Facts & Myths of using Soft Mattress

Facts & Myths of Using Soft Mattress

Let us face it, mattress shopping is an excruciating affair. There are many mattresses online to choose from, and that they are available in different types, sizes, and prices. Plus, buying a mattress may be a big investment, so it is a call you have to take after careful consideration. 

There is one question that each mattress shopper should ask themselves- Do I need a firm or soft? This is often a good place to start because the mattress firmness will affect how comfortable or supported you are feeling on the bed. Yes, it comes all the way down to personal preference, but there are some more objective benefits and disadvantages to both firm and soft mattresses. While foam mattresses are softer, coir and latex mattresses are firmer. Let us see more about this. 

What Makes A Mattress Firm Or Soft?

First off, most companies, just like Livpure, use a 1-10 scale to rate how firm their mattresses are. It is considered that the rate 7 to be medium-firm. Anything below 6.5 goes to get on the softer end of the spectrum, and anything above 7 goes to be firmer.

A mattress’s firmness goes to be mainly determined by its construction and materials. As an example, an innerspring mattress with no real comfort layer is perhaps firm. Of course, the grade of the coils will affect the firmness and support of the mattress but, generally, innerspring mattresses are supposed to be firmer-than-average. Latex mattresses are usually firmer and more supportive. Latex may be a very durable and dense material that does not have quite the give that some foam mattresses have but provides great support nonetheless. 

Speaking of soft, memory foam mattresses are often softer-than-average- this material is thought for its comfortable feel and great pressure relief. Just because a mattress features memory foam or soft foam, that does not necessarily mean that it is softer-than-average. It depends on how thick the comfort layer is. 

Firmness is subjective

All this being said, firmness really is subjective and depends on the scale and bodyweight of the sleeper. An individual who does not weigh a great deal could find a mattress with a memory foam layer on top to be quite soft, but a bigger person could press through the comfort layer and want the mattress to be firmer. 

Now we know that foam mattresses are considered soft or memory foam mattresses more so on the softer side. Let us now debunk some myths. 

Foam emits heat 

Fact: Foam did have the status for sleeping hot. But, that is a story of days in the past. Today, newer high-tech memory foam mattresses have switched this to fiction. Companies like Livpure manufacture foam mattresses that contain an open-cell building which increases ventilation by 95% compared to traditional foam. A decent quality memory foam has the flexibility to wick away heat and moisture around thrice faster compared to the standard tempurderic mattress. Nearly all foam mattresses are likewise encased with breathable covers and even a cooling gel layer. Livpure come with all of them- these mattresses are some of the coolest things you will sleep on! 

A soft foam mattress is mighty expensive

Fact: Yes, some leading brands could also be expensive. Even so, you’ll find a variety of newer manufacturers like Livpure, that have forayed into the mattress industry, and make equally great mattresses at affordable price things. You will be able to easily get yourself a memory bed for 1/2 the price you will get many manufacturers if you are doing your research right. A variety of those companies also permit you to shop for the mattress online and ship your mattress right from the warehouse to your house, which cuts down overheads like showroom rental. This benefit is obtainable to the buyers and you may leave with your pockets not hurt. Livpure does the same. Order at the comfort of your chair and get a hassle-free delivery of a mattress in a box right to your doorstep. 

Memory foam is incredibly soft and comfortable initially, but it sags later

Fact: Yes, after you get an inexpensive, poor-quality memory foam mattress, this could be the inevitable truth. Regrettably, there is lots of cheap foam on the market, an entire lot of it via China. That said, the quality memory foam does not develop dips and cavities, and if it does, it is generally covered under warranty. Thus, what can we learn from this? Choose that comes with a 10-year warranty. Explore a wide range of Livpure memory foam mattresses- 6-inch as well as 8-inch thickness, available in different densities of memory foam and latex foam. You also get naturally sourced memory foam and latex mattresses only on Livpure. 

The denser the foam, it loses its softness

Fact: The firmness of the foam entirely depends on how it is created. For instance, two different companies can make a foam bed with identical dimensions, but you will be able to find that one is firmer compared to the other. So, make certain to check the mattress you plan on buying. And, if you plan on buying one, have a glance at their return policy or trial policy if you do not just like the feel of the mattress. Livpure has a 100-night risk-free trial policy so that you can buy the mattress which suits you perfectly. Livpure’s website also has a firmness scale for your benefit- you can see what firmness you want and decide on it. 

Who Should Choose A Soft Mattress?

  • Side sleepers: Anyone who sleeps on their side wants to seek out a mattress that may relieve pressure on their shoulders and hips. Soft mattresses usually feature superior pressure relief, so side sleepers should keep that in mind.
  • People with pain issues: Soft mattresses may be a decent match for people who struggle with joint or hip pain. A soft mattress like a  memory foam mattress- Ortho X from Livpure,  can reduce and alleviate the pain felt in those areas.
  • Those who wish to sink into their mattress: Soft mattresses allow sleepers to sink into the mattress. Anyone who prefers to sleep “in” their mattress should prefer a soft one.
  • Couples: Softer mattresses, especially memory foam or hybrid mattresses such as a combination of memory foam and latex foam, handle motion transfer better than firm mattresses. When one partner moves around on the mattress, they tend not to disturb their partner.

Final thoughts

After everything, choosing – firm or a soft mattress, memory foam or a latex mattress, spring or a coil mattress, expensive or an inexpensive mattress, is a personal choice and should be chosen according to your sleep needs. But making a wise and informed decision for the long term.