Do You Suffer from Back Problems

If your answer is a loud YES, you have luckily hit the right spot! When your back is giving you trouble regularly, it can cause frustration and worry. Not only is your day spent dealing with back pain but also in racking your brain to find the cause.  Many reasons can be the culprits – from sitting and working for extended periods to heavy lifting, arthritis, and sleeping positions Back Problems. It could be hard to pinpoint the cause. However, if you are able to strike off all these things, the answer could lie with your mattress. 

Often ignored, your mattresses might be a significant contributing factor to your back problems and stiff mornings. But how to be sure about this? 

Well, let’s take a look at some signs to figure things out. 

How To Tell If Your Mattress Is Causing You Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common healthcare problems. People often seek medical help because it can mess with their whole routine. But if your stiff and painful back feels better after you wake up and move for a while, your mattress might be doing more harm than good. 

Here are some more signs to convict your mattress as the wrongdoer.  

1. You welcome the day with pain 

It might seem obvious, but morning discomfort and pain are a clear sign that you and your mattress are no longer going along. If you feel good when you sleep at night but wake up with agony in your lower back, your mattress is stirring trouble. 

A wrong mattress can lead to misalignment in the spine, resulting in sore mornings. 

2. You spend your nights tossing and turning 

Despite feeling tired and worn out, do you spend the night tossing and turning around to find a comfortable position to sleep in? Then this is another sign that your mattress is the wrong fit. 

An uncomfortable mattress is the root cause of restless, interrupted nights and back pain.

3. You find your bed eating you up

Your mattress shouldn’t be eating you up, but that’s precisely how you can feel when you sink in, and it folds around you. Not only is a sinking king size mattress unable to keep the spine aligned, but it also restricts nighttime flexibility, which often leads to pain when you wake up in the mornings. 

4. Your mattress is uneven and saggy

A saggy mattress is a different story that makes you wake up in pain. Instead of sinking, this mattress droops where you need utmost support, i.e., near your lower back. So, when your spine is not supported in slumber, it is crystal clear you will soon be a victim of back pain. 

That being said, the orthopedic mattress is specifically designed to align your spine, giving excellent support where you require it the most. 

5. Your feel like you are lying on wood 

There is a difference between what you call a supportive bed and one that’s just too hard. A mattress that feels like wood or board forces your spine into unnatural positions, putting pressure on specific points – shoulders, hips, and neck. 

This results in you welcoming your mornings with a sore body. 

Here, an orthopedic memory foam mattress by Livpure could be a great pick since it evenly distributes your weight and comes with an ideal mix of firmness and softness. 

6. Your mattress is well past its prime 

It is a saying that nothing lasts forever, and it is true even for your bed floor mattress

As a rule of thumb, you must change your mattress every 7 to 10 years, although the number can vary depending on the type, quality, and company you purchased from. If your mattress is actually old school, it will contribute to your back pain. 

How To Pick A Great Mattress For Your Back?

If you are troubled with back problems – you might just go for the firmest mattresses. Right? Well, actually, no. Doctors and researchers worldwide clearly suggest that there is no one-size-fit solution for mattresses, including mattress for back pain.

However, don’t lose hope just yet! Let personal preference guide you and choose what feels comfortable and supportive because that’s what is going to relieve your back troubles. 

Here are a few tips to help you out. 

    • Go for a longer test drive: Many companies today allow customers to purchase their back pain mattress. You can use it for 30 days or so, and return it if your body feels unsatisfied. 
    • Think about your sleeping position: Your sleeping position affects how evenly your weight is distributed across joints, body, and bed. Choosing a mattress with the right firmness for your position helps to alleviate soreness and pain. 
    • Spine Alignment: The best orthopedic mattress in India is the one that supports not only your body shape but also the alignment of the spine. The muscles and tissues in your back must rest and recover while you slumber. Most clinical data suggest that medium-firm mattresses fit the bill here.  

What Are The Best Mattresses For Back Pain?

Ultimately, the mattress good for back pain is the one that offers you the perfect blend of softness and support. It must contour according to your body shape, regulate your body temperature while aligning your spine and relieve pressure points. If it ticks off all these boxes, good news – you have found the best orthopedic mattress for back pain.

That said, when in doubt, upgrading to a medium-firm orthopedic memory foam mattress is the best solution for back problems and to wake up refreshed and energized for the day!

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It’s time to say goodbye to those infuriating back problems!