7 Reasons to Update Your Mattress to a Latex Mattress

7 Reasons to Update Your Mattress to a Latex Mattress

Roughly one-third of your life is spent on your mattress, sleeping or well, tossing and turning through the night. However, the latter can be different, especially if you invest in the best latex mattress for your health.

Too many mattresses today are laden with harmful, toxic chemicals and fail to offer adequate body support. However, if you wish to purchase an eco-friendly option that aids in sound sleep and good health overall, consider updating to a natural latex mattress.

The top seven reasons you should consider making the switch are listed below.

1. Natural Latex is Perfectly Biodegradable

In case you did not know yet, latex is a perfectly natural substance. So, what is it? It is a sap-like substance collected from the rubber tree, scientifically known as the Hevea Brasiliensis.

So, no toxic or harsh chemicals go into its collection or harvesting. All that is done is that the rubber tree’s bark is gently stripped out, and the latex (sap) is allowed to flow down and accumulate in containers attached to the bark.

Not only that, but natural latex is even recyclable, so it causes no harm to the environment. If it ends up in a landfill, the same will disintegrate without damaging the surroundings. So, if you want to go all-natural, a latex mattress is the ideal choice.

2. Latex is Breathable and Moisture-Wicking

If you live in a place that experiences warm and humid temperatures throughout the year or intolerably high summer temperatures, then consider investing in the best latex mattress. This is because the substance is very breathable and moisture-wicking.

In fact, a latex bed offers excellent ventilation as compared to a memory foam mattress. The foam’s open cell structure allows moisture and hot air to escape quickly. So you will stay cool through the night with no overheating issues.

3. Natural Latex Limits Motion Transfer

Want to enjoy a bouncy, smooth, and undisturbed sleep? Then, you can rely upon natural latex’s ability to limit motion transfer. This is especially useful if your partner is habitually tossing and turning through the night.

By confining the movement to a small surface area, natural latex mattress allows you to enjoy deep sleep. Moreover, the mattress’ core is exceptionally thick and dense, so it contours well to your body’s shape, further restricting motion transfer.

4. Latex Mattresses Align to the Spine

Who doesn’t want to enjoy comfortable sleep through the night? However, that is only possible when your mattress offers optimal back support by aligning well to the spine’s shape.

Latex can be a good mattress for back pain if you already experience spine and joint issues and wake up with extreme pain each morning. This is mainly due to how latex conforms to the spine’s natural curvature.

This relieves pressure from major pressure points such as the hips, head, and shoulders. However, the best mattress for back pain, especially severe and chronic pain, is one made of memory foam.

5. Latex is Naturally Hypoallergenic

Did you know that as you sleep at night, your body sheds off at least a million dead skin cells and a pint of water? All of that directly touches the mattress. Dust mites, or bed bugs, that thrive in a warm and damp environment find this inviting and begin to pester.

Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about dust mites and bacteria with a natural latex mattress! This is because of the anti-bacterial properties of the substance, which do not allow these boogers to gather. If you hadn’t thought of your sleep bed as a microbe cesspool, then switching to latex will help you notice the difference.

This is what makes the latex mattress price worth it.

6. Latex is Highly Durable

If there is one sleep bed variant that holds its shape well, it is the natural latex mattress. Despite deep impressions over time, you can rest assured that the mattress will not sag or droop. This is precisely why latex mattresses last much longer than other variants, at least 20 years or even more. However, this longevity also depends upon mattress maintenance. If you’re looking for long-term comfort, then latex is the way to turn!

7. Latex Mattresses are Low-Maintenance

One main reason behind latex mattresses’ longevity and durability is that they are low-maintenance. Their daily care does not involve any heavy-duty work. Dust the mattress every day with a clean cloth.

Furthermore, try rotating or flipping the sleep bed (as the case may be) once every six months. This will distribute pressure evenly, preventing the mattress from losing its original shape. Cover the bed with a clean fabric (usually delivered with the mattress).

In case of spillages, apply gentle spot cleaning using a damp cloth. Never wash the mattress. Finally, avoid direct exposure to the sun at all costs because sunlight causes the latex to break down. This will reduce the longevity of the mattress.

Ready to Make the Switch? Choose the Livpure Jeeva!

The Jeeva mattress Livpure is a natural latex foam mattress comprising three layers – the topmost 100% natural latex foam layer, followed by the plant oil-based foam layer and the final anti-skid base. The latex layer consists of the healing power of 16 biocrystals which promote calm and stress-free sleep.

The second layer of this Livpure mattress consists of a citrus-infused foam layer that wards off bacteria and dust mites. The core of the sleep bed is thick and robust, contouring well to the shape of your body for restful and comfortable sleep.

The sleep bed also comes with a breathable natural cotton cover that is anti-bacterial and resistant to crushing. The Livpure mattress price is worth the whole package, and you will never regret investing in it!

Plus, if you’re tired of searching for a “mattress near me,” let Livpure deliver right where you are! Book your online mattress and wait till it speedily reaches you. So, invest in Livpure’s natural latex bed today!