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Have You Heard About The Jeeva Mattress By Livpure?

Are you aware that an average person spends one-third of their life in bed? Whether it’s to enter the lands of ZZZs at night, take a quick power nap in between the day,  to binge-watch their favourite show or get lost in the fictional world under a cosy blanket—a mattress is a must! Isn’t it?  The natural jeeva mattress is the right way forward in a world full of synthetic fibres, especially since the planet is on red alert because of carbon emissions. Purchasing a Livpure Natural Latex Mattress encourages local plantations to focus on environmental friendliness and sustainability.

But is it true? Do organic mattresses offer this much and more? This post will walk you through their essential benefits and shed light on the best Livpure latex mattress in India.

Let’s hop in!

Why Go For A Natural Mattress?

Natural latex mattresses are climbing the charts of popularity in today’s time. 

The rubber tree’s sap is harvested sustainably, without the use of chemicals, to produce latex, a natural product that doesn’t harm the environment. Due to its high elasticity, this material is ideal for making a variety of products, including the Livpure latex foam mattress.

They are commonly referred to as “green mattresses” and provide a wealth of benefits that let you rest in harmony with the environment.

Let’s dish them out!

Better for the Environment 

Naturally, the natural mattress’ main advantage is that it protects the environment.

The foam used to make organic mattresses is made by processing the rubber tree sap, which is combined with other organic materials. Natural latex mattresses thus do not stress the environment during any stage of production, from securing raw materials to manufacturing, and they shield the world from hazardous waste.

Good For Those With Allergies 

Mildew, dust, and mould are common culprits behind skin irritation, rashes, constant sneezing and coughing, among other allergies. The bad news is these allergens can easily make their way into a conventional mattress and create a house despite regular washing. 

The good news is a natural latex mattress, specifically the Livpure latex and memory foam mattress, is dense and thick compared to conventional ones. It means no room for germs, moulds, mildew, and bacteria to dwell on the bed. 

So goodbye to your allergies and breathing difficulties, and welcome sound sleep!

Regulates Body Temperature 

People typically sweat when they sleep, depending on the climate or body temperature. When this happens, your regular mattress retains your body heat, making it uncomfortable for you to close your eyes peacefully. 

However, when you switch to a natural Livpure sleep mattress, its materials, such as cotton, bamboo, or latex, are thick and absorb moisture to regulate your body temperature. 

It means you will be cool in summers and warm in winters to log in the proper hours of ZZZs. 

Easy To Care For 

The biggest issue with a conventional mattress is when it comes to maintenance. 

Mind you, cleaning is of prime importance when it comes to your bed which is used daily. Luckily, since organic mattresses are resistant to moisture, bacteria, and dirt, you don’t have to care for them as much as the regular ones. 

An eco-friendly and sustainable method that won’t cost you a penny is to place your Livpure latex mattress under the sun – since it is the best disinfectant. 

Comfortable Surface For Great Support 

Sound sleep is only possible when your bed is comfortable and supports your body shape and weight. Great news organic mattresses also top the chart here!

Natural latex foam offers a soft yet firm sleeping surface that ensures remarkable body support. Since latex, as mentioned, has a high degree of elasticity, it effortlessly moulds itself to the curve of your body, creating the perfect environment for restorative sleep. 

That being said, if you are a side sleeper, the Livpure latex foam mattress is ideal. It can immensely help when you have painful bursitis and joints and want optimum comfort. 


Natural latex mattresses are remarkably robust compared to regular ones and have a long lifespan – almost five times more than polyfoam. Due to its open-cell and organic structure, latex is also incredibly breathable and offers good air circulation. 

Choosing an organic latex mattress is economical as you won’t have to spend money frequently on repairing or replacing your damaged bed. 

What About Jeeva Natural Mattress?

It is safe to say that organic natural mattresses have many benefits that are better for you and the planet. They are unrivalled not only in terms of cost-effectiveness, health, and comfort but also when it comes to the environment. 

So, to enjoy restorative and pleasant sleep without the guilt of harming the environment, it’s time you bring home a Livpure Jeeva mattress. You can find it easily by searching for a Livpure latex mattress near me.

It is an organic natural mattress powered by nature and backed by science. You have three natural layers of organic foam making up the mattress – 100% natural latex blended with plant oil-based foam and topped off with an organic cotton cover.

However, hold on a second – Livpure best latex mattress benefits do not end here.

An All-Rounder: Sound Sleep, Stress Relief, & Temperature Control 

You might be shocked to hear that a mattress comes with crystals. Well, the Livpure Jeeva mattress is infused with 16 biocrystals meticulously blended to provide sound sleep. In addition, you also find physical and mental stress relief along with positive energy from the crystals. On top of that, it also helps to keep the mattress temperature neutral. 

Safe For You & Your Close Ones 

Infused with plant-based oil, the eco-friendly mattress helps enhance breathability and keeps the bed cool for those people whose temperature rises while sleeping. 

Besides being naturally hypoallergenic, it protects from allergies and facilitates better sleep. 

Restful Nights & Fresh Mornings 

Livpure Jeeva or ayurvedic mattress contours to your body shape, ensuring spinal alignment and relieving pressure near the lower back and joints to offer you a peaceful night’s sleep and refreshed mornings. 

Moreover, the Livpure foam mattress is infused with citrus that eases your anxiety, lifts your mood, and boosts your well-being. 

Final Thoughts 

The final verdict is Livpure Jeeva mattress is a powerhouse of positives.

The natural latex mattress ticks off all the right boxes: it is made of organic and sustainable fibres, naturally sourced and manufactured, with no harsh chemicals, and comes with excellent support and comfort. So, bringing home a Livpure natural latex mattress or Livpure smart mattress is the answer not only to your sleeping troubles but also to those looming over the environment.

If you have decided to make a sustainable choice, visit the Livpure mattress online store to explore Livpure mattresses ranging from different sizes to types. 

Don’t wait and visit today to make the future green!