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A Smart Way to Get Fresh & Clean Water at Home!

In today’s world, myriads of options exist to soothe a parched throat (besides water). Not only that, but these beverages also claim to boost energy and offer certain health benefits. The most common options are cold drinks and fresh fruit or vegetable juice.

But is there a winner between the two? Ideally, it should be the one that meets its nutritional claims without compromising on health. This guide further explores and compares cold drinks and juice.

Understanding the Two Options

Regarding cold drinks, the most popular version with some health benefits is energy drinks. As the name itself may suggest, these drinks aim to provide your body with an instant energy boost.

They usually contain stimulants such as caffeine and are often marketed as providing a high degree of mental and physical stimulation. Besides stimulants, these energy drinks may contain other compounds such as taurine, herbal extracts, amino acids, and sweeteners. Cold drink in this form may only sometimes be carbonated. Finally, they are usually high in sugar.

On the other hand, fresh juices are nothing but 100% pure juice extracted from whole fruits and vegetables.

Fresh juices typically contain no added artificial flavourings, sweeteners, preservatives, or other such compounds. It is usually extracted right before consumption to retain freshness and taste.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cold Drinks

So, do cold drinks have any health benefits to offer? In truth, one of the top benefits of cold drink is that it provides an instant energy boost due to stimulants like caffeine.

Instead of a usual coffee, some people prefer to sip on these aerated drinks to kickstart their day. The caffeine boost does work and may not be harmful when consumed in moderation. However, cold drinks do more harm than good to overall health.

When it comes to the disadvantages of cold drink, the list is long and extensive –

  • Soda may lead to unnecessary weight gain
  • Despite the weight gain, it does not make you feel full
  • The high amount of sugar turns into fat in the liver
  • It may lead to a drastic increase in belly fat
  • The sugar may also cause insulin resistance
  • Too much of it can make you a patient of Type II Diabetes
  • There are no essential nutrients in cold drink, just mainly caffeine and sugar
  • High amounts of sugar may lead to leptin resistance
  • Sugary carbonated beverages can be highly addictive
  • This ultimately increases the risk of heart disease
  • Carbonated drinks are linked with cancer
  • The high amount of sugar can severely impact dental health
  • Frequent soda drinkers are at increased risk of developing dementia or gout

In contrast to one or two benefits at the most, does it look like cold drinks are worth the list mentioned above of health risks?

Pros and Cons of Juice

First, let’s explore the many advantages of juice. Compared to carbonated drinks, fresh juices are undoubtedly the healthier option, and listed below are the reasons why –

  • Fresh juices are rich in insoluble fibre that helps with digestion
  • Fresh juice helps your body saves energy. This is precisely why you tend to feel fresh and good after consuming fresh juices.
  • Another one of the important benefits of juice is that it is high in antioxidants. This helps in healing and repairing the body from within.
  • Fresh juices, when consumed regularly, can lead to weight loss and reduced blood pressure

Plus, these juices (be they extracted from whole fruits or vegetables or a combination of the two) are super delicious without the need for added white sugar. You can combine a couple of fruits and vegetables to create a healthier and tastier “fruitail.” For instance – orange, melon, and watermelon with a dash of ginger and mint or the classic ABC juice – Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot with turmeric and lemon.

When it comes to the disadvantages, they are not directly related to the juice itself but to its source and quality. Meaning freshly squeezed or extracted juices are incredibly healthy. However, store-bought or packaged juices may contain flavourings and preservatives that compromise quality and lack nutritional benefits.

Moreover, consuming freshly squeezed juices from roadside juice corners is unsafe. This is mainly due to hygiene concerns. Check the supplier’s juice-extracting machines, utensils, etc., for cleanliness in the case of juices with no added water.

But certain juices require water, such as lime. In that case, using bad-quality water can be a health risk.

Preparing the Healthiest Juice at Home

The best way out is to not rely on store-bought anything (except fruits or vegetables, of course!). Prepare your healthy juice at home itself. All you need are the fruits and vegetables of your choice and the best RO water purifier in India.

When combined with the power of UF and UV purifiers, reverse osmosis purifiers filter water through an intense seven-stage purification process. The outcome is pure and clean water with improved taste and smell.

Plus, this water purifier has an in-built mineraliser that infuses the water with essential minerals for added health. Juices prepared in RO water taste better and offer unparalleled health benefits.

Now, the best juice for summers would be lime, sugarcane, or the classic Indian lassi. Similarly, the best juice for winter would be the classic ABC juice or carrot-orange and beetroot-pomegranate juice that boost immunity. So, invest in a good RO water purifier and enjoy health-promoting fresh juices!

Livpure Tops the RO Water Purifier List!

To bring home the best RO water purifier, you need not look further than Livpure! Equipped with advanced seven-stage purification, the Livpure RO purifier filters water from all contaminants. These include chemicals, bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, dissolved salts, and much more.

Even packaged mineral water must first be purified as it may still contain chemical impurities. The price of water purifier may vary depending on the capacity and variant. So, what are you waiting for? Avail of the health benefits of the best mineral water purifier today!