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Can Memory Foam Mattresses Cause Lower Back Pain

You finally bring home a memory foam mattress after hearing about its raving reviews. However, after a few nights, you start to notice that you are waking up with thumping pain in your lower back instead of getting a good night’s sleep.  But you can’t just throw or replace it with a latex mattress thinking it will solve the problem. Because what if you keep making the wrong choice? Like purchasing softer mattresses when you require a medium-firm or firm bed?

As such, you need to understand why your memory foam is causing back pain to devise an effective solution. Here are some reasons for that:

7 Ways your Memory Foam Mattress Can Cause Back Pain

1. Your Mattress is too soft

Even if you choose the best mattress for back pain that feels super soft, like a cloud, it might still lead you to wake up with a throbbing ache if it’s too plushy. You see, an unbelievably soft mattress will not align your spine. Instead, it will sink your body, leading to an unhealthy curve in your spine that will put a lot of strain on your neck and back and cause pain.

This is specifically true in the case of back and stomach sleepers as well as heavy individuals – who are all better suited with firmer mattresses.

If you are interested in making your bed firmer, you can flip or rotate your single mattress. You can also use a mattress topper to create a strong supportive surface.

2. Your Mattress is too Firm

Not only softness but, at times, mattress firmness also rings the bell for trouble. It leads to lower back pain for back sleepers as it does not assist in maintaining the natural curve of the spine. Plus, it does not comfortably contour to your body curves which causes discomfort near your hips, shoulders, neck, and other areas due to the pressure it builds in your joints.

The way to fix a firm mattress is by using a soft topper or waiting for the bed to break in.

3. Your Mattress is Brand New

When your bed mattress is brand new, you can wake up with back pain and sore joints. As such, you have to be patient for around one to three months – as that is the time a mattress takes to break in to become soft and shaped for your body.

Sometimes, within a month, you can find balanced comfort and support on the bed.

Despite waiting, you must return the mattress if you still struggle with severe pain that doesn’t let you rest.

4. Your Mattress is Super Old

Hardly any product last forever. Though your memory foam has a considerably longer lifespan, it gets worn out after ten years.

With time your mattress might lose its supportive features, becoming sagged, lumpy or uneven. You can’t possibly expect your double mattress to offer proper comfort in that case, which might lead to disturbed sleep and sore muscles.

In that condition, you have no choice but to let go of your best mattress. However, you can try to relieve pain with a topper or flipping until the new one arrives at your doorstep.

Don’t try to bring back the lost glory of your mattress and instead focus on where to dump a mattress the best way.

5. Your Mattress and Sleeping Position are not Compatible

It is known that your sleep position plays a crucial role in how well you sleep and wake up the next day. Stomach sleepers are more likely to complain of lower back pain when dreaming on memory foam. This position throws your spine out of balance, placing pressure on your neck and back.

What’s worse is that with time, the mattress becomes softer at the place where your stomach is, adding to the pain.

Though your stomach sleeping position is the main culprit here since it is considered the worst, you can still prevent pain by purchasing a firmer mattress.

6. Your Mattress is Sitting on the Wrong Base

Sometimes, it is essential to consider the compatibility between your mattress and the bed frame. For instance, if your slate base is too far apart from your memory foam, it might not deliver the required uniform support. It can push your mattress through the gaps between the bed base. As such, you won’t enjoy the comfort and lumbar support during slumber, leading to bad and aching mornings.

That said, you should be suspicious of your bed base in the following cases:

  • Your bed foundation is older than your mattress
  • You bought the two from different manufacturers

7. Your Mattress Doesn’t Offer Proper Support

Let’s clear the air first that mattress support does not mean mattress firmness.

Firmness refers to the soft or hard feeling you experience when you lie down on the bed mattress. In contrast, support refers to the degree your mattress can offer lumbar support, promote good posture, and relieve pressure from joints.

That said, the upper layer of your memory foam informs you about firmness, while the lower core is support.

A mattress wholly made of memory foam will definitely lack supporting properties.

8. Your Mattress is of Poor-Quality Build

To save money, people often invest in things with a low-price tag. They don’t understand that they will have to spend more in the long run.

The cheap things are also of poor quality, and the same goes for mattresses.

Poor-quality build mattress is another reason for your lower back pain as it comes with low-density foam that sags and lumps pretty quickly. So, it is best to take your time and only purchase a good quality mattress online, even if it is a little extra on the expensive side.

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The Bottom Line

It is awful when your precious memory foam mattress turns out to be a traitor and a significant cause of your lower back pain. However, there are also various solutions to the issues that come with this mattress type.

You can use a soft topper to turn a hard mattress softer or a firm topper to make the soft one hard. Frequent rotations can also help solve the problems of uneven surfaces. Moreover, a new mattress, of course, take time to break in and soften up. Besides, the issues can also be with the bed foundation or frame if it is old school.

The sleeping position is another essential thing to keep in mind. Side sleeping is best for lower back pain as it ensures spinal alignment.

That said if any solutions refuse to work and pain is still prevalent, it’s time to throw out the old and bring in the new Livpure Mattress. Moreover, you must be careful while throwing it out, and it is best to search for “where do I dump a mattress” on SERP to not add to environmental waste.

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