Do I Need An Orthopaedic Mattress?

A good night’s sleep is vital for efficient achievement. Your foam mattress plays a significant role in your ability to unwind. But over time, your mattress’s condition deteriorates, directly affecting you. Making the switch to a more supportive mattress is among the best ways to relieve chronic pain. While shopping, you might come across beds marked as “orthopaedic mattresses.” The orthopaedic mattress is the most sensible option among all beds given its enormous health benefits. People who switched to orthopaedic mattresses and now sleep peacefully at night report feeling much better.

The reasons for selecting an orthopaedic mattress are explained in the paragraphs that follow.

What Are Orthopaedic Mattresses?

An orthopaedic mattress supports the joints. People who experience pain while sleeping are frequently advised to use orthopaedic mattresses. Seniors, athletes, and other active people should also consider it. It is also advised for those who are still recovering from an accident.

Finding remedies for issues like spine and hip discomfort and joint abnormalities is the primary objective of the orthopaedics area.

With the advent of numerous contemporary beds created to offer the utmost comfort to the consumer, keeping in mind those who experience back and spine problems, orthopaedic mattresses were developed over time. However, an orthopaedic mattress also several additional benefits.

An orthopaedic mattress reduces back and body aches while preventing potential problems in the future when the spine is not correctly aligned while you sleep. To assist the spine, avoid stress on pressure areas, and promote restful sleep, most orthopaedic mattresses employ a special foam and unique manufacturing methods that allow the mattress to conform to the contour of the user’s body.

Orthopaedic mattresses are constructed of sturdier materials, such as latex, as opposed to typical beds, which are usually made of softer substances, such as cotton or foam. This promotes an even distribution of body weight, reducing the development of pressure points and thus easing back, neck, and joint problems.

But when it comes to purchasing an orthopaedic mattress in India, many people need help with how to choose one or what advantages it offers. So that you may learn more about orthopaedic beds, we’ve put together a summary of their types and benefits.

Types of Orthopaedic Mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses come in a variety of styles, in addition to a variety of alternatives for materials and structure. Hybrid, memory foam and latex foam mattresses are the most common for pain treatment.

1. Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses precisely conform to the body to assist and soothe each area. Because memory foam responds so quickly, it keeps flexibility and serves your bones even as you move.

Because of the buoyancy that encourages proper spinal alignment and the deep molding that eliminates stress and tension near the joints, Livpure memory foam mattresses are frequently advised for those with severe pain.

2. Latex Foam Mattresses

Mattresses made of latex foam resemble those of memory foam. But latex has a little more spring than memory foam, making it ideal for spinal support. Although latex mattresses are available in mild to complex types, medium to moderate beds work best with this material due to its elasticity. One can use both natural and artificial ingredients to make latex foam. The Livpure latex mattress has no harmful chemicals because natural latex is made from rubber trees.

3. Hybrids

They have a top layer of memory or latex foam 2 to 3 inches thick. Below the top layer is a base of pocketed coils. Instead of moving collectively like traditional innerspring beds, hybrid waves move individually. Hybrids can conform to the body more tightly and transfer fewer motion, thanks to their structural features.

Pros of buying an Orthopaedic Mattress

There are numerous benefits to buying an Orthopaedic Mattress. Some of them are listed below:

1. Relieves Body Pain

Sleeping for eight hours a night on a regular mattress increases your risk of developing spine and lower back pain from too much pressure. In these situations, orthopaedic beds are great since they are made with firm materials that reduce pain. 

People with joint fractures, stiffness, back pain, and spinal injuries, and those who have undergone surgery may benefit from orthopaedic mattresses.

2. Body Heat is not Retained

Some mattresses keep our bodies warm while sleeping, which causes excessive perspiration. It finally becomes intolerable during the summer, which disrupts our sleep. Orthopaedic mattresses don’t trap body heat while you sleep. It helps to maintain the appropriate body temperature while keeping us comfortable throughout.

3. Sufficient Firmness

Your body could sink into the mattress due to insufficient firmness, disrupting your spine’s natural alignment. Back pain may result from this. A hard surface provides an optimal push-back for the ideal sleeping position. 

A Livpure orthopaedic mattress effectively distributes body weight and helps to avoid pressure spots, particularly in the cervical, spine, and hip areas. Additionally, it maintains the spinal cord’s correct position, reducing pressure on the spine.

The Best Orthopaedic Mattress: How to Choose One

Although many mattresses make the “orthopaedic” promise, they might not genuinely provide the advantages you expect. Finding a mattress that supports good spinal alignment and relieves pressure is a sign of an orthopaedic mattress. It ought to include some of these extra features.

1. Design

The first thing you should consider is the mattress’s materials and construction. There are many different materials, such as latex, fabric-covered springs, memory foam, and air chambers or cylinders. While foam Livpure memory mattresses offer a high degree of support, Livpure latex mattresses rebound to ensure comfort.

Checking the reviews is an excellent way to verify that the Livpure orthopaedic mattress you’re considering purchasing is made of high-quality materials. You should figure out if there are any problems you might encounter later on by going through these.

2. Spine Alignment

You should also be on the lookout for proper spine alignment. Mattresses that assist healthy spine alignment are unlikely to be overly complex or soft, akin to mattresses that provide adequate pressure relief.

The top and base of the mattress should be softer than the center, which should be firmer. This structure will support the spine’s normal curvature. Without appropriate spine orientation, the muscles, ligaments, and bones of the backbone will be under significant stress, which may cause discomfort and injury.

To Sum Up

Orthopaedic mattresses are just mattresses with excellent joint and general body support in mind. The term “orthopaedic” has become overused in the mattress market over time, and many mattresses make this claim without offering the essential characteristics of an orthopaedic mattress. 

We have a large selection of orthopaedic mattresses at Livpure that suit your needs. Our mattresses feature excellent lumbar support, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving a bed designed with your comfort back in mind. Livpure mattresses are the finest for relieving back pain and improving posture since they are made to provide several long-term health benefits in addition to a comfortable night’s sleep.