Does Livpure provide a free trial on the mattress

Nothing could ever compare to the rejuvenating feeling of quality sleep. The quality of our sleep impacts the quality of our life. A mattress suited to your needs helps you get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. However, the wrong choice of bed to sleep on can lead to many physical ailments. These can ultimately impact your sleep cycle and lead to long–term health issues.

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or either side, you must find the best mattress to curl onto at the end of a long, hectic day.

Choosing the right type can be overwhelming, with the wide variety of mattresses available in the market. This article should arm you with all the information you need to choose the right mattress for your needs.

Which brand should you trust for quality sleep?

Multiple mattress brands exist worldwide; some you might have heard of and even trust. Some offer choices at affordable prices, while others are priced higher for their promise of exceptional products. However, if you are looking for a single brand that combines affordability, reliability, longevity, and firmness, Livpure mattresses are your solution.

Crafted with the genius of innovation and modern science, Livpure manufactures memory foam mattress, latex mattress, and orthopedic mattress. Livpure is breaking through in the present market with its quality, pricing and innovation.

The guarantee of satisfaction with free-trial

Good quality mattresses are likely to be more expensive than substandard ones. It is only natural to weigh all your options carefully and pick the best option before you make your investment. Livpure offers you the flexibility to choose before you make up your mind. It gives customers a free trial of the mattress they choose for 100 nights!

If you do not like what you lay on, don’t worry. Within the trial period on their mattresses, you can return the mattress and refuse to buy it. You will not be liable to explain the return.

You will only have to ensure that if you intend to use the trial period, you will have to store the original cover and packaging of the mattress carefully.

Livpure original mattress collection

Livpure has a vast range of collections you can choose from, designed to meet the varying needs of different customers. Their exclusive range of latex and orthopedic mattresses is clinically approved to provide quality and assurance. Check the range of mattresses they offer:

1. Lumbar

An HR foam mattress with 3D sleep tech comes with a cooling cover and a single breathable layer of 4 inches.

It has a medium, firm build and three pressure-relieving zones for balanced support. It comes in three different sizes – single mattress, queen mattress and king-size mattress.

2. Duos

It is an EGAPA, new-tech, filter-equipped, reversible foam mattress. It comes with both firm and medium-firm built.

The activated carbon filters in it help neutralise toxins and get rid of foul odours. It is five inches thick and has two layers. This mattress comes as a single-size mattress.

3. Ortho CurvX

This HR + memory foam mattress is an excellent orthopedic mattress. It comes with curved orthopedic foam that is six inches thick, with three layers of support.

It comes embedded with biocrystals and aerospace, enhancing the mattress’s breathability. The 5D sleep tech technology helps with balanced support and customised comfort. It is available in four sizes – single, twin, queen, and king.

All of these variants come with the 100–night free trial provision.

Livpure’s luxury mattress collection

Livpure also offers a range of luxury mattresses mentioned below:

1. Regal

This is one of Livpures’ best memory foam mattress. It comes with an enhanced spring-like bounce and differentiated support. It has a cooling cover with breathable foam.

It is eight inches thick, with three different layers, one made out of latex foam.

It also comes with a bamboo-fabric zipper cover. This mattress is only available in a king-size.

2. Jeeva

The natural latex mattress is certified to deliver comfort and natural stress relief. It has a citrus fruit fragrance infused in the foam.

It is six-eight inches thick and has three layers, with 100% natural latex and plant-based oil foam. The all-natural latex foam allows for improved breathability and a night of relaxed deep sleep. Owing to the plant-based oil foam, it is chemical-free, and anti-allergic.

Depending on your bed size, you can choose a Livpure single mattress, a twin mattress, a queen mattress, or a king-size mattress.

Things to keep in mind before making a purchase

Before you decide on a mattress, keep these things in mind for optimum comfort and satisfaction.

1. Know your bed-size

Bed sizes vary, and so do mattresses. It’s better to have an exact idea of the size of your bed so your mattress isn’t left hanging off at the edge of the bed.

A free trial helps you navigate the issues in the mattress size and decide accordingly.

2. Plan on a budget

Mattresses are a bit heavy on the pocket. Making a sound financial decision when buying a mattress is crucial, as the quality should match the price.

3. Check the firmness

Depending on your sleeping position and preferences, you either need a firm mattress for optimum comfort or a soft one.

If you do happen to have back aches and neck pain, a firm mattress is recommended. In the trial period, you can check to see if the mattress is causing some extra discomfort or pain upon waking up.

That’s a wrap!

Livpure combines taste with comfort to give you convenience like never before. The free trial period on its mattresses is a massive plus point. Livpure does in-house production and manufacturing of their mattresses and always includes a personal touch or quality of our sleep.

Make sure to go all in when buying a surface to lie on, as a good night’s sleep is the solution you need for a well-rested body and mind.