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Can a mattress cause back and hip pain?

Have you ever slept on a poor-quality mattress to wake up sore the following day? The quality is not always to be blamed. Factors like being used past its natural lifespan, firmness, and sagging in certain areas can disrupt spine alignment. Your mattress can also cause pain because it no longer supports your body and triggers pressure points. 

Hence, you can sleep on different mattresses to find out if your existing mattress is the source of your body pain. If this is the case, it’s time to buy a new mattress for back pain.  

How to determine if your mattress is causing you back and hip pain?

Is your foam mattress causing lower back pain? There are multiple causes of back and hip pain ranging from old age to nutrient deficiency to your old buddy – your mattress. However, you must be sure it’s your bed giving back pain. Let us look at some of the telltale signs –

A sagging mattress

After years of use, mattresses tend to sag primarily due to body weight. The coir, spring, and memory foam lose their tension and fail to provide support to your spine and curves. Further, as the work-from-home culture increases, many people do their work while in their bed. 

This results in faster depreciation of your mattress. If you use your bed for more than 7-8 hours of sleep, it will start sagging faster irrespective of quality. Therefore, you will notice poor quality sleep and back and hip pain, sometimes resulting in uneven mattress back pain.

Further, you can experience back pain due to soft mattress. To resolve your body pain, check for the best bed firmness for lower back pain.

You experience sorer mornings than night 

When you wake up with an unexpected pain but do not feel it at any other time of the day, chances are your mattress is your culprit. Further, if the morning soreness improves as the day progresses, it’s your mattress!

Another indicator would be when you constantly have to shift your sleeping position throughout the night to get a comfortable posture. If you come across these issues, you have to consider buying the best mattress for lower back pain 2022.

 Your mattress is too soft or firm 

There has been a debate over which mattress is best for back and hip pain. Can a firm bed lower back pain, or is a soft memory foam mattress the better choice? 

If the mattress is too hard, you will experience pain in your pressure points and sore muscles. The same is true for a mattress that is too soft and doesn’t support your body by taking the shape of your curves. 

Hence, it would help if you slept on a medium–firm mattress. Check out online or offline stores to analyse the best bed firmness for lower back pain. Everybody has different body requirements for sleep.

Four tips to alleviate body and hip pain due to mattresses

Some tips will help you decide whether memory foam lower back pain or a latex mattress is better to relieve body pain. Get ready to say bye to back and hip pain due to uneven mattress back pain forever.

If you sleep alone, you can get the best queen mattress for back pain.

Flip your existing mattress 

You can flip it for the next round when you sleep on your mattress for six months to a year. This helps keep the sagging in balance, and it feels new every time you sleep on either side. Further, you can rotate it to ensure your body puts even pressure on the maximum area.

Check the firmness

Studies reveal that a medium-firm mattress gives your body the best support while sleeping. However, it would help if you tried sleeping on at least 5-6 quality mattresses because listening to your body is vital to determine the level of firmness.

Don’t go for a mattress too soft lower back pain.

Pro-tip: If you are a side sleeper, go for soft mattresses. If you are a back or stomach sleeper, the most recommended mattress for back pain is a firm one.

Consider an organic mattress 

Get rid of your foam mattress causing lower back pain and shift to an organic mattress. These are cruelty-free and good for your body. 

Memory foam provides contour to your body. However, if latex is your choice, go for natural ones. They help in spine alignment. Moreover, organic mattresses have infused essential oils that help induce deep sleep.

Buy a mattress with a money-back guarantee

Reputed brands come with a trial policy of 60 days to 90 days. You must not miss out on the opportunity to try a new mattress because it is pretty tricky to choose the right mattress on the first go. Moreover, it would help if you were extra careful when dealing with back pain due to soft mattress.

Pro-tip: Read the terms and conditions regarding the free trial before buying any mattress.


Your mattress is the first thing you should check when you experience back and hip pain. A lot of people tend to ignore this and run straight to the doctor. Of course, who wouldn’t? It would help if you had those painkillers for instant relief.

However, you need a permanent solution to treat the root cause of your pain. You must instantly rush to an offline store and try out the best topper for back pain. Many brands like Livpure come under a 30-60 day free trial policy. 

You can leverage that to pick out the best mattress for lower back pain 2022like the best queen mattress for back pain . Please do not underestimate the ill effects of a bed, giving back pain and hip pain before it’s too late. You will notice reduced soreness with the best mattress for back pain.