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Can A Mattress Be Recycled?

With the rise in pollution and industrial waste, humankind is witnessing a major wastage management crisis globally. From deteriorating marine life to the expanding landfills to the choked air around us, the degradation of our environment is quite evident. Environmentalists and experts have been constantly expressing their concerns and warning against the alarming rate of pollution all around the world. Finding a tangible solution is the need of the hour. Here’s where ‘recycling’ comes into the picture. Recycling materials and waste make a great deal of difference in preventing landfills. 

Most of us are slowly making conscious changes in our lifestyle – from segregating our waste to recycling old household items. What do you do when you have to discard your mattress? Can a mattress be recycled? 

Recycling a mattress can be a great way to prevent it from going straight into the landfill and also lets us maximize the usage of a regular mattress. 

Why should mattresses be recycled? 

Every year tons of mattresses are dumped into the landfill site along with other waste materials. Mattresses are made of materials that can be reused and recycled for various purposes. When a discarded mattress is closely examined, there are multiple raw materials that can be used in better ways than landing in a dump yard. When these materials are reused and recycled in a sustainable manner, the environment also benefits from them. 

Can mattresses be recycled? 

Mattresses can be technically recycled, however, they can not be recycled at home. These discarded items have to be taken to proper recycling centers for this purpose. At recycling plants, the usable materials are properly segregated and utilized for other purposes. However, these programs are still at an early stage and are not capable of recycling the amount of waste that is generated regularly. 

What are the parts of a mattress that can be recycled? 

After you’re done using the mattress and the used mattress reaches a recycling plant. There the entire mattress can be recycled depending on its type and quality. The mattress is initially disassembled for the recycling process. For effective transportation of all materials to the recycling locations, the various component of the mattress are separated and bundled into sizable packages.

Parts that can be recycled: 

1. Metal Springs

The metal in a spring mattress can be removed and recycled. At a metal recycling facility, these are melted down and treated before being cast again into new light iron items.

2. Foam

Mattresses that have memory foam, regular, or latex foam are sent to the facility to be used for other industrial purposes. This foam is baled and shipped to a waste-to-energy facility in order to generate energy from waste. Alternatively, it is cleaned and used to make industrial carpet underlay. The foam and latex components can be used to reupholster furniture, stuff pillows, or create a carpet underlay. 

3. Mattress Fillings

Apart from memory foam mattresses, most mattresses have wadding that can be recycled and used in various other industries. These wadding are made out of polyester fibers. In the fiber blending industry, this polyester wadding is used in place of virgin fibers. Polyester fibers are recycled and employed in a variety of industrial procedures, including the stuffing of pet cushions.

4. Fabric

The fabric cover of the mattress can be recycled based on the quality of the material. The recycling of mattress coverings and other materials, notably those with subpar fibers, is typically exceedingly challenging. However, there are several manufacturing units where these recycled fabrics can be utilized. 

How can you recycle your mattress? 

There are some programs where you can hand over your old mattresses for recycling. However, these options are limited and not accessible to everyone. If you can find a good recycling facility for your mattress, make sure to give up your old mattresses for recycling. You can look for a brand new mattress for your family at the best deals here

Alternatively, you can give your wore out mattress to your local garbage collection or rag dealer. They often segregate the collected waste materials and sell them to your manufacturing or recycling center. 

 Can an infested mattress be recycled? 

When your mattress is infested with bugs, you have to discard it immediately. If you are planning to give it for recycling, you need to inform your point of contact about the same. When a mattress has beg buds, it has to be taken care of before it goes to the recycling center. 

Prior to making your next purchase, recycle your old mattress if you have the option to do so. Always invest in a high-quality mattress that you can use for a long time. Before throwing away your resources, shop carefully and use them to their maximum. This way you can contribute to the betterment of the environment by reducing your waste generation.