness during the monsoon.

Place the shoe rack near the doorway

Usually, we keep our shoe rack near the doorway, but if you have placed it elsewhere, then maybe you must consider changing its place. Well, most of the dirt and therefore the mud enter your home via your dirty shoes. Hence, keeping a shoe rack near the doorway will limit the entry of mud inside your home. Make sure that everybody opens the shoes then enters the house. This is often the simplest option and following it diligently will keep your home cleaner than usual. 

Clean yourself before entering

Ok, simply just keeping muddy shoes away isn’t enough. Your legs also accumulate lots of dirt especially if you have got walked through the muddy streets. So cleaning your feet properly before entering your home can facilitate your check of the dirt accumulation.  But if you can’t wash your feet outside, you will straight enter the common washroom and wash your feet before going to other parts of your home. Make it a thumb rule for everybody within the family and once all of them start this practice, you may have big relief.

Get obviate wet clothes

After you are through with cleaning your feet, immediately take off the wet and dirty clothes. You will be able to understand that not doing this during the rains can spread the surface filth everywhere in your home. Moreover, clothes that you simply wore outside during the rains can contain plenty of germs, and then getting rid of them as early as possible could be a good thing for your health and hygiene. 

Keep your home dry

During the season, the weather is incredibly damp and humid which can be suffocating. You must have observed how the floors remain wet all the time. Well, wet floors attract more dirt, dust, and allergens and hence it’s needed that you just keep the inside of your home dry. For that, you need to keep a proper ventilating system and open the windows whenever it stops raining. Proper air circulation is incredibly needed to freshen up the inner atmosphere. This can keep your home clean and germ-free during the rains.

Eliminate the bad smell

The damp, humid weather of the time of year is additionally responsible for making the house stink. The reason is that your doors and windows remain closed most of the time. Also, the sun isn’t that strong to dry the surplus moisture, and hence the entire atmosphere is sticky and suffocating. While it’s always preferable to have the rooms dry and airy with proper ventilation, you can also have natural ingredients to keep the room air fresh and odor-free.

Declutter your bedroom

Keeping your home and sleeping area decluttered is wise during the rainy season. It keeps the area well ventilated and dries faster. Use weatherproof upholstery and bedding. Using antibacterial bedding and antiallergenic mattresses helps a lot during any season, but especially the rainy season. Livpure mattresses are made from non-toxic, anti-allergenic materials to fight the mold, bacterias, and dust mites away. The Naturale mattress is made of naturally-derived components that keep you fresh and allergy-free throughout the rainy season. It is also equipped with a washable and breathable mattress cover to protect your mattress throughout any season. 

Use natural ingredients to eliminate mold and fungus

1. Sunlight

Sunny days are rare during the rainy season. But sunlight could be a natural disinfectant, so make use of the times when the sun is out by drying out damp linens, laundry, mattresses, books, and shoes in a very sunny spot, opening up windows, and also sun-dry the damp foodgrains.

2. Vinegar

It is said that distilled white vinegar can kill 82% of mold species. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it directly on the moldy surface. Let it sit for an hour or so until the vinegar is absorbed by the mold. Then scrub off with a brush. Clean the moldy surface and wipe dry.

3. Baking soda

You can also use vinegar together with soda to boost its effectiveness. Sprinkle the bicarbonate onto a moldy patch or spray a mix of vinegar and soda on the surface. Let it sit for an hour before scrubbing with a brush and rinsing off the residue. Give the surface a final spray of vinegar to disinfect it and forestall regrowth. Wipe dry.

4. Neem

It has antifungal properties that make Neem great for keeping mold and fungus away. It’s also good for garments to be away from mites and silverfish infestation. It also eliminates stale odors without worrying about discoloration. Before the rains set in, dry about 10-15 bunches of neem leaves under the shade. Shade-drying preserves the essential oils within the leaves and boosts their effectiveness. Make your anti-fungal pouches by wrapping some neem leaves in a cloth and placing them in your wardrobe and bookshelves. 

5. Camphor and cloves

Camphor works as a natural pest repellent and non-toxic alternative to naphthalene balls. Same as neem, make pouches containing some camphor tablets and a few cloves. Place the pouches in your wardrobe, shoe rack, or bookshelf to guard them and provide them a nice odor. Camphor fumes are known to create a rust-preventative coating, making it effective to stop damage to tools and other metalware.


Cleanliness comes from within you and if you are clean, organized, and disciplined, you automatically will understand how to keep your home clean during all seasons. It is also the responsibility of everyone in the house to keep the home clean, especially during the rainy season. A clean house facilitates healthy living and good relationships.