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Effect of Alcohol on Sleep

Alcohol has sedative effects that might make you feel at ease and sleepy, but excessive alcohol use has been associated with short and poor sleep cycles. People who suffer from alcoholism often show symptoms of sleeplessness. According to studies, drinking alcohol can even make sleep apnea symptoms worse.

Although moderate drinking is generally seen as harmless, each person’s response to alcohol varies. The effect of alcohol on sleep, therefore, varies greatly depending on the individual. According to research, those who consume a lot of alcohol before bed are more likely to experience delayed sleep onset, which makes it harder for them to fall asleep. They are also more likely to have disturbed sleep.

A good night’s sleep is important for you to wake up feeling fresh. It also keeps you alert and productive throughout the day. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine before bed should be a  part of your ideal sleep routine. Here are some other tips you can follow to get a sound sleep.

1.Fix a Bedtime

By fixing a bedtime, you train your brain to wind down a few hours before and it makes the process of falling asleep very easy. Eventually, a consistent sleep cycle can train your brain to sleep and wake up on time.

2.Take a Warm Bath

A warm bath helps in melatonin production. It is the hormone that makes you feel sleepy. Melanin is produced when, in the evening, your core body temperature falls. A shower mimics the same procedure and can trigger melatonin production


Meditation helps you to unwind your brain and relax. A lot of people struggle with sleeping because they remain restless. Meditation will calm you down and help you ease into sleep.

4.Invest in a Good Mattress

An incorrect posture throughout the day can land working people with back pain. Therefore, it is best to invest in a mattress that helps correct your posture and ease up those joints that have been under intense pressure throughout the day. This is what Livpure mattresses do. They have the best mattress for back pain so that you can have the most peaceful sleep.

How might a livpure mattress aid in getting the best possible sleep?

D SleepTech

Livpure mattress’ 5D SleepTech identifies 5 pressure relieving zones according to the weight of different body parts and provides optimal support. With the help of its curved form, the mattress aligns itself to the spine’s natural curvature and gives you the most peaceful sleep.


Crystals are known to carry healing properties. Livpure sources 16 types of crystals from ancient caves and induces them into their mattresses. These crystals, like silica, amethyst, jasper, and citrine promote deep sleep, positive energy, and stress relief.


Livpure mattresses are made with Dow ComfortScience technology, making the foam highly breathable. It is especially good for people who overheat during sleeping.


Livpure mattresses provide a bounce like no other but let you enjoy an undisturbed sleep even if your partner keeps moving. The elasticity of their latex also promotes proper spine alignment.

Livpure Mattresses – Your Best Sleep partner

While buying the mattress, ensure that it will fit properly in your bed frame. While queen size is the most common mattress size, King size mattresses would be ideal if the bed is to be shared by two adults. The mattress’ length should be at least 6 inches longer than the tallest person in the house. As for the breadth, it should be enough for you to rest your elbows behind your head without touching your partner or the edge of the mattress.

Lumbar: HR Foam Mattress

The Lumbar Foam Mattress is among their most affordable mattresses. This memory mattress is medium firm and is ideal for people who experience night sweats as it comes with a cooling cover and breathable foam. The 3D SleepTech with its contour foam provides customized comfort and support. With the patented EGAPA FreshTech Technology, it filters volatile organic compounds (VOCs), foul odors, and toxic pollutants.

Duos: Reversible Foam Mattress

The Duos Reversible Mattress provides differentiated support. With this reversible mattress, you get to choose between firmness on one side and medium softness on the other. It is equipped with DOW ComfortScience technology that provides the most breathable foam. This advanced mattress also comes with a removable premium fabric cover.

Ortho CurvX Mattress

Ortho CurvX Mattress with its curved support foam provides back support like no other. It facilitates deep muscle relaxation and recovers your body while you are sleeping. It comes equipped with biocrystal that add to the mattress’ healing properties. The 5D SleepTech found in Ortho CurvX creates 5 pressure relieving zones to uniformly distribute your body weight.

Regal Latex + Ortho Mattress

The Regal Latex mattress is among the most luxurious Livpure mattresses. It gives plush comfort throughout the year and is as bouncy as a premium spring mattress. This orthopedic mattress also has a computerized 5D contour foam that relieves pressure and provides personalized comfort. The luxurious latex foam makes you feel like you are being cradled but remains still even if your partner is moving around. The aeroscape technology of the mattress ensures that you get a sweat-free and refreshing sleep.

Jeeva: Natural Latex Mattress

Jeeva is a medium firm and certified natural mattress with a cooling cover and breathable foam. It is made with 100% natural latex, making it highly breathable and cooler than other mattresses. It also comes with a natural cotton cover. Plus the foam has been infused with a citrus fragrance that elevates mood and calms anxiety. Its natural hypoallergenic properties provide relief from allergies and improve sleep quality. This mattress is perfect for eco-conscious consumers and even for families because it is non-toxic and safe for children.

About Livpure

Many people have drastically improved their sleep cycle by switching to a Livpure mattress. Not just a sleep cycle, a Livpure mattress promotes proper spine alignment and prevents back pain. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and backed by modern science, a Livpure mattress is designed to provide the utmost comfort and care and give you the ability to bust stress. Head over to their website to order your Livpure mattress online from the comfort of your home!