Our Mattresses Will Make You Forget All Your Pains and Sorrow!, 11 Tips to Improve Your Sleep , Do You Know Your Body Temperature Also Affects Your Sleep?

11 Tips to Improve Your Sleep 

Too many people focus solely on a healthy diet and exercise, forgetting that adequate sleep is the third essential pillar to a healthy lifestyle. It is only when they have disrupted their circadian rhythm to the extent that they’re tossing and turning on their mattress all night do they pay attention. 

Research has revealed that poor sleep negatively impacts the body, mainly the brain, hormonal balance, and overall performance. 

So, here are 11 tried-and-true tips to improve your sleep quality, starting today! 

1. Get More Bright Light Exposure during the Day 

The human body functions on an inner clock (circadian rhythm) based on natural light and darkness. This is precisely why you begin to feel lethargic post-sunset until you’re ready to roll into your comfortable mattress by night. 

The more sunlight you get during the day, your circadian rhythm will be healthier. If your current sleep quality is average, try basking under the sunlight during the daytime to experience better sleep quality. 

2. Try to Keep Blue Light Exposure Minimal in the Evening 

Light exposure during the day is beneficial. However, the same has the opposite effect in the evening and at night. 

All electronic devices, especially smartphones, emit blue light that tricks your brain into thinking that night has not yet arrived. Despite having the best mattress, keeping your phone near you through the night will break the natural sleep cycle. So, limit smartphone or laptop use during the evening and wear blue light-filtering glasses if that is not feasible. 

Ideally, you should switch off your devices an hour or two before bed. 

3. Say No to Caffeine in the Second Half 

While a single dose of caffeine can significantly enhance energy, focus, and productivity, consuming it in the evening may stop you from relaxing at night. 

Caffeine remains in your blood for six to eight hours after consumption. So, refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks after 3 or 4 PM, and you’ll experience peaceful sleep as soon as you lie down on your super soft mattress

4. Avoid Untimely Naps 

You have nothing to worry about if you’re used to taking regular, short daytime naps of no more than 30 minutes. Brief power naps are beneficial and are known to bolster productivity. However, untimely long ones can confuse your internal clock. Irregular daytime naps make you more lethargic and sleepier.

5. Maintain Consistency in Your Sleep Patterns 

Your circadian rhythm also functions on a definite loop that aligns with sunset and sunrise. So, you must ensure you are snug into your mattress and get out at consistent times every day. 

The best part of following consistent times is that you may not even need an alarm after a few weeks! 

6. Change the Bedroom Ambience

The furniture arrangement, external lights, noise, and bedroom temperature can also impact your sleep. 

Create a warm and sleep-welcoming bedroom ambience. Install dim lights for the night and listen to soothing music. You can even use aromatherapy and essential oils to calm the senses. 

7. Invest in a Good-Quality Mattress 

The mattress is the most neglected contributor to good sleep. However, its importance can never be overstated. Purchase a mattress online that supports your unique sleep requirements. For instance – if you suffer from chronic back and joint aches, invest in a robust Livpure foam mattress

You can even invest in a premium smart mattress that adjusts support levels. 

8. Do Not Munch on Your Favourite Snacks in the Evening 

Eating late into the evening will impact your body’s melatonin production—even the quality of your snack matters. Eating a meal high in carbs four to five hours before bed can help you fall asleep faster. 

Deep-fried foods can make it challenging for the body to fall asleep when consumed a couple of hours before bed. 

9. Partake in a Soothing Activity 

During the evenings, keep your mind free from clutter. One way to do so is to partake in a relaxing activity like taking a warm shower or reading your favourite book. 

If you are used to showering in the evening, you can wash your feet in warm water before sliding into your comfortable Livpure mattress. This will have the same calming effect that is conducive to good sleep. 

10. Do Not Drink Too Much Liquid before Bed 

Hydration is crucial to good health. While you can drink large amounts of liquids throughout the day, limit the intake as the evening approaches. Consuming lots of fluids before bed can lead to nocturia (or excessive urination throughout the night). 

11. Avoid Exercising in the Late Evening 

Exercise is undoubtedly a science-backed health improviser. It can even enhance sleep quality when done regularly. Exercise has a stimulatory effect on the body, which improves productivity and alertness. While people with insomnia may also benefit from regular exercise, it should not be performed late in the evening or at night. 

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