Different Types of Mattresses for Sound Sleep

Sleep plays a critical and vital factor in the day-to-day activities of a human being. Sleep is when the body recovers, the brain rests, and the body undergoes growth and relaxation. While people have different sleeping patterns, timings, positions and depths, the need for sound sleep remains constant.

What is sound sleep?

Sound sleep is when the body is ultimately still. The body goes through various stages of sleep throughout the night, and those different stages can be differentiated by the amount of movement the body makes.

Several factors add up to you getting a good night’s sleep.

What contributes to sound sleep?

Various factors lead to the sleep quality of a person. It can depend on the person’s caffeine intake, tiredness, physical health, mental health and many others. However, the most significant factor that contributes to sound sleep is the surface you sleep on, and it is also the one that is ignored the most when considering or talking about rest.

Choosing a mattress can be difficult. You need to understand your priorities and requirements to select an ideal mattress because there are different beds for sound sleep. Let’s look at a few different types of mattresses to get a headstart on your sleep quality.

What are the types of mattresses available for quality sleep?

Your mattress determines the quality of your sleep and your health. You need to invest in the right mattress to save you from back aches and sore neck. This, in turn, depends on your sleeping pattern, age, weight, and preference.

Explore the varieties of mattresses you can choose from.

  1. Innerspring – These mattresses are embedded with a steel coil support system. The number of springs and coils, the design and the gauge differ among different ranges of mattresses.
  2. Pillow-top – This is a very uncommon kind of mattress with an extra layer of upholstery sewed on top, making it look like a pillow.
  3. Hybrid – These mattresses are a mixture of steel coils, polyurethane, memory foam, latex foam and many other foams and gels.
  4. Gel – These are gel-infused mattresses. They provide their sleepers with different levels of comfort, feels and heat dissipation benefits.
  5. Latex Foam – They are made in a 7-zone design where boxes of latex with different densities are placed at various places for optimal support.
  6. Dual Comfort – They have two layers and are reversible. One side gives delicate cloud-like firmness, while the other offers a medium hard level of firmness.
  7. Orthopaedic Memory Foam – Its main objective is to support bones and joints. They are used mainly for those with body aches, back and neck pain and others.

Keeping these categories in mind, let’s look at some different types of mattresses for sound sleep.

Live it up with Livpure

If you are looking for a mattress for sound sleep, livpure is the way to go. Livpure mattresses are made using top-notch technology and driven forward by innovation, making them sound inventment.

Livpure designs its mattresses to deliver comfort while giving you a wide range of options.

If you ever look up “mattress near me,” you will find Livpure because they will deliver your chosen mattress to your doorstep. They provide all kinds of natural mattresses, orthopaedic mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and much more.

Let’s look at the Livpure collections of a mattress to help you get optimum sleep.

The Livpure collection

Livpure provides five different types of state-of-the-art mattresses for the utmost comfort and deep slumber.

1. The Lumbar

It is an HR foam mattress with 3D sleep-tech technology that has three built-in sleep zones and is available in different sizes. It is Livpures’ most affordable mattress with differentiated support and VOC-neutralising technology.

They have only one layer, which is 4 inches thick. With its HR support foam, it provides customized comfort and balanced support. Aeroscope technology embedded in it helps with enhanced breathability of the mattress for a night of better and more relaxed sleep.

2. The Duos

It is an EGAPA fresh-tech, filter-fitted, reversible foam mattress. This reversible mattress also comes with differentiated support and VOC-maintaining technology with it.

Duos has a firm built on one side and a medium firm built on the other. It comes with a cooling cover, and the foam is breathable. It is 5 inches thick and has two layers with embedded HR Support Foam.

3. The Ortho CurvX

Known as Livpures’ most ergonomic mattress, it comes with a curved foam and enhances body recovery while sleeping. It is made up of HR+ memory foam along with curved orthopedic foam. They have a medium firm build.

It is an ideal mattress for back pain. Made of 5D sleeptech technology, it helps with deep muscle relaxation and recovery and has natural biocrystals for mental and physical stress relief.

4. The Regal

One of Livpures’s best creations is the regal mattress. It is also their best-selling mattress with improved spring-like bounce and enhanced support.

It comprises latex and ortho HR foam and is Livpure’s best orthopaedic mattress. With a medium firm build, it is 8 inches thick and has three wholesome layers. The LuxeX technology provides a nice bouncy surface similar to a spring mattress.

5. The Jeeva

A natural mattress and a latex mattress – get both in the Jeeva mattress. It is Livpures’s certified mattress that is entirely natural and promises to deliver comfort and stress relief. Jeeva is available in both 6 and 8-inch thicknesses and has three layers. It is completely natural and has a plant oil base foam, which makes it chemical-free, antimicrobial and anti-allergenic. It is also infused with a citrus fragrance, with help in mood improvement and anxiety relief.

Rev up your sleep with the right choice

Sleep is an essential factor in our daily lives, and we must pay attention to it. Buying a proper mattress that your body needs might seem like an investment that can wait, but investing in the right mattress is the best service you can provide your body.