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Can Memory Foam Mattress Be Folded

Moving to a new place can be tiring, especially when packing your bed mattress.  Foldable mattress must be cautiously packed to avoid damage and retain their bounce-back qualities.  Folding and packing any mattress type can be a nightmare if you are unaware of the basic rules of handling a mattress. Thin mattresses no more than 6 inches high can be folded relatively easily than their thicker counterparts.

However, various factors affect the foldability of your foam mattress. Only some foam mattresses can be folded. Nonetheless, you can fold your memory foam mattress for a short while when looking to move.

At the same time, it is advisable to avoid folding your memory foam mattress when you have the option of vacuum packing or need to prep it for a long journey. Other factors affect whether or not you can fold your double bed mattress.

Below are some pointers you should consider when folding your memory foam and other mattresses.

What are the Factors affecting the Foldability of Mattresses?

1. Checking Your Mattress Type

Every mattress has a different reaction to pressure depending upon its build and the materials used in its manufacturing. Mattress construction and skeletal makeup are crucial factors that dictate whether you can fold your beds or not.

It would be best if you never folded your beds made of metal or any other solid support. Coil beds or innerspring mattresses should never be folded, lest it will cause structural damage to your expensive beds.

You may fold the different foam mattresses, but the duration will vary depending on their material. Polyurethane memory foam and latex foam can be folded while packing.

You should avoid folding your memory foam mattress for too long as it will affect its ability to spring back to its original shape. Prolonged folding may additionally lead to wear and tear of the material.

It would help if you never folded hybrid mattresses infused with memory foam and innerspring, as it raises the risk of damaging the bed fabric.

2. Folding Latex Foam Bed

Folding a latex mattress is comparatively safer than memory foam. You can keep a latex mattress folded in half for about 3 to 4 weeks. Even though it is more tolerant than a memory bed, prolonged folding can adversely impact the comfort level and resilience of the mattress.

3. Consider Mattress Thickness

If you want your single bed mattress to be able to fold effortlessly without fearing any damage, it is advisable to invest in foldable mattresses. A foldable mattress comes in varying thicknesses- 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches, the most commonly available.

The thinnest of foldable mattresses are 1-2 inches thick and can be easily folded and kept in that position for over three weeks without causing structural damage. Avoid folding a bed 5 inches or above thick should be folded for up to two weeks.

The thickness of mattresses impacts their flexibility. The thicker the bed, the more comfort. However, it indicates less flexibility.

4. Folding Orthopedic Mattress

An orthopedic mattress can be made by infusing different foam layers or having a single filling of the following materials:

  • Open coils
  • Pocket springs
  • Memory foam
  • Reflex foam
  • Gel foam
  • Latex/ natural mattress

You may fold your orthopedic mattress depending on the material used in its construction. There are many options of foldable orthopedic mattresses available in the market that allow for excellent portability without causing damage to the comfort and support features of the bed.

How to fold Your Memory Foam Beds without causing any Damage?

Memory foam is difficult to fold, especially if you plan to pack your super king-size bed. However, there is a right way to do it without worrying about damaging your mattress.

Follow these steps to pack your memory foam bed with easy:

  • You need to unzip your mattress cover and search for another zipper on one of the sides of your memory foam bed.
  • Once you have found the zipper, pull it down to expose the foam underneath it.
  • Now, very carefully fold your mattress in half. You may do it by folding the shorter end over the other, then folding it back into itself.
  • Using your hand, ensure you push all the extra air out and then zip your mattress cover shut.

You can now easily store your memory foam mattress anywhere you want or move it to a new location.

However, compressing memory foam is the best way to ensure it is kept safe while moving.

Can Memory Foam be compressed at Home?

The best memory foam mattress does not come cheap. Therefore, you must take proper care of your bed, including packing it correctly when transporting your memory foam.

You can compress your memory foam using simple tools available at your disposal. The DIY contraptions will need a mattress bag, rachet tape, duct or packing tape, and a vacuum bag.

  1. Remove all bedding accessories from the memory mattress, including blankets, comforters, and memory foam toppers. Leave behind just the mattress cover and the foam mattress itself.
  2. Slip your mattress into the plastic mattress bag. Ensure that the mattress bag is the same size as your mattress to avoid leaving extra space and causing difficulty packing.
  3. Next, cut a hole in your mattress bag, matching the valve cut that you have on your vacuum bag. Push the valve from the spot and seal the surrounding area with some tape, thus, securing it.
  4. Now, attach a vacuum hose to your valve. You will see your mattress compress visibly. You may flatten the mattress surface by pressing it gently down.
  5. Roll your mattress as it compresses. Ensure that the valve is secured well, leaving no chance of air leakage.
  6. Once your memory foam mattress is rolled, secure it using rachet tape.

Bottom Line

Although memory foam beds can be folded for a short while, ensure that you follow proper procedures while folding your beds. Know your mattress type before you decide on folding them, for some mattresses can incur severe damage when folded. They may lose their utility.

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