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5 Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Mattress

Do you know, on average, you spend a third of your life sleeping? That’s a lot of time people stay on mattresses. Therefore, maintaining a good and healthy life depends on caring for the bed you sleep in. And with a little tenderness, you’ll have the chance to become accustomed to sleeping on it for many years.

A typical mattress can last for five to ten years or longer. However, the lifespan of your bed can be shortened by a lack of care. Here are the five best ways to take care of your mattress, along with a few extra suggestions for keeping it pristine and odour-free, to assist you.

Let’s get to it!

Protection from spills

The first thing to ensure better mattress longevity is to protect it from spills and drips. Accidentally spilling food or drinks on a gel mattress or any other type is quite common. Not just that, sweating is another reason that increases the risk of mildew and mould on the bed.

For that, you may want to remove the stains as soon as possible. Blot the area immediately using a dry microfiber cloth whenever you spill a drink. If you let the spill stay for longer, it may seep into the mattress’s core, leading to odour and mould. 

You can easily find the waterproof mattress online to avoid all this hassle.

Use mattress protector

It’s normal to sweat and perspire at night. The fact that it’s impossible to put your king mattress in the washing machine, so removing those nasty odours is difficult. So, the best way to prevent it is by using mattress protectors.

Invest in a high-quality mattress protector from the beginning to combat dust mites, bugs and bacteria. It allows you to remove the mattress cover and use a 60-degree wash to kill bacteria routinely. Cleaning the protectors is easy and helps you clean the stains and kill bacteria. 

This simple trick expands your mattress’s life, keeping it fresh and clean for a longer time. Also, mattress protectors are cheaper and easy to replace. 

Avoid sitting on the edge

Avoid sitting on the edges of the bed to help it stay in shape for many more years. Any premium mattress like the Livpure mattress online offers proper support to your entire body when you sleep.

However, many people habitually sit on the edges of their beds. It damages the contour of the mattress and creates unevenness that causes body pains. It will also start to wear down the mattress quicker than the rest. 

Turn and rotate the mattress often

People spend a large chunk of their lives in bed. When you lie down in the same spot every day, you compress your soft mattress. It creates valleys and heaps in the mattress, which can lead to back issues even if you have a particular mattress for back pain

The simple way to avoid it is to rotate and turn the mattress regularly. It also enables you to use the entire bed equally. It allows you to notice the debris and dust under your mattress, which you can clean. 

Use superior quality mattress base

Even the best mattress requires a solid foundation to prevent unevenness. A suitable mattress base allows your bed pad to sit correctly under your weight.

Different types of mattresses require a first-rate base to stay put for longer. So, ensure to check the instructions when shopping for a mattress online

Top Mattress Hygiene and Cleanliness Tips

Your mattress provides cosy sleep every night and helps your body get ready for the challenges of the following day. However, most people overlook how important cleaning and mattress hygiene is to maintaining cosy and comfortable nights.

If you aren’t like most people and looking for tips on “how to clean my mattress”, the tips below will help you with it. So be ready to sleep like a baby on your clean and germ-free mattress for many years.

Vacuum regularly

Keep vacuuming tasks on your roster to get your super soft mattresses dust and dirt free. You might not think a lot about it, but your mattress gathers allergens and dust so quickly over time. So, try to vacuum your mattress every three months for better sleep.

Put it in the sun

It’s more fun under the sun. And that’s true even for your mattress. Placing your mattress under the sun allows it to disinfect and dry penny free. Leave it in the sun for a few hours to let the sun’s magic work. 

Wash bed linens often

It’s essential to keep your sheets clean and dirt free. But you might not wash it as often as you should. It is recommended to wash your sheets once a week to keep them hygienic. 

After all, dust mites love dirty sheets, but who wants them? A regular wash will keep them at bay, that’s for sure.

Follow the cleanliness instructions

Many manufacturers include maintenance instructions to remove stains and general cleaning. The care tags have valuable tips regarding the upkeep your cool gel mattresses needs to protect it from damage and unwanted allergen growth.

Avoid taking pets to bed

Pets love to snuggle in bed, and so do you. But taking your pets to bed is not a good idea. Sharing your bed with your fur babies makes it challenging to keep your mattresses clean and hygienic. 

Even the most well-groomed pets drool and shed hair and skin cells like humans. And all that ends up in your queen mattress. So, avoid cuddling with pets as much as possible to foil pesky hygiene issues.

The Bottom Line

Considering the time you spend sleeping, keeping your mattresses clean and tidy is worth the extra effort. Regular care of your bed pad ensures that it steers clear of dirt, mould and bacteria. Following these simple yet practical tips will help you enjoy years of clean and healthy sleep. 

Also, it will help your mattress last longer than it usually would. Remember to search for the best mattress near me and check if the mattress comes with a solid warranty. And you may want to avoid removing the label for better assistance from the bed. 

It will help you with the maintenance instructions and warranty issues when needed. That said, caring for a Livpure mattress online is not as tedious as you may think. With just a little care, it can last longer.