Common Myths and Facts About Memory Foam Mattress

Common Myths and Facts About Memory Foam Mattress

Are you planning to get the best foam mattress but are unsure about how to successfully conduct it especially when you are buying a mattress online?

No worries, this happens to almost all the customers in the process of buying a mattress for personal use through online shopping. The Livpure Mattress is available to guide & provide you the premium quality products as per your choice. 

Also, the fact that a huge population wants to have a memory foam mattress but came across myths related to it.

Well, to get the best memory foam mattress we are here to help you!!!

In this article, we will talk about the common misconceptions and clean up some of the confusion and provide you with accurate memory foam facts. 

What is a memory foam mattress?

A memory foam mattress is combined with spring/supporting foam to provide you with the best comfort. Memory foam softens and conforms to your shape using the heat from your body. This provides amazing support and comfort. Memory foam mattress will gradually rebound after the pressure is removed and it will recall your body shape & form to ensure the best posture for sleeping. Hence it is named as “Memory”.

General myths and facts about memory foam mattresses:

1. Expensive:

Yes, there are a few popular brands that may be pricey when you undertake internet research to get the finest memory foam mattress. But one of the most important memory foam secrets is that most people are unaware that several more recent businesses have entered the mattress market and produced mattresses that are just as good as pocket friendly. When you do your investigation properly, you can simply purchase a superior memory foam mattress for just half the cost and pay for a well-known brand. Many of these businesses also let you order the best mattress online which saves money by avoiding the need to rent a showroom and have it shipped directly to your house. Customers receive this benefit, which enables them to acquire the greatest memory foam mattresses without going over their budget and walk away with a truly fantastic memory foam mattress that will allow them to sleep comfortably for years to come. Here we provide Livpure Mattress online service for our customer’s convenience at cost-effective prices.

2. Release heat

According to research, one of the most important aspects of memory foam is that it does produce heat. The memory foam’s sensitivity to body temperature is what caused it to become warm in this situation. This, however, is an old tale. This is no longer a problem nowadays because of newer and better technology that has led to online memory foam mattresses. Good memory foam mattresses are made by companies like Livpure Mattress. It has the greatest memory foam mattress that can wick away heat and moisture three times faster. The majority of high-quality memory foam mattresses have permeable covers, so overheating while you sleep is no longer a problem. The best thing is that you may purchase the top memory foam mattress without leaving your home by shopping online. 

3. Emits bad odor

According to studies done on mattress customers, the majority of individuals choose spring mattresses because they think memory foam gives off an unpleasant smell and on occasion feels as if it has adhered to the body. Again, these facts about memory foam may pertain to less expensive, lower-quality versions. The smell of that memory foam mattress is also because it is a brand-new, unopened product that has not been used, it is there when you first open your memory foam mattress. Before your first night sleeping on the new mattress, this odor quickly goes away. To buy the greatest memory foam mattress, you must, however, be sure that it was not produced using formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals, as well as PBDE retardants or ozone depleters. Additionally, be sure to get a quality memory foam mattress with VOC emissions that are less than or equal to 0.5 parts per million. For individuals who are allergic to this, in particular, this allows you to fall asleep without them. We do recommend you have your bed mattress from Livpure that ensures your comfort and hygiene without any compromise.

4. Sags with time

Mattresses made of memory foam are reputed to conform to the form of the body while supporting its skeletal system. The mattress is intended to return to its pre-made, natural shape once you stand up from it. Mattresses manufactured of memory foam of lower quality, however, do not adhere to this rule. In some cases, the mattress gradually begins to sag. Livpure Mattress is an excellent example of a high-quality mattress with a base that is incredibly tough and long-lasting. By supporting the body’s structure, this base is intended to help orthopedic patients who experience pain and stiffness. More importantly, it recovers to its original form after use, allowing you to use the same fantastic mattress for many years to come. 

5. Not good for an orthopedic person

This myth is a result of people’s misconception that “foam” mattresses are often soft and do not offer the necessary solid support that an orthopedic patient would need. In actuality, this is untrue for mattresses made of memory foam. NASA was the organization that first created memory foam. The main benefit of memory foam is the fact that it will assist the body in maintaining its natural posture. As a result, your shoulders, arms, buttock, and back will feel supported rather than giving the impression that you are lying down on a hard surface. Additionally, it prevents your spine from being unnaturally straightened during the night by allowing it to rest in its natural form. Actually, because of these qualities, memory foam mattresses are the best option for orthopedic sufferers. This mattress is recommended by even doctors

About Livpure

Memory foam mattress myths sometimes revolve around certain elements that are connected to old or inexpensive materials or crude manufacturing techniques.

Well, Livpure created India’s best memory foam mattress with a focus on taking care of your sleeping pattern and offering you the most comfortable night’s sleep. This mattress was created with consideration for the needs of each customer. Materials that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic are used by Livpure. They maintain the mattress at a medium-firm level, which is ideal for orthopedic sufferers and is maintained by the fact that they’re neither excessively soft nor too stiff. 

Apart from this Livpure has varieties of mattress types such as queen size mattress, orthopedic mattresses, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, etc.

Do not delay to get the best piece in your room, go ahead and purchase your preferred Livpure Mattress online. 

In case of any queries, you are welcome to contact our customer care or the email id provided on the official Livpure website.

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