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Best offer on mattresses

Choosing a mattress for your bed is one of the most important decisions you make for your home and health. A mattress makes a lot of difference to your sleep, directly affecting your health. Therefore, it can be perplexing for a customer to choose a mattress from the myriad of options available in the market today. 

What to consider while looking for the best offers on a mattress?

There are several factors that help determine the best mattress for your home. Initially, you have to see when you lie down if your spine remains straight. While sleeping on a bed, you want to maintain a good posture. When you look for the best offers on mattresses, you want a mattress that matches your requirements and needs. The mattress that is best for you depends on your sleeping position, body type, and personal preferences. You should also think about your sleeping habits, including whether you tend to get overheated while you sleep, experience back pain, or are frequently awakened by your partner. To assist you in making a decision, we’ll dissect these subjects. Choosing a mattress for your bed.

Type of mattress

These mattresses are made of various materials and components to enhance the sleep experience and provide better pressure relief. Most common choices in the market are memory foam mattress or innerspring mattress. You can pick a mattress that provides good back support, pressure relieving, and uncompromisesd sleep. 

Memory Foam Mattress

This type of mattress provides the finest pressure relief since they adjust to your body and relieve pressure points. Customers claim that resting on memory foam beds makes them feel cradled. Due to the fact that they relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips, these mattresses are particularly suitable for side sleepers or anyone experiencing back pain. Additionally, they aid in motion isolation, making it less likely that you will feel your sleeping spouse move.


Memory foam and latex mattresses basically similar sensation, although latex is more robust (bouncy), feels firmer, and sinks less. A natural latex is derived from rubber plants therefore they often come under organic mattresses. It is a great option for consumers who care about the environment. It typically costs more than memory foam.


Innerspring beds are often made out of metal coils that help in supporting the structure of the mattress. The coils are concealed and packed other softer components to make the super soft and bouncy. However, sleepers get the right amount of pressure from the coils. This helps in optimal back support and spine alignment. 

Mattress firmness level

The most typical mattress can be described as soft, medium, medium-firm, or firm. The most common types of beds are medium to medium-firm ones since they can accommodate a variety of needs. It’s crucial to consider your sleep posture and body type while choosing your firmness level.

Sleep concerns

If you have concerns like backpain or temperature of the mattress, you’ll have to select a bed according to your concerns. If you are a hot sleeper, look out for cooling material like cooling-gel or foam with better air flow to sleep comfortably. Similarly, most people with back aches prefer othopedic mattress.

Mattress Size

The market is filled with various size options in case of mattresses. Apart from all the standard sizes like queen, king, twin bed, and single bed mattress, you can also a get a bed in custom size. Livpure mattresses come in all standard sizes and you can also avail a customized mattress if you are looking for something specific. 

Mattress features

Even while certain details regarding the bed’s construction may not come to mind when you buy, taking them into account might significantly impact your level of satisfaction with your bed. 

What is the best offers on Livpure mattress? 

Go through the following best offers to make an informed decision before purchasing a mattress online. 

Best offer on orthopedic mattress – Ortho CurvX 

Manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology, Ortho CurvX mattress. Built with 5D Sleeptech and Biocrystal embedded in it. The bed provides unprecedented support! For your comfort, it is ergonomically designed with curved support foam. RecoverX technology in the mattress makes extra special for the sleepers. The advanced engineering on the product is designed to provide comfort and relief from backpains.

This HR foam + memory foam mattress with 5D Sleeptech allows you to have 5 sleep zones for optimal pressure relief. It conforms to the body and enables proper spine alignment while sleeping. With infused Biocrystals, it promotes restful sleep and reduces emotional and physical stress. Your ability to sleep through the night is ensured by maintaining a proper mattress temperature.

Best offer on organic Mattress – Jeeva 

The Jeeva mattress will let you discover nature’s healing powers! This product has a superior comfort  with natural cotton cover that is breathable and naturally cooling.  The natural latex is powered by Biocrystals’ innate capacity to heal and relieve stress.

Eco-friendly plant-based oil foam improves the mattress’s ability to breathe and maintain stability. Its inherent anti-allergic qualities help alleviate allergies and enhance sleep quality. Natural latex ensures that you wake up every morning feeling refreshed since it is elastic, preserves spinal alignment, and relieves pressure near the joints and lower back, Choosing a mattress for your bed.

Best offer on affordable mattress – Lumbar

First mattress with EGAPA FreshTech technology, Lumbar is the best HR foam mattress from 3 sleep zones. Manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology to guarantee the best quality foam – with enhanced breathability and higher open cell. Hence, the foam has better air flow and proper ventilation to prevent heating and sweating while sleeping. With 3D Sleeptech offers 3 uniform sleep zones for ergonomic pressure relieving. Looking for a cheap mattress with high-quality performance? This is your go-to option. 

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