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Get The Best Deals On Luxurious Mattresses

Do you realize we spend 1/3rd of our lives in our beds? Therefore, investing in a comfortable and supportive mattress is essential. High-quality mattresses give a luxurious feel and much-needed support to your body.

Usually, luxury mattresses cost a little high because of high-quality materials and multiple benefits like technologically advanced pressure zones, infused bio-crystals, etc. the mattress will have a soft touch just like the ones in presidential suites. 

However, this investment will give a good return in investment. The best mattress will last long, prevent the development of back pain and improve the overall quality of life. Further, a luxury livpure mattress can give you a deluxe and expensive vibe.

The Best Types of Luxurious Mattresses

Luxury mattress form some of the best mattresses. The cost of any item indeed determines whether it is luxurious. However, it doesn’t mean that averagely-priced or budget-friendly mattresses cannot provide luxurious quality.

Regarding luxury mattressesyou must pay attention to the comfort and support it provides rather than the cost only. Some top brands of mattress, like Livpure, offers some of the best deals on mattresses.

1. Latex mattress 

A latex mattress is made up of natural and artificial latex. Natural latex is good for the body and skin. Latex is a naturally hypoallergenic material and is free from any harmful chemicals. If you are allergy-prone, this is your best bet. 

However, artificial latex can be harmful because of the chemicals used. However, there are protective sheets or layers to avoid direct contact with these chemicals. Hence, you must adequately check for such layers when buying an artificial latex mattress. You can avail a discount on mattress online and in nearby stores when buying a mattress for bed.

2. Jeeva mattress

A natural latex mattress like the Jeeva mattress will be a sound choice for environmentally conscious people. While they are easy on planet Earth, they are suitable for your skin health and sleep. You will love sleeping on the Jeeva mattress if you dislike synthetic materials.

Further, the infused bio crystals will give you a luxurious feel and enhance deep sleep. Moreover, the plant oil and citrus-based foam will heal your body from pain and aid in having a good night’s sleep. 

Moreover, the Jeeva mattress comes with a cotton cover to protect the mattress and provide support to your body. If you fancy the softness of cotton, you will love this mattress.

3. Ayurvedic mattress

Ayurvedic mattress can help you sleep in a safe and organic material. India’s first Ayurveda-inspired Livpure mattress is made from memory foam. The foam is made of natural ground oil and has ortho mattress support for your back.

This plant-based mattress will make you feel like you are sleeping on nature’s lap. Further, the cover is infused with herbs like lavender to induce sleep, especially among those who have trouble sleeping. 

The memory foam is made from natural ground oil and has orthopedic support for your back. Moreover, it is dust and bacteria-resistant, a quality that speaks luxury!

Consider These Three Factors to Buy Luxurious Mattresses

You can buy thebest mattressby ticking off a simple three-numbered checklist. Apart from the types and materials mentioned above, you must factor in the size, price and level of support it can provide your body. While other factors like thickness, material type

1. Size

When it comes to luxury, the best mattress to buy is a big, king-size mattress. This will take care of people of all sizes and heights. Your sleep time should be undisturbed by a sleeping partner or the size of the mattress. 

There must be enough space for all the people in the bed to move and change positions throughout the night. Further, if you are tall, you will need the biggest king-size mattress to stretch your legs as far as possible.

2. Budget – Check for offers

If you are planning to buy a luxury mattress for bed, you must be well aware of the costs associated. If a king-size mattress is out of your budget, you can choose a queen-size or single mattress. You can find the best deals on luxurious mattresses on top brands of mattress online.

If there is a festive sale offer, you can purchase a king-size mattress at a lower rate. You can set up alerts for any time the prices go down.

3. Comfortable back support

The most important aspect of a luxurious mattress is the level of support it can provide to your body.The best mattress to buy for full upper and lower back support is an ortho mattress in these materials –

  • Memory foam – ideally, you should go for medium-firm for back pain. However, the level of hardness or softness varies from person to person and the level of back pain.
  • Latex mattress
  • Jeeva mattress
  • Ayurvedic mattress

Price range of luxury mattress

Luxury mattresses can come at a variety of prices. You can get an estimate from the following range –

  • Single mattresses – These can be available from 13500/- and go as high as 40,000/- rupees.
  • Queen-size mattresses – These can be available from 28000/- and go as high as 81,000/- rupees.
  • King-size mattresses – These can be available from 34000/- and go as high as 97,000/- rupees.

Final thoughts

You can easily find the best deals on luxurious mattresses online after deciding the type of mattress you want to buy. However, the first step of selecting mattress based on your needs is difficult. To make it easy, you must consider the bed size based on the number of people, your comfort level and your budget.

Sometimes, we go above our budget because a high-quality luxury mattress will ultimately be worth it. Otherwise, you can wait for the next sale and instantly grab your favorite piece. Livpure mattress in various sizes and materials provide enough luxury for 2-4 people.

To get the best of both worlds, check for discount on mattress on Livpure’s official website. Once you get a luxury mattress or High quality mattresses that provides spine support, you will never look at other mattresses for a very long time.