Buying The Best Foam Mattress Online, Does a Good Mattress Improve Sleep?

Buying The Best Foam Mattress Online

Sleeping stress-free and comfortably throughout the night is a prerequisite for maintaining healthy body functioning. Without adequate sleep, you will feel tired and irritable the following day. Long-term sleep deprivation can cause sleep disorders like insomnia and have a negative impact on your life. One of the most crucial elements of ensuring a good night’s sleep is having the best mattress at your disposal. The best option is a mattress that supports your back, eases joint pain, and is easily constructed to support your weight. 

Several affordable options available on the market can reduce pressure on your spine and make for comfortable bedding. Buying the best mattress is also made easy with online stores and services open 24×7 all year.

Let’s delve right into the various foam mattresses that help you sleep worry-free like a baby.

Types of Foam Mattress 

With so many options available, buying the best foam mattress can be both a pickle and fun. Carefully consider and understand the salient features of each mattress type and make an informed decision. 

1. Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane or polyfoam is made from a combination of diisocyanate and polyol. Polyfoam is one of the best raw materials to make mattresses. It can support your sleeping form due to the mattress’s firm texture. 

However, if you need a mattress to last a long time, polyfoam may not be the best choice because of its shorter life duration. Polyurethane bed needs to be changed after some time as a reduced mattress quality may cause back problems and difficulty sleeping.

2. Memory Foam

The memory foam mattress is one of the most common beds for people with back and joint-related problems. As its name suggests, memory foam remembers the natural contours of your body when you lie on it and moulds itself to cradle your body when you sleep.

The best memory foam mattress offers maximum comfort for your body, significantly relieving pressure from knee or neck injuries. The soft mattress slowly bounces back to its original shape once you get up, and doesn’t forget it the next time.

The biggest problem with memory foam, though, is that it doesn’t absorb heat and can leave you feeling stuffy at night. It can become difficult to switch positions or sleep on a different side over time because the memory foam mattress conforms to your body contours and may leave a visible imprint.

3. Latex Foam

Latex foam mattresses are mainly of three types. The division is based on the raw materials used in making the foam mattress and varies from synthetic, blended/hybrid, and natural latex.

Synthetic latex foam is made from a rubber-like plastic- styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), and a blended latex foam uses 70% SBR combined with 30% natural latex. Natural latex foam is the sturdiest of the three. 

Made from the milk-like sap of the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis found in Malaysia, natural latex is 100% eco-friendly and has anti-allergic properties. Its hypoallergenic property makes latex foam easy to maintain.

Along with supporting your natural spine alignment and providing pain relief, the open cell structure of the mattress allows ample airflow throughout the night. 

4. Gel Foam

Gel foam mattresses are rightly dubbed the ‘Third Generation Mattress’ for their cooling properties. Explicitly designed to make good on the shortcomings of memory foam, gel foam mattresses deliver upon the promises.

The top layer of gel foam infused with other foam pads helps trap heat at night. It captures the warmth in its pockets, keeps you breezy and comfortable, and wakes you up feeling recharged. 

The gel layer infused in a latex foam bed is the best mattress that checks all the tick boxes of pain relief, weight support, firmness, anti-allergen, and comfort. 

5. Reflex Foam

Reflex foam is a type of high-density polyfoam that is more responsive to provide you with support and firmness in your sleeping form. It has tiny holes that adapt to the natural curves of your body. Unlike memory foam, this mattress bounces back to its original shape, making it resilient.

Reflex foams are often recommended in orthopaedic mattresses to provide better spinal alignment. Getting its name from its quick ability to regain the original shape, reflex foam is relatively cheaper yet durable and helps to distribute your weight evenly.

6. Convoluted Foam

Convoluted foam mattresses are also known as egg crate mattresses, made from a combination of polyurethane foam. They are inexpensive to increase foam production by splitting a foam mattress into half to create two mattresses. 

Convoluted mattresses are more affordable as they reduce the cost of production. The egg crate-like feature helps to make them more responsive and enhances their flexibility.

7. Evlon Foam

The evlon foam mattress is known by many names like Lux, or luxe foam, and is used to produce high-end mattresses. The mattress is well-known for its firmness and ability to provide sturdy support. 

Evlon foam is used to manufacture upscale mattresses and sofas and weighs around 2.2 lb per cubic ft. Despite having many features like resilience, durability, firmness, and longevity, evlon foam is affordable for your budget.

Looking for Affordable Mattress Online

Today’s busy lifestyle has left you with less time to choose home essentials and decor. If you are someone who is setting up their new home, then buying a mattress which will satisfy all your resting needs is mandatory.

The internet has made this search easy for you. Simply asking Google to find the ‘best mattress near me can give you thousands of results to pick from. 

You can filter your preferences according to the mattress price, type, dimension, durability, and softness or firmness. Or you can further streamline the search by mentioning additional features like back support, anti-allergic, comfort, etc.

Bottom Line

There are many options for a foam mattress to choose from. Remember your preferences and budget when picking the best mattress to give you a sound sleep at night. You can browse the vast Livpure foam mattress range to choose your best.

You can find the Livpure mattress online for your home with all the good features. Visit the website and avail incredible discounts and exciting deals on your bed purchases.

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