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Everything you should know about king size mattress

Quality sleep is essential for your body because it helps support healthy brain functioning and maintains physical health. When children sleep, it supports their growth and development. When you don’t sleep for the suggested 8 hours a night and are sleep deprived, you are at risk for chronic health problems.  So, how can you sleep better? Start by getting a good mattress because that can help the most. You won’t believe how well you will sleep on comfortable, high-quality mattresses.

There are mattresses specially made for different kinds of problems. Let’s say you have terrible back pain and need a mattress that supports spine alignment; there’s a mattress for that. Or you are really tall and can’t find a mattress long enough; there’s a mattress for that too!

But what if you are tall and have chronic back pain? Lucky for you, there is a mattress that’s perfect for you. So, keep reading to find out more.

What is a king-size mattress?

king-size mattress is a longer and more spacious mattress made big enough to accommodate two adults. There is even extra room for children or a pet. This is the best option for couples who need a little extra space and for individuals who enjoy more sleeping space.

What are the dimensions of a king-size mattress?

The standard king-size mattresses size in India is 72” X 80”. It is recommended only to get this if your bedroom is more than 12×12 since it takes up a lot of space. These mattresses are usually put in the master bedroom and, if there’s extra space, the guest room.

It is the ideal pick for couples that want their children or pets to sleep with them. But, if only two people share this mattress, each one will get 38” of sleeping space to themselves. Individuals can also buy this mattress if they have the budget and want the extra space.

What is the king-size mattress price?

The king-size mattress price varies based on its features. A basic king-size mattress will be much cheaper than an orthopaedic king-size mattress. This is because an orthopedic one is the best king-size mattress for lower back pain, so there’s an added advantage.

As a standard size, they are available for all mattress types. So you could get a king-sized gel, memory foam, hybrid, innerspring or latex mattress. You can shop online to find king size mattress lowest price.

Can a King size mattress reduce back pain?

The orthopaedic memory foam mattress is the best king-size mattress for back problems. It can help to reduce back aces by aligning the spine.

The king-size mattress back support is helpful and will ensure you don’t wake up with aches and pains.

What to consider when purchasing a king-size mattress?

If you are considering buying a king-size mattress, going through the following factors would help you decide if you should get it.

  • Are they accessible?

A king-sized bed is perfect for a bedroom that is 12 feet by 9 feet or more. If you were to put a king-sized bed in a small room, it would take up most of your space, and it won’t be easy to get around. Interior designers suggest having a minimum of 30 inches around the bed, so there’s enough space to move.

  • Who will be sleeping on it?

The king-size mattress is usually bought to share by couples or couples with children. It is best to buy it if at least two people use it. However, a twin XL or queen bed would be better if you are single or prefer not to sleep beside anyone.

  • What’s your sleeping style?

Everyone has different preferences for how much space they need to sleep. A king bed will give you extra room, especially if you like to stretch when sleeping or are more than 6ft.  

Super King Size Mattress vs. King Size Mattress

A super king-size bed is larger than a king-size one. The super king-size mattress is 72” X 85”, while the king-size mattress size is 72” X 80”. They are the same length, but the super king mattress is wider.

super king-size mattress is a rare size to find, which is why getting bedding that fits can be challenging. You usually have to custom order the mattress and bedding, which makes it a bit more costly than standard mattresses.

A king-size mattressis readily available in shops and online. You won’t have to spend extra to get custom-sized bedding. So, consider the room size, number of sleepers and your budget when picking between the two.

Reasons to invest in a king-size mattress?

There are many reasons which suggest you should invest in a king-size mattress. Here are a few:

  • When you sleep with your partner on a double bed mattress, each of you gets only 2’3”, which is less than a baby cot
  • Studies have proved that couples who sleep on king-size beds sleep better than on smaller beds
  • King-sized beds are not expensive and certainly won’t burn a hole in your pocket
  • Most people with big bedrooms opt for a king-size bed, so don’t be left out
  • A bigger bed will help to ease joint pain, soreness and pressure points
  • Most people toss and turn when they sleep at night, and this is easier to do when there is more space

Livpure king-size mattress will help you fall asleep quicker

You can’t go wrong by buying a king-size mattress. It will help you sleep well and wake up feeling fresh and without any pain. Getting quality sleep is essential, and this mattress will ensure you get it.

Livpure has a variety of very soft king-size mattress options. They also have the best king-size mattress for lower back pain. It is worth buying their king-size mattress for back problems.

The mattress is perfect for couples and families and is an excellent investment. While people claim that the king-size mattress price is too high, it isn’t; it is affordable to buy. The best king-size mattress to buy is the orthopedic memory foam mattress for children’s sleep.