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5 Important Characteristics Of An Orthopaedic Mattress

Are you constantly popping pills to tame your back and joint pain? And yet your sleep is as elusive as the wind.

Let’s face it!

You already know that medicines and painkillers are temporary solutions. And most of the time, the real culprit behind aggravated back pain can be your mattress. So rather than beating around the bush, it’s important to cut to the chase.

Ever heard about the orthopedic Livpure sleep mattress? If not, it’s what you need to eliminate the backache and joint issues.

Don’t worry! All answers to your questions are here.

Let’s take you through the details regarding the orthopedic memory foam mattress. Just keep on reading to learn about it.

What Is An Orthopedic Mattress?

Orthopedic is a medical term. It refers to the field of orthopaedics, which is related to the function of the spine and other joints. An orthopedic specialist diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal issues affecting the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

In the same way, an orthopedic mattress is supposed to help people with joint and muscle pain issues and allow them to get a good night’s sleep. The term was first introduced in the 1950s after studies on how joints and bones work. And it suggested that specially-designed mattresses may prevent morning back pains by keeping your spine aligned all night.

However, an orthopedic mattress has gained popularity over the years among the masses. Now, these Livpure queen-size mattresses cater to more people and help them improve their sleep cycles. But remember that only some beds offer the benefits of an actual orthopedic mattress. 

So, let’s discuss what these characteristics differentiate a regular mattress from an orthopedic one. 

Let’s begin!

Key Characteristics Of An Orthopedic Mattress

An orthopedic mattress supports the spine, back and joints. Many brands refer to their mattresses as orthopedic. But in reality, they don’t offer the support an orthopedic mattress should provide. 

The buyer should realise that there are no standards or regulations that indicate an orthopedic mattress’s authenticity. More often than not, companies use this term as a marketing gimmick to lure customers.

That’s why it’s essential to distinguish between a normal and an orthopedic memory foam mattress. To help you with it, here are some of the vital characteristics of a Livpure orthopedic mattress that will make your life a tad bit easy when shopping for one. 

1. Provides pressure relief

While lying in a bed, the shoulders and hip joints often bear the burden of your entire body weight. If you sleep on a very firm mattress, it creates undue friction and leads to painful pressure points. 

Hence, when a mattress is too soft or firm, you won’t get the relief from the pressure and comfort your body needs. The Livpure ortho mattress balances the padding and support, so there isn’t any pressure on your body. 

2. Even weight distribution

Soft mattresses may feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud and often attract people with this charm. But sleeping on them daily has serious repercussions. It lets your body sink and creates uneven spine alignment. 

On the other hand, a Livpure ortho x mattress comes with medium firm comfort that distributes the weight evenly. And in most cases, uneven weight distribution is one of the critical factors causing back pain and aches. The true ortho Livpure mattresses focus on evenly spreading the weight and minimising the sinking effect.

3. Proper spinal alignment

You must have already heard that to keep the spine healthy and safe; you should keep it in a neutral position. For a neutral spine, a mattress should evenly distribute the body weight. If one part of the body (especially the heavier ones) sinks too deep in bed than others, it messes with your spine’s natural alignment. It again creates pressure and tension on the muscles of your lower body.

Medium to medium-firm mattress for back pain offers minimal dips. Hence, it allows your spine to align and is less likely to cause muscle tightness. 

4. Allows to maintain healthy posture

A genuine ortho Livpure mattress helps you maintain a healthy posture. Otherwise, who thinks about the keep your posture correct while sleeping? 

Let’s be honest. Most people can’t maintain a healthy posture while sitting and even standing. Thanks to work from home trend and the addition of continuously gawking at the smartphone. People compromise on posture throughout the day. 

Forget about maintaining posture at night. You can’t control it. But you can get orthopedic Livpure beds for excellent lumber support. Experts design ortho mattresses to provide enough lumber support to keep the spine’s natural shape while snoozing.

5. Doesn’t trap heat

Another essential characteristic of an orthopedic Livpure mattress king-size is that it doesn’t trap heat. Earlier, most beds used to overheat and cause excessive sweating. Contrary to traditional mattresses, ortho mattresses do not trap heat and regulate the temperature. 

Most likely, the top of an orthopedic mattress has an open-cell structure that keeps the bed cool. It allows the sleeper to get enough zzzz and keeps the body calm and relaxed. Additionally, most of the sweat gets absorbed into the mattress when you sweat at night while sleeping. It makes it prone to collecting more dust and dirt day in and out. 

It can not only affect the longevity of the Livpure best mattress but also leads to many health and skin issues later. 

Ending Note

Finding the right orthopedic mattress is a struggle. Especially with so many companies claiming their beds to have orthopedic qualities, it’s almost like finding a needle in a haystack. You may use the above points to get an idea of what you’re looking for in a Livpure ortho mattress.

Remember that if a mattress is not firm enough for lumber support, it’s not an orthopedic mattress. You can also check the Livpure ortho mattress review to see if the claims are valid. Though the Livpure bed price with orthopedic properties is on the higher side, the benefits are worth every penny. 

Just take the first step and see how it changes your sleep quality and overall health. If you find the right ortho mattress, your sleep will surely improve.