A Great Mattress Is a Man’s Best Friend

When we choose articles of furniture for our home, we tend to desire updated versions of furniture which encompass everything ranging from sofas, chairs, tables, etc. However, we do not conventionally count the mattress and how it is the main contribution towards our comfort. A good night’s sleep rests the body and the mind, which directly affects our daily functioning. Let’s dive into the reasons why the mattress is an essential part of our daily lives like a Friend.

1. It gives our health a boost:

When we rest our bodies, our bodies recoup from the activities it has performed throughout the day. If this rest is sacrificed, the crucial maintenance required, our body’s mechanism might start to deteriorate speedily. For instance, research has shown how each night of sleep deprivation significantly lessens the number of cells important to the immune system. In addition,  this sleep deprivation results in long-term implications. Studies have linked heart disease with poor rest. A good mattress, which caters to the requirements of our body plays a vital role in a sound and comfortable sleep. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways of altering your daily routine and incorporating comfort.

2. It contributes to our attention span and helps us keep fit:

It may seem like a juxtaposition to speak of fitness and a mattress in the same sentence. But the lesser-known fact is that to improve and build upon one’s athletic physique the most crucial part of the training is to lay horizontal and to give the body the right amount of rest to be able to return the next day. An eight-hour sleep gives the body ample amount of time to recoup from a body movement intensive session. Scientific research conducted in the USA has shown how a full night’s healthy sleep visibly helped basketball players’ performance, they were able to take targets accurately, sprint faster, and had a better reactivity time. This enhancing effect of a mattress is an aspect of health that is very easily neglected. 

3. It enhances our brain’s recollection capacity:

most bodies relax and repair at night, but our brains remain very active even then. One of the most important functions of the brain is to consolidate the information it has received all day and to register events, information, and experiences in the most efficient regions. Research conducted by Beth Israel Medical Centre in 2005 revealed that the people who could accumulate knowledge of complex finger movements were able to gather it either after twelve hours of sleep or waking were much more effective after being well-rested. This emphasizes the impact of a good night’s sleep on retaining new skills and knowledge. One can give their cerebral activity a boost by ensuring they have a calming bed and a comfortable mattress that supports their body at night to get through these recouping processes smoothly.

4. It helps us process our emotions better:

In the case of a demanding job, hitting the pan on a comfortable and cozy mattress can support you and this shows in your performance at work. Being well-rested you are more likely to get your creative juices flowing throughout the day, which enhances your job performance. Science has also pointed out that an ample amount of rest and sleep allows us to start afresh every day which helps us cope with the negative aspects of our jobs and helps us not dread returning to them. The right mattress is supposed to calm your nerves and help you think through your day, the gel mattress is almost like your bed hugging you which on certain days is just what the doctor ordered!

5. Help your back pains:

most present-day jobs require us to be sitting at our computers for hours on end, which directly affects our posture because of this many people have developed problems in their backs, and they experience severe back pains which limit their physical activity a lot. The first thing that can bring a change in back pain is your mattress. Even if you visit the doctor with a complaint of back pain, they will suggest you change the sort of mattress you sleep on, and once you are switching it is best to switch to the commodity which has been built with a lot of attention to detail. Livpure has mattresses with a variety that caters to all the rest, pain, and comfort actively working towards providing the best for you.

6. A good night’s sleep without the fear of bugs:

Just like the other things in our home need fixes and repairs, mattresses also require updating. However, we often end up ignoring them as it does not grab our attention because it is not on direct display. Several customers have faced the problem of bed bugs due to the lack of maintenance and care. This can easily be tackled in a hassle-free manner with a new comfortable mattress with all the right characteristics to lead a hygienic and hassle-free life.

About Livpure

We tend to neglect something as significant as a mattress on a daily basis, as our mind is preoccupied with more urgent matters. Still, when we come to think of it, we spend 25% of our life sleeping, and during this, we should be able to give our body what it deserves, which is a sound, undisturbed, comfortable sleep that makes you feel pampered and truly makes you feel fresh every morning. We hope after reading this, you are rethinking your day and noticing the routine that you follow where you do not prioritize your sleep schedule, giving you food for thought.

Through Livpure, we aim at changing this for you and aim at giving you the best, most sound, and most comfortable sleep you have had in years. A good mattress is an investment that pays off every time you put out the light. Do not let the current hustle culture in workspaces take away from the little things that add the essence of luxury to your life. Your efforts in your sleep will pay off in all other realms of your life. Visit our website to get your best friend.