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How to Choose the Best Matress for Lower Back Pain

Where do you spend the most significant chunk of your time? Sometimes you find yourself lying on your bed—binge-watching an eight-hour web series or spending hours mindlessly surfing the internet. So we need the best Mattress for Back Pain.

The symptoms of lower back pain brought on by physical exertion or heavy lifting are considerably easy to diagnose and treat. But what if your mattress is causing your discomfort?  For this reason, finding the best mattress is crucial.

So, let’s dive deep and find the best mattress for you.

Picking out the best

A decent mattress should have a nice balance of both firmness and softness, not be either too soft or too hard. The ideal hardness and softness ratio provides adequate back support to maintain your spine’s natural curve.

There is a fabulous selection of mattresses good for back pain. However, finding the right orthopedic mattress in India is still somewhat tough.

Let’s find out more about different mattresses and pick out the best mattress for back pain for you.

1. The right thickness

For back pain alleviation, you need a back pain mattress that can support your body weight and let you sleep without sinking into it. Therefore, choose a mattress with the right thickness and height—not too thick or thin.

An orthopedic mattress typically ranges in height from 6 to 10 inches, but if you prefer a flatter mattress, consider a 5-inch one. A mattress topper can be added if you wish to heighten your bed by a couple of inches since it can increase your comfort. In these circumstances, an orthopedic memory foam mattress performs best.

2. Look out for the size

To ensure you buy the right mattress size when replacing old bedding, assess the inside edges of your bed. When we sleep, our bodies automatically select the most comfortable resting position, which helps to reduce pain and offers restorative sleep.

Invest in a mattress that enables you to stretch out, flip on your side, and roll over without contacting the edge or waking up your bed partner. Livpure provides a diverse selection of mattresses. The most preferred size is the king-size mattress size, while other options are also available.

In addition to a range of sizes, prices vary as well. For example, the king-size mattress price is higher than that of a single-bed mattress.

So, now is the time to widen your eyes and get home to an ideal bed buddy.

3. Organic herbs as an add-on

The plethora of goodness found in nature may help with various health issues, including bodily aches and back pain. These gifts can also help you unwind and promote restful sleep by calming your senses. The Jeeva Natural Latex Mattress from Livpure is the best organic herb-infused mattress for back pain relief. This orthopedic mattress for lower back pain also contains these natural components for improved sleep and pain alleviation.

And so it is now time to sleep right and sleep tight.

4. Material matters

Do some research on the advantages of the mattress’s components before purchasing an orthopedic mattress to relieve your discomfort. Various foam and innerspring systems are excellent for different people.

Knowing whether foam or springs is best for you is essential. The following foam types—memory, latex, HR, and ortho—are advised for treating back discomfort. The most common and well-liked springs and coils are Pocket Springs and Bonnell Springs, which have a lot to offer.

These factors have a significant impact on an individual’s health. So, before going on a mattress shopping spree, prefer spending trial periods on your ideal bedding options and only then make a final decision.

5. The one providing a back support

The natural curvature and alignment of the spine should be supported by a supportive mattress. The patient can avoid morning muscle aches by getting the correct amount of back support. One of the studies indicates that medium-firm mattresses often offer greater back pain alleviation than hard mattresses.

Both are crucial to having enough back support and overall comfort when sleeping on the mattress. A mattress that is overly firm while you sleep might result in pressure point aches and pains. Since a medium-firm mattress enables the shoulders and hips to sink in somewhat, it may be more comfortable.

Patients who want a firmer mattress for back support might get one with more padding for improved comfort.

6. Personal preference is a ‘must’

There is no particular mattress design or kind that is suitable for everyone with low back discomfort. Any mattress that allows a person to sleep without experiencing discomfort or stiffness is ideal for that person. Low back pain sufferers should select a mattress that matches their requirements for comfort and support and enables them to obtain a decent night’s sleep.

The marketplaces provide a variety of the best orthopedic mattresses for lower back pain. A mattress’ inner springs or coils offer support, thus making them hit the “recommended” list. The quantity and configuration of coils vary amongst mattresses.

There are several different thicknesses of padding for the mattress top. Typically, mattresses are 7 to 18 inches deep. Individual tastes should be considered while deciding on the number of coils, kind of cushioning, and mattress depth.

Wrapping up

According to Cerrone, an excessively firm mattress puts undue strain on specific body regions, while one that is too soft encourages slumping.” The optimal mattress is medium firm, which allows your shoulders and hips to sink gently.

It may be easier to improve your posture at night and have fewer aches and pains in the morning if you better understand how you sleep.

Here are some recommendations for extra assistance:

Consider the Livpure Ortho CurveX mattress series if you want a cost-effective orthopedic mattress. These mattresses are the best available, and they are aware of the back and sleep issues that Indian customers face.

Visit the website and select the mattress of your choice to buy a Livpure mattress, and the bed buddy will be delivered right to your door.