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Best Mattress For Back Pain

That mindless Instagram scrolling or working on a laptop while lying in bed is a daily precursor before going to sleep. We have all been there. All this amounts to more than 10-15 hours of bedtime for someone who loves to do their tasks in bed.

If you are not one of them, you still spend at least 8-9 hours in your bed, which is still a considerable 33% of your entire day. This raises a vital and pressing question – Is your mattress saving you from impending back pain?

Sadly, the younger generation complains of back pain because of the new work culture, changing phone habits, and sleep patterns. Further, our older generation needs all the back support of a firm mattress.

Either the mattress is a problem or your habits. Whatever the case, a quality mattress will deal with that never-ending pain.

How to get rid of that unending back pain?

Back pain is a common phenomenon not only among old people but also in young adults. We generally take care of our elders with the help of an orthopedic surgeon or a physiotherapist. However, the younger population tends to neglect it until they cannot anymore.

There are a few lifestyle changes that can help reduce that back pain –  

  • Yoga – Yoga can heal your body. Asanas will help reduce your back pain and even increase flexibility.
  • Hot or cold treatment: Applying a hot or cold compress can help relieve back pain instantly. However, it is not a permanent solution.
  • Sleeping on a hard mattress: One of the most common methods is to sleep on a hard mattress. However, as a beginner, you might not be able to fall asleep easily on a hard surface.
  • Sleeping on your stomach: This is also a temporary solution until you can find the root cause of your back pain. If you can’t sleep on your stomach, you must look for the best mattress for back sleepers.

 The best solution among these is to look closely at your mattress. Analyze whether it is designed to provide you back support along with quality sleep. You must maintain spine alignment while you sleep, and only the best mattress for back and neck problems can provide that. 

Best mattress for neck and back pain

Lack of quality sleep can lead to extreme upper and lower back pain in the long run. This might be a shocker when you believe that bad posture and age contributed to your back pain. Your mattress can be the biggest reason for body pain, and not paying attention to it will have severe outcomes.

If you keep sleeping on a bad-quality mattress for longer, you might start developing back pain. Its time you learn about some of the loved mattresses of all time specifically to get rid of back pain – 

Regular foam mattress for quality sleep

Budget mattresses should also be equipped with sleep zones like 3D sleep tech to provide uniform pressure throughout your body while sleeping. The Lumbar: HR Foam Mattress With 3D Sleeptech is the first Livpure smart mattress with EGAPA technology that neutralises toxic VOCs. 

Further, the Dow comfort science TM technology increase the breathability of the foam. Hence, you get a cooling effect while sleeping. If you haven’t slept like a baby in years, rush to the shopping cart and order yourself one.

A mattress with dual features

There are good quality mattresses that have foams on both sides. One side will be firm, and the other will be firmer. This allows you to choose the side you want to sleep on based on the severity of your pain.

The Duos: Reversible Foam Mattress is one of a kind with a firm and medium firm side. This 5-inch reversible mattress is one of the best mattresses for posture. Moreover, your parents can enjoy a pleasant sleeping experience that will only be disturbed by the morning alarm.

Many consumers claimed their back pain lessened after regularly using Livpure’s best mattress. Further, you can find a reversible best mattress for cheap price with coupon codes and offer prices.

Memory foam – best mattress for middle back pain

Your body has a natural curve, and you can start facing issues like body pain when you sleep on a poor-quality mattress. Memory foam mattresses adjust according to your body’s curves when you sleep. Your body’s heat travels across the foam, allowing the mattress to change shape to adjust to your body.

This reduces body pain, and eventually, you will start waking up fresher and healthier. The Ortho CurvX: HR + Livpure Memory Foam Mattress with Curved Orthopaedic Foam is one of the best mattresses for back-pain sufferers. 

It is built using Dow comfort science technology with 5D pressure points and bio crystals. The 5D pressure points provide maximum relief to your aching muscles and joints. This is an ergonomically designed mattress to improve and aid in a faster recovery process who are fed up with that stubborn back pain. Moreover, the bio crystals have sleep-inducing capacity.

An ortho mattress- Best mattress according to doctors

Orthopedic mattresses are built specifically for people with joint pain or someone recovering from pain after an injury. The mattress provides comfort and has relieving properties at the same time.

The best mattress for your spine is the luxurious Regal: Latex + Ortho HR Foam Mattress with a natural feel bounce. People who love a good spring mattress will surely love this product. It has biocrystal TM and healing stones embedded in it.

This Livpure ortho mattress has premium latex foam with LuxeXTM technology and Dow Comfort Science TM Technology. Moreover, this is one of the best mattress to sleep on for back pain with the five built-in sleep zones.

A natural mattress for back support

A natural latex mattress will be an exciting buy for an environmentally-conscious person. Such mattresses are not only good for the environment but also for quality sleep. If you do not want synthetic materials to touch your skin, a natural fibre mattress should be on your list.

This Jeeva: Natural Latex mattress and its bio crystals will make your life easier by happier by ensuring a good night’s sleep. The plant oil and citrus-based foam will provide natural healing to your body. Moreover, the cotton cover is the icing on the top!

Bottom Line

If the doctor cannot relieve your back pain, it’s time to buy the best mattress to sleep on with back problems. Just a tiny decision, and you will get huge benefits. You will also save yourself from the pain of visiting the doctor’s office every day.

There is a varying range of mattresses available on the market. Hence, set a budget and look for the best mattress for back pain. Moreover, read the terms and conditions, especially on the trial offer. You can also get exciting offers on the best mattress under 15000 on Livpure’s website. 

Go ahead and change your life for the better.