Everyone Wants A Mattress, We Give Them The Perfect One, Body Stretches

A Mattress That Gives You the Support Your Body Needs 

Have you ever experienced morning fatigue and body aches despite going to bed early? The answer could lie in a bad mattress

Though often ignored, mattresses are notorious for causing chronic back aches and spinal misalignment. There could be several reasons: your bedding is too old, too soft or firm, or fails to offer optimal support. Or, it has started drooping or sagging in places that create painful pressure points on the body. 

If this might be the case for you, too, are you wondering how to fix it? Well, you should invest in a solid mattress for back support! Livpure houses a wide range of mattresses that offer your back and joints the support they need. Keep reading to learn more about mattresses and how you can ensure uninterrupted sleep with no aches! 

Symptoms of an Unsupportive Mattress 

Most of us pay little (if any) attention to the condition of our mattresses. The fact that we are not actively interacting with our mattress when we are asleep does not make mattress health any less important. 

Listed below are a few signs and symptoms that indicate your current mattress is not offering you the support you need for a good night’s sleep. 

1. Body Aches 

Your body is trying to tell you something if it constantly aches. Even the best mattress reaches its sunset days. And when it does, the sagging or sinking feel it renders cannot be rectified, no matter how hard you try. 

If your sleep bed sinks or sags in the middle or multiple areas, try some remedies – switching sleeping positions, rotating the mattress frequently, and hanging it out on a clothesline to beat it with a broom. 

If none of this works in restoring the mattress’ original shape, it is time to let it go and purchase a good mattress for back pain

2. Chronic Joint Soreness 

Typically, the best mattress for back pain is neither too soft nor too firm. While the ultra-plush feel of sinking into a pillowy sleep bed is otherworldly, it is unsuitable for spine and joint health. Similarly, a rock–hard mattress can make your joints stiff and sore. 

This is mainly due to the natural curvature of the human spine. The interlocking vertebrae require an excellent orthopaedic mattress that contours to the natural spinal curvature. A mattress that is too soft or firm fails to offer optimal support to connected body parts such as the shoulders and hips. 

This creates painful pressure points along the joints, which begin to ache. 

3. Lack of Proper Sleep or Insomnia 

In some cases, the issue is so severe that you cannot enjoy peaceful sleep whenever your head hits the pillow.

However, other times, you may have slept for eight hours and still wake up feeling tired, groggy, and unenthusiastic about the day. Daytime drowsiness is often caused due to an unsupportive bed. 

Though a night or two of improper sleep is excusable, chronic sleep deprivation can snowball into serious health concerns such as insomnia, diabetes, strokes, and depression. In this case, purchasing the best memory foam mattress that offers support and undisturbed sleep is a good idea. 

The Livpure Support, in Two Useful Variants

To help you steer clear of unnecessary body aches, morning fatigue, and mood swings, Livpure brings a superior collection of ortho mattresses. This sleep bed is specially designed for those suffering from chronic joint and back aches. 

It adapts well to the shape of your body and offers the support it needs for deep sleep. This Livpure mattress is available in two variants. Let’s check each out. 

1. Livpure Ortho-X – Basic 

Do you need complete back support in a cooling gel-infused memory foam mattress? Then, the Livpure Ortho-X Basic fulfils all your needs. With a breathable and removable outer spacer fabric cover, the sleep bed consists of three layers – the topmost cool gel memory foam layer, followed by the 5-inch high-density resilience foam layer, and the final anti-slip base. 

This sleep bed adapts well to the contours of your body, offering good back support for peaceful sleep. Not only that, but it also remains sturdy despite frequent movements. Finally, the spacer fabric cover is plush, skin-friendly, and crush-resistant and promises to keep you cool through the night. 

The price of the mattress may vary depending upon the size you purchase – single, twin, queen, or king size. 

2. The Livpure Ortho Curv-X – Premium 

Are you looking for the ultimate level of back support and sleep comfort? Then, you can rely on the Livpure Ortho Curv-X + HR mattress. It is a premium memory foam bed whose ergonomic design enables it to take the shape of your body. 

Its superior comfort comes with the guarantee of ComfortScience technology. While the layers of this mattress are similar to that of the Basic variant, the Curv-X’s memory foam layer is infused with the healing power of 16 biocrystals. This help calms your mind and de-stress it for restful sleep. 

Moreover, it uses the 5D SleepTech technology, which includes five in-built sleep zones that help relieve pressure from five major points across the body. Finally, the premium fabric cover is hypoallergenic, plush, cool, and crush-resistant. 

This variant is available in four sizes – single, twin, king, and queen mattress

Choose Livpure and Get a Mattress That Gives Your Body the Support it Needs!

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Browse through the collection and choose a mattress that meets all your needs. Take care of factors like mattress material, motion transfer, coolness, Livpure mattress price, and body support. 

Once done, avail of easy payment options and place your order. Then, you must sit back, relax, and wait for your mattress to arrive speedily! Additionally, experience the benefits of a 100-night free trial and an extended 10-year warranty. Let Livpure offer your body the support it needs!