Health Benefits of Using Natural Mattress

Health Benefits of Using Natural Mattress

While inexpensive synthetic mattresses increasingly dominate the mattress market, traditional mattress-makers like us still build long-lasting natural beds. We still make mattresses one-by-one that are composed of natural materials like cotton, latex, bamboo fiber, etc. Luckily, discerning buyers still invest in the comfort, durability, and health benefits offered by time-honored methods. Let’s know more about the health benefits of using these natural mattresses made from organic components. 


If you can get anything out of a natural mattress made of organic ingredients like latex foam, ayurvedic foam, etc, it is the level of comfort that they give. While foam mattresses, in general, are soft to the touch and with a slow or medium responsive rate, latex foam mattresses are different. This is often because solidified latex sap’s natural texture tends to be medium-firm. Imagine a rubber but much softer and more responsive. Moreover, it is also possible to look over latex mattresses’ density and luxury feels depending upon their manufacturing process.

Talking about how specifically latex mattresses tend to be comfortable- they’re responsive and contour your body better than other foam mattresses. Latex mattresses also are useful for motion isolation to the purpose where you will not even fall off the bed if you tend to get on the edge itself. If you are looking for a mattress that covers all the many elements of providing you with a cushy sleep- natural latex mattresses are all-rounder options. Livpure’s Naturale mattress has not only one latex layer, it has two. It has a natural latex layer and a sandalwood-infused latex layer. 

Best fitted to Back Support

As comfortable as a latex mattress is, the medium-firm density and elastic-like properties make it suitable for back support too. Latex memory foam only sinks to some level, and also the rest aligns with parts not exerting much reaction pressure. The addition of a natural memory foam layer in the mattress solidifies the back support and cradles your body all night. 

Since it is a naturally sourced product, it is also less likely to lose its shape or density over time. This helps you take care of your back’s health for years. Moreover, latex foam mattresses are good at retaining their shape, and high responsiveness ensures immediate relief in weak or paining back regions. 

Natural and Organic environmentally friendly 

Latex foam mattresses are almost pure latex made out solid into a foam with catalysts within the manufacturing process. Because its origin requires little artificial additives in manufacturing, it is one of the simplest options to settle on if you would like an eco-friendly product. It lasts long enough to last up to 10-15 years, minimizing strain on rubber trees, but the general ecological footprint is minimal.

From manufacturing, raw source material, it is probably the longest-lasting product you will be able to get for your home that provides excellent benefits all around. Additionally, some manufacturers can even recycle old latex mattresses after treating them with the right cleaning process.

The natural memory foam mattress layer is free of any chemicals, ensuring a safe environment for your bed. Livpure’s Naturale is made from non-toxic materials like oil from ground-nut and other different oils and goes through natural oil processing. Due to the natural memory foam mattress layer, there is no toxic smell coming out of the mattress. The memory foam retains its shape even after prolonged use, and we assure you this while providing a 5-year warranty on the mattress. The mattress, like any other memory foam mattress, also reduces motion transfer so that you and your partner can sleep comfortably.

Mold Resistant

Latex is of course proof against mold or fungi generally, and latex mattresses are especially mold-resistant. While the natural rubber sap in use helps make the mattress mostly mold-free, the tiny additives and therefore the manufacturing leaves little space for any mold to develop. Whether or not your bed somehow develops mold, it wouldn’t attack the latex foam mattress.

Overtime, after the off-gassing period, you will see mold and other fungi develop if you do not take proper care. That is, any damp organic material goes to draw in such infestations if you retain it in unhygienic conditions. Even in this case, it might only settle in areas with extreme moisture trapping areas within the mattress. Proper care of a mattress is necessary for its long life. 

Dust and Mites Resistance

Thanks to the natural components and high density, the latex foam also doesn’t attract any dust, mites, or other allergens. It is hypoallergenic as a result. The hypoallergenic natural property is analogous to memory foam but more advanced because latex doesn’t attract any mites or mold, as mentioned above, and with the addition of the natural memory foam layer, it stays the same way. If you’re allergic or have had previous skin or lung irritation with PU Foam or other mattresses, be sure that you just sleep and breathe easy with Livpure’s Naturale mattress.

Motion Isolation and health benefits

One of the best properties of natural latex foam mattresses with natural memory foam layer is how excellent they’re in motion isolation. While other mattresses even have motion isolation properties either due to construction or foam, latex foam is of course good at motion isolation. As an example, memory foam may prevent you from excessive tossing and turning and restrict motion to the opposite side of the bed. But latex foam mattresses restrict motion to the purpose of pressure exertion itself. Find the best of both worlds with the Naturale mattress.

Latex foam also has indirect health benefits, like regulating blood circulation. But its best benefits to your health are a consequence of how easily and comfortably you can sleep on latex foam. Other mattresses may either tilt an excessive amount towards comfort or support, but the latex foam mattress maintains a healthy balance of the comfort and support it gives. This property helps you sleep comfortably, sleep in a very comfortable environment, and feel luxurious too. As a result, you’re less likely to develop sleep disorders, effects of bad-quality sleep like sleep disorder, high pressure, insomnia, among other issues.

Herb infused excel fabric outer cover

A bunch of weavers in Kerala are charting a brand new chapter in sustainable textiles by making their version of medicinal cloth by applying the age-old object of Ayurvedic dyeing with herbs. These are completely organic textiles with no application of chemical dyes or toxic irritants and are fully biodegradable. Particular dyes and herbs are used to infuse a cloth for defense against a specific problem, but nothing is bad for any kind of problem. More than 1,000 different forms of herbs like turmeric, aloe vera, neem, tulsi, saffron, henna, etc. are employed in the assembly of dyes. The herbs are collected by local tribals from forests within the region. 

The concept of medicinal cloth is a component of Ayurvedic treatment, wherein the skin is exposed to medicinal herbs infused into clothing, matting, or bedding of a person. On coming to touch with the skin, the herbs from the material are absorbed into the body and may help in healing a broad range of diseases like diabetes, skin infections, asthma, arthritis, and hypertension. Being in constant touch with medicinal cloth is additionally known to strengthen the immune system. Livpure’s Naturale mattress comes with all these advantages only for you! 


Sleep is one of the most important parts of our lives, but so is taking care of our health and keeping diseases away. Along with taking care of ourselves, we must also take care of the environment and practice sustainability. When we put everything together, it becomes difficult to abide by it. But worry not! The Naturale mattress can take care of your current needs along with giving you the sleep of your dreams.