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A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Your Online Mattress

In today’s day and age, almost anything can be purchased online, including a mattress. However, the sad news is that people still find it challenging to do so. They rely heavily on the traditional way of visiting a store, comparing the variants, and getting a feel of each in hopes of choosing best mattress

The truth is that you can as much success in buying mattresses online as you do in person. In fact, you also get the benefits of reading reviews, availing offers, and more with the former. Keep reading as this buying guide tells you how to purchase a mattress online the right way. 

Identify Your Need 

The very first step for purchasing the right mattress online is to identify why you’re buying it in the first place. Has your previous bedding yielded to its mortality, or is this a purchase for special concerns?

For instance – If you or your partner has been recently diagnosed with chronic spondylitis or other joint and back issues that call for a special new mattress, you’d likely have to switch to memory foam bedding. It is specifically designed to offer much-needed back support for restful sleep. 

Another scenario could be that you’ve just relocated, and the new city is much sweltering than the former. If your old mattress cannot beat the heat, you may have to switch to gel memory foam bedding or spring coir bedding designed to keep you cool. Start by assessing your need.

Know Yourself Well 

This means knowing your sleeping positions and bodily movements throughout the night. Understanding the kind of sleeper you are will give you a clearer idea of your best mattress.  

This is a step for which you might need to take your partner or someone else’s help. Just casually ask them whether or not you’re accustomed to tossing and turning through the night. In case you sleep alone, you can videotape yourself one night to understand your sleeping positions. 

This is important because those who primarily sleep on their back require firmer bedding as compared to those who toss and turn through the night. Moreover, even a king-size mattress is inadequate if one partner constantly moves through the night – the other’s sleep is inevitably disturbed. You can choose latex, spring, or memory foam bedding based on your sleeping patterns. 

Browse through the Different Materials Available 

The next vital step in the process of purchasing a mattress is to understand the different materials available in the market. Even if you have special requirements, checking the other available variants is important. 

For instance – Under a natural mattress, you may find varieties such as the natural latex mattress or the ayurvedic mattress entirely made of natural memory foam. Similarly, ortho-support memory foam mattresses may come in different variants depending on how chronic the spinal issue is. 

Even in general, mattresses’ materials and construction can impact sleep. Take the difference between latex and memory foam mattresses – while the former allows compression and sinkage, the latter slowly hugs your body to offer firm support underneath the body. Latex provides a more springy feel than memory foam, which is softer. 

Choose the Right Bedding Size 

Once you’ve picked out your ideal bedding regarding back support, pressure distribution, and comfort, it is time to choose the right size. Most bedding brands offer mattresses in several different standard sizes – king size, queen size, twin, and single. 

Based on the availability of space in your room, choose the surface thickness you prefer, as well as sleeping requirements, and the correct size. 

For instance – partners can do well on both king and queen-size mattresses. However, the king size is better if children are involved in the mix. A single individual can choose both single or twin size, depending on whether they need more surface area to sleep and space availability. 

Consider Your Budget 

The fifth step in how to purchase a mattress through the internet involves setting down your budget. Knowing exactly how much you can spare toward bedding purchases helps you avoid breaking the bank for a sound sleep. 

Budget is the fifth step because there are certain things you should not compromise while purchasing bedding as they can make or break your sleep and back. Once you check your support, comfort, and size needs, proceed to compare which variants are more affordable. 

For instance – Livpure mattresses for ortho support come in three variants – Basic, Premium, and Advanced. The mattress price differs for each variant based on the bedding cover, biocrystal technology, etc. However, each bedding offers much-needed back support. You can invest in the Basic variant if that is your only need. In case you can raise your budget, invest in the other two. 

Go through the Return Policy, Warranty, and Sleep Trials 

The final step involved in purchasing an online mattress is to consider major perks that add value to your bedding purchase experience. Most top-rated mattress brands offer a solid warranty (of 8 to 10 years), allow you to return the product in case of manufacturing defects or tempered packaging, and extend at least 90 to 100 days of sleep trials to test the bedding and its promises. 

Go through these policies thoroughly so that you have a clear idea of what to expect. You can even compare the warranty, return policy, and sleep trials between brands to get the best offers. 

Livpure Specialises in Delivering Restful Sleep!

In all truth, today’s mattress market (be it offline or online) is way too complicated given the wide variety of options, lack of pan-India support, and not much information. Livpure aims to simplify that by offering niche, easily transportable, durable, and long-lasting mattresses. 

Whether you invest in a Livpure mattress for sound sleep, back support, natural materials, or coolness, rest assured of easy and fast delivery, various payment options for online purchases, and a customer-friendly warranty, return, and trial policy. 

Just browse through the different mattresses and make the switch to Livpure today!