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10 Unbelievable Facts About Best Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers

Did you know that the quality of your mattress can affect how well you sleep? Well, it’s true. The best part of many people’s days is when they jump into bed and sleep. Sleeping helps you relax and destress after a day of hustling and responsibilities. It’s when your brain gets to declutter all that happened and call it a night. 

Quality sleep is essential for everyone. One of the best things that can help you sleep well is your mattress and the position you choose to sleep in. 

Everyone has a different sleeping position, but most adults prefer side sleeping. It is also considered the healthiest sleep position since it offers less back pain, improved spine alignment, and a reduced risk of heartburn. So, when you put the two factors that affect your sleep quality—your mattress and sleep position together—it is clear that the two must support each other. 

What kind of mattress do you think is best for side sleepers? Let’s find out.

What is a foam mattress?

A foam mattress is made from high-density foam, which prevents it from sagging, thus making it more durable. It could be made using polyurethane, memory, or latex foam. Hence, this mattress is quite challenging to maintain.

A foam mattress provides support and comfort to its users. Most people prefer to buy it because they get to enjoy pressure relief and spinal alignment. This mattress is ideal for side sleepers and maintains excellent spinal alignment. 

You can get a mattress topper if you feel like a foam mattress isn’t enough. They provide extra pressure relief, which is beneficial for chronic pain. A topper can also lengthen the life of your mattress.

The best memory foam mattress topper for side sleepers helps improve your sleep quality, bed firmness or softness and increases cooling benefits. This makes it the best cooling mattress topper for side sleepers.

Unbelievable facts about foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are said to be the most popular type. They receive excellent reviews that make you want to try them out just to see what the buzz is about. These mattresses are unique and have some unbelievable features. Let’s read about them.

  1. NASA invented it: The NASA astronauts wanted to use something to cushion their landing and started using memory foam. 
  2. They help reduce allergies: Memory foam mattresses can help eliminate allergens like dust, dirt, and pet dander. The mattress does not allow any particles to collect on it.
  3. It is the best mattress for side sleepers: Though most people sleep on their side, most beds aren’t made for this position. Memory foam mattresses for side sleepers help to support your body and align it with your shoulders and hips.
  4. They take the shape of your body: Memory foam mattresses can adjust to the shape of the person who sleeps on them. It is so flexible that it moulds around your body and allows weight to be distributed equally.
  5. Memory foam is non-toxic: It is a synthetic material that isn’t harmful. The chemicals in it are non-toxic, making it safe to use. It doesn’t affect children either.
  6. Reduces pain and aches: People who use memory foam mattresses claim that it reduces any pain they may have had. Since the mattress supports your body evenly, there’s no extra pressure in any spots, and it is considered the best soft bed for side sleepers. 
  7. It doesn’t move when people get in and out of bed: If you sleep with someone, you will be able to feel it each time they move on the bed or get on and off it. With a memory foam mattress, you won’t feel a thing since it does not transfer motion. This is why it’s the most comfortable bed for side sleepers.
  8. You’ll get a strong smell from it when you buy it: As soon as your mattress is delivered home, it has a strong smell. This is just because it’s straight from the factory. Don’t worry about it since it disappears in a few days, usually before your first use. 
  9. It has many thickness levels: Memory foam mattresses come in various thicknesses. A thicker one is usually softer than a thinner one. Soft beds for side sleepers are generally better.
  10. You can pick from various densities: The mattress also comes in a range of densities and is much denser than a traditional mattress.

Common myths about foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are considered the best type of mattress to buy. But despite that, some myths are going around about it. Let’s see what they are:

  • They emit toxic gasses which have a foul odour: When the mattress is made of materials like PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, they emit toxic gases. This is why you need to check the materials your mattress is comprised of.
  • They make you sweat: This was somewhat true in the past, but today they are the best cooling mattresses topper for side sleepers and are considered breathable.
  • It begins to sag over time: When the mattress is made from high-quality memory foam, it doesn’t sag. A low-quality one definitely will, over time.
  • Orthopaedic patients must not use it: It is actually made to support the body’s natural posture.

Can side sleepers use a foam mattress?

When you sleep on your side, you need a special mattress that helps you sleep well and wake up fresh. If you were to ask a side sleeper what mattress they prefer, they would tell you that the best soft mattress for side sleepers is one made of foam.

The most comfortable mattresses for side sleepers would be foam mattresses, as they help to support the body by cushioning the heavier parts. 

Livpure gives you a free trial for 100 days to try out the mattress and see if you like it. This way, you don’t rush into buying one and can see if the mattress helps you sleep better. 

There are so many benefits when you sleep on your side. All of these have been proved by research, which shows that they are true. Let’s get into them:

  • Provides back pain relief
  • Fewer chances of snoring and sleep apnea
  • Helps to improve gut health
  • Clears the brain and improves its health
  • Best position for pregnant women

Livpure foam mattresses are top-rated

The best foam mattress for side sleepers is those that are soft but firm and are specifically made for side sleepers. The best mattress softness for side sleepers would be a mattress that isn’t excessively soft, ensuring adequate support for the body.

You can get the best soft mattresses for side sleepers on Livpure’s website. They also have the most comfortable bed for side sleepers. That is why a lot of positive buzzes has started around buying a Livpure mattress.