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Are You Also Facing Back Problems?

Are you having trouble waking up in the morning with an aching body? Does your body hurt when you bend over to reach for your slippers? Well, we come to your rescue.  Waking up with a stiff or sore back is unpleasant and worrisome. Usually, the pain should subside after a good stretch. However, if the pain persists after stretching, it’s time to pay attention. There is a high possibility that the pain results from your Back pain, sleeping positions, mattress, or both.

Sleeping on a poor-quality mattress— a sagging or outdated mattress—can lead to unwanted hassles. Hence, a vital mattress designed to support your body while sleeping comes into play when dealing with back pain.

Signs That Your Mattress Is Causing Back Pain

Back pain may have its origins in your mattress. You can use these indicators to determine whether a poor-quality mattress is directly causing your discomfort. Additionally, you will be able to control and treat back pain and soreness issues.

  • Time of pain

Every night, you sleep for 7-8 hours on your mattress. After a restful night’s sleep, you should feel regenerated and revitalised. However, if you awaken with pain and body aches, the mattress is either past its prime or no longer durable.

Also, if you wake up needing to stretch out your body pain in the morning, there’s a good chance your mattress is to blame. Additionally, your mattress causes discomfort if you awaken from sleep feeling pressure or stiffness in your joints. Thus, back pain in the morning and night might require a vital mattress upgrade.

  • Mattress type

People who sleep on medium-to-firm mattresses generally report fewer back pain complaints. This is because too-firm mattresses may exert undue pressure on your spine, and soft mattresses may not fully support your spine while you sleep.

Both are capable of causing upper and lower back pain. To identify your root cause, you must consider mattress you use. For instance, a soft mattress is a big no if you are a heavy person. Body pain from a stiff mattress may occur if you are light in weight. A comfortable mattress like an orthopedic mattress is the best option if you experience back pain or have grown accustomed to it with age.

  •  New mattress

When you sleep on a new mattress, your back will have to transition from the old to the new one. The curvature of the spine is realigned. If you purchased the best mattress for your sleeping positions, your spine is shifting to a neutral position, which could cause back pain.Nothing to be concerned about

Additionally, spring and foam mattresses are often uncomfortable to sleep on. Regular use of those mattresses causes them to conform to your body shape. As a result, you might initially experience back pain while adjusting, but it will eventually go away. You could exchange the Livpure mattress if you got the mattress online in case of unresolved back pain.

Types Of Back Pain Due To Mattress

  • Shoulder pain

Most people sleep on their sides. While this does not cause back pain directly, sleeping on your side on a sagging or hard mattress may cause shoulder pain. If the mattress cannot support the shoulder muscles, it will either sink too low (soft mattress) or not sink enough (hard mattress).

Your blood circulation will increase, and your deep sleep will be disturbed, putting more strain on your shoulders. Thus, medium-firm mattresses are ideal for side sleepers.

  • Neck and middle back pain

You could experience neck and middle back pain if your spine is not aligned properly with your body while you’re sleeping. While you’re sleeping, your neckbone should be in line with your spine. Because of sleeping positions and a low-support mattress, this might be hampered.

Just like a mix of soft and firm mattress help alleviate shoulder pain, it will also solve the problem of neck and spine pain. Hence, the best way to fix and prevent neck and middle back pain is to use the best mattress for back pain, like an orthopedic mattress. Further, you have to consider the size of mattress, as a smaller mattress will lead to slouching and cause pain.

  • Upper back pain

If you regularly sleep on your stomach in a fetal position or straight, you might experience upper back pain. When you sleep on your stomach, there is undue pressure on your upper body, abdomen, pelvic area, and knees.

Now, if you sleep on a rigid mattress, your upper body will not be able to sink enough to a neutral spine position. Your chest and upper back may experience irregular blood flow and pressure. On the other hand, a soft mattress will cause your body to sink deeper than necessary while you sleep, misaligning your spine.

It would be best if you slept on a firm mattress to support your abdomen but soft enough for your spine to maintain the natural S-shape. You can avoid pain in the fetal position if you are sleeping on the best mattress for back pain, like the best orthopedic mattress in India.

  • Lower Back Pain

Most people, both young and old, report having lower back pain. Poor sleep quality, which may result from choosing the incorrect mattress, is one of the causes of this. A poor mattress will not shape the body while you sleep or support your spine.

When you sleep, your body needs proper spine alignment, especially at the lower curve at the end (point of contact between the upper and lower body). The best sleeping mattress is a back pain mattress that will allow your body to retain its natural S-shape while sleeping on your stomach or back. If you have faced lower back pain for over a month, your mattress is too soft or hard for your back. It is not being able to level your body in a neutral spine state.

Wrapping Up

A sedentary lifestyle and poor-quality mattresses can cause tremendous pain that may become chronic in the long run. Apart from taking care of your sleeping posture, it would help if you took note of your mattress type. You can buy a Livpure mattress, but take note of the size of mattress and king-size mattress price based on your needs. The perfect mattress for you will slow for equal pressure distribution on your body.

Sleeping on your back is ideal if you use a back pain mattress and a comfortable mattress. However, the best sleeping mattress will provide full support and body contouring no matter the sleeping position. The best orthopedic mattress in India will provide maximum support with pressure-relieving zones.

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