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Five Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Mattress

Knowing how to care for your new mattress is essential if you want to get the greatest possible sleep on it. Maintaining your new bed can help keep it in top shape for longer, extending the life of the mattress. Here are the top 5 mattress maintenance suggestions!

It might be really exhilarating to finally have a lovely night’s sleep after purchasing a new mattress. But many individuals thereafter neglect to perform any mattress maintenance. Meaning that, more frequently than not, their mattress is broken much more quickly, which means that, after a few years, you’ll need to start shopping for a new bed. You’ll learn insider tips in this article to extend the life of your mattress.


1. Ventilate and air your mattress:

Although it is sometimes forgotten, airing your mattress may actually assist in maintaining your bed in wonderful shape. If you don’t properly ventilate and air your mattress, it might become damp or have a shorter lifespan since moisture can start to harm your mattress. When your new mattress is delivered, ventilation is also essential.

Your mattress has to be exposed to the air for at least 8 hours following delivery in order to completely        freshen out from storage and shipping. This is best done the day the mattress is delivered or the next day.

Try to turn back your bed linen for a few hours once a week so that your mattress can air out.

2. Use a mattress protector or topper at all times:

All mattresses should be used with a protector or topper, which is highly advised. Your choice of topper or protector will rely on the outcomes you need. Some individuals choose to cover their mattresses with a straightforward, washable protector. For a softer feel, some people use a thicker topper.

You may increase the lifespan of your mattress by using a topper or protector of your choosing. This is due to the fact that a mattress protector will serve as a protective barrier against:

  • Sweat
  • Moisture
  • Dead skin
  • Bacteria
  • Leaks and spills

You can wash removable mattress protectors every week to ensure that any dirt is kept off your new mattress, and they are relatively cheap.

3. Rotate and turn your mattress once a month:

All two-sided mattresses need to be routinely rotated and flipped. To achieve a uniform settling throughout the full surface of the bed, mattresses need to be turned since they include thick layers of upholstery filling. By rotating your new mattress, you may assist the settling to be more level and avoid dips in the mattress. If you don’t turn your mattress, all of the wear might concentrate on one area. Because of this, it is advised against buying mattresses that have just one side that may be used.

It is advised that two individuals flip the mattress because a good mattress is going to be hefty.

If you don’t turn and rotate your bed, natural settlement in mattresses will take place. You’ll see that your sleeping region settles more than your non-sleeping area. This applies to all mattresses, but it stands out more in king mattresses and super-king-size mattresses where users typically lie on different sides of the bed. Turning your mattress is crucial since a new mattress will compress more in the regions that are utilized the most. There is no need for concern because the settlement is natural. However, an uneven settlement will occur if you don’t routinely flip and rotate your mattress.

4. Selecting a good mattress base:

It’s essential to check while buying that a new bed will be placed on a high-quality, appropriate mattress base. Not every new mattress needs a new base, though. The majority of mattresses are compatible with almost all bases, despite what sellers would have you believe.

Any mattress should fit in your bed as long as the base is structurally solid. Make sure the gaps between your slatted base are no more than 7 cm.

 What to look for when evaluating if a bed base is appropriate:

  • Are the castors/feet in excellent condition, that is, are they tight and not slack or wobbly?
  • Are the gaps too wide if the base is made of slats? (If necessary, you may board them.)
  • Is the base of your headboard properly fastened or secured?
  • Do the drawers open and close freely?

5. Cleaning and Hygiene Advice for Mattresses:

You must maintain a regular regimen for cleaning your bedding and mattress, just as you do with your clothes. Your mattress will appreciate it if you maintain your bedroom spotless since it will last much longer and provide more comfort than if you don’t.

Here are some top suggestions for maintaining the finest condition for your mattress and bedroom, thereby lasting much longer:

  • Use a 60-degree wash to eliminate germs and mites from your mattress protector
  • Wash your bedding once a week on a hot cycle.
  • Monthly under-bed and bed vacuuming
  • If you can, air your bedroom every day.
  • Any mattress spills should be cleaned up right away.


Although numerous factors affect how long a mattress will last, adhering to these recommended practices will help you have years of sound sleep and get the most out of your investment. Know that a 10-year guarantee on your mattress is regarded as the industry standard, regardless of whether you are looking at more conventional brick-and-mortar retailers or new bed-in-a-box mattress providers.

Your bed will not only last longer but will also preserve its original degree of comfort if you take good care of it. Thus, it’s a win-win situation!

You’ll be able to sleep peacefully for longer if you follow a few regular cleaning practices rather than just leaving your mattress undisturbed.

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