Common Sleeping Problems Of Working-Class People

Common Sleeping Problems Of Working-Class People

Working-class professionals often go through a dwindling work-life balance due to work pressure, average quality sleep or physical conditions. One of the most common causes of poor quality sleep is poor bed mattresses or worn-out ones.

Hence, people with a 9-5 job should sleep on a mattress for back pain like an orthopaedic mattress. In addition, the culture of working from home has led to many people living unhealthy lives. Additionally, major illnesses like heart disease and depression can be brought on by interrupted sleep or getting less sleep than what is advised by doctors.

Even though these seem far-fetched from reality, it won’t be long before people realize their back pain, hip pain, or poor lifestyle are all caused by a basic mattress.

Common sleeping issues faced by working professionals

Today, almost everyone works from home or the office, and people often ignore their posture and sleeping habits. Consequently, they suffer from all kinds of diseases. You might be surprised to learn that many of these issues can be resolved by simply choosing to replace or upgrade your mattress.

But before that, you can look at some of the significant problems that working-class people face today.

Back and hip pain

If you are working from home, chances are you use your bed at least 30-40% more than usual. It might seem comfortable now but eventually, there will be spinal curving and, ultimately, lower back pain. Moreover, if you sleep on a soft or a hard mattress, be prepared for sick leave from work.

Painkillers will help you only on the surface level. The root cause might be your mattress. Hence, order a latex mattress online.Look up Livpure mattress prices online for the best deals.

Low productivity  

Your bed is meant for sleeping and resting when you are occasionally sick. It may extend to other activities like watching a movie. However, with working from home as the new norm, the bed has become a workstation for many.

So when you start watching a movie or eating in bed regularly, along with work, your brain gets rewired. It starts to dissociate your bed from sleep. Hence, you will fall asleep at odd hours and stay awake at night.

Moreover, buy an online mattress for the same if you sleep on a mattress not meant for spine support.

Circadian rhythm disorder

The circadian rhythm is your body’s natural clock that tells your body to shut down when it’s time. If you have an imbalanced lifestyle at the moment, chances are your rhythm will get disordered. 

Hence, it’s time that you leave your bedroom entirely while working and only go to bed when its bed time or post-work. Further, memory foam or latex mattresses will support your body for a peaceful night’s sleep. You can look up online mattresses if you do not have the time to go shopping.


Your irregular sleeping routine can cause severe ailments like type 2 diabetes and depression. Your body needs a complete sleep cycle every night to repair any damage done during the day. If you fail to complete your hours, your body will suffer from glucose intolerance leading to type 2 diabetes.

Further, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol when you sleep less than required. This is the fight-or-flight hormone that increases your heartbeat and stress levels. In the long run, you might encounter depression.

Weakened immunity

One of the common downsides to sleeplessness among working-class people is decreased immunity. Too little sleep reduces your ability to fight viruses like the common cold flu and bacterial infections.

With continuous sleepless or low-quality sleep days, the chances of getting sick increase day by day. Hence, buy yourself the best livpure mattress online that has multiple pressure zones to provide contouring to your body. It will be easier to fall asleep with all the extra support.

The price of Livpure mattress is quite affordable, especially for single beds. You can find great deals on Livpure mattresses online from time to time with a 100-night free trial.

Best Mattresses for high-quality sleep 

Memory foam mattress 

If you want good pressure relief and body-hugging comfort at the same time, memory foam mattresses are your best bet. This is the best mattress for all sleeping positions with customized back support. 

Moreover, memory foam mattresses have superior motion absorption quality and the best part – they are hypo-allergenic (unlikely to cause allergies). Further, there is minimum to no sagging in memory foam mattresses. Hence, you will not sink while sleeping. You can find memory foam mattresses in various types –

  • For lower back pain – To help relieve your back pain, you can find an ortho mattress in memory foam designed to relieve pressure points and provide customized back support. It would help if you specifically bought a mattress for back painYou can pick either king size mattress or a queen mattress. 
  • For body support – Foam mattresses provide contouring to your entire body shape, so you do not wake up in pain the next day. The best mattress for full body contour support is the orthopaedic mattress.

Latex mattress 

latex mattress should be on your list if you are looking for an eco-friendly and bouncy mattress. The best mattress made of latex has an average lifespan of is 12-15 years. It provides uniform pressure relieving zones for undisturbed quality sleep.

You can check the latex livpure mattress price online.

Natural mattress 

You can buy a natural livpure mattress to feel close to nature. You can also find a natural ortho mattress to avoid back and hip pain. These mattresses are 100% natural latex which you might find a desirable option. You can easily find a latex mattress online.

Usually, natural latex mattresses come with infused essential oils that help induce sleep. Moreover, your body will love the natural fabric, reducing allergies and dust mites.

Wrapping Up

Work is already taking up much of your time and probably giving you a headache. Well, your mattress might also be contributing to your problems. To get back on track, you must upgrade your lifestyle with a simple decision to change your mattress. You can go for Livpure mattress for quality sleep.

You can check the price of the Livpure mattress, which comes in three sizes- single mattress, king-size mattress, and queen mattress. If you are fed up with your constant body and hip pain, it’s time to change your workstation and upgrade your existing mattress. Check out the price of mattress online or at your nearest store