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How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Bad?

You might feel that you are not getting ample sleep at night and are ready to blame anyone, from your snoring partner to the neighbor’s dog barking late into the night or consuming too much caffeine. However, these might not be the culprit for your sleep deprivation. While nobody refuses to believe these reasons, there might be an even bigger problem taking away from your precious snooze time. The culprit was right under your nose, actually back all this time- your bed mattress.  Before changing your mattresses, make sure you do not suffer from other sleep disorders. There are a few signs to look for to ensure the bed does not mess up your sleeping patterns.

The signs of a bad mattress may vary. It can be something off that you feel while lying on it, or you figure out the problem by looking at its condition. You can look for some symptoms in your mattress and sleeping habit to check the bed’s condition.

What are the Signs of a Bad Mattress?

Mattresses may exhibit several signs that can help you determine their condition. Here are some signs that can help you to change your old cot mattress for a new cot bed mattress.

1. Waking up too tired

You might be sleeping eight hours daily, following the steps of maintaining a healthy lifestyle- eating right, exercising regularly, and having a balanced pre-bedtime schedule. Yet you may feel too tired to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe it’s time to change the mattress.

Indicators like tossing and turning or shifting all through the night to find some solace mean that you need to start looking for a luxury bed mattress to give your body the comfortable environment it needs to rest.

2. Difficulty in falling Asleep

You could have the best pre-bed routine before crashing into your queen-size bed mattress. Check all the correct boxes of healthy pre-bed habits by listening to soothing soundtracks and limiting your screen time.

However, it may still elude your grasp even after listening to countless playlists to induce sleep. It might be the old mattress and not associated pursuits. Indeed your bed is not supporting your spinal alignment or providing the firmness it needs.

Too soft a cot bed mattress may ruin the natural alignment of your spine. However, if you decide to shift to the hardest bed mattress, think again, as it may cause uninvited stiffness.

An average person requires at max 20 minutes to fall asleep. You may constantly need over an hour to fall asleep or wake up multiple times at night. It is time to start looking for new foam bed mattresses according to your preference.

3. Bedtime causing Constant Sniffles

Due to pollen allergy, you might suffer from constant sneezing, runny nose, or puffy red eyes. Although, pollen cannot be blamed all the time. These may be symptoms of dust mite infestation.

Your king-size bed mattress might be the home for these microscopic creatures that look for warm and humid places to inhabit. They cause skin rashes, scratchy throats, and dripping noses. Thus, investing your efforts in cleaning mattresses from time to time is crucial.

However, if your mattress is too old and beyond refurbishing, you may want to look for the next best mattress best price. You can go for a natural latex foam mattress known for its anti-allergen properties.

4. Mattress too Old to Remember

Some mattresses are more durable than others irrespective of the mattress size- single, double, queen or king. But how long can you go without changing them?

Although mattress protectors can increase the longevity of your double cot bed mattress, decades of use can take a toll on your mattress. In such cases, you should upgrade to a new cot bed mattress.

5. Experiencing All Sorts of Joint Pain

Bed mattresses should help ease your back pain and support other joints. However, constant use over the years might degrade their firmness and support quality. A bed mattress that is too soft can ruin your posture.

If you stay alone or have rented furniture, you may risk sleeping on a mattress that does not suit your sleeping habits. If your single bed mattress is too plush or firm and does not support your body weight, it is time to look for a new one.

The best single bed mattress for back pain can be one constituting a homogenous or hybrid material. Gel foam infused with latex foam is the best spine bed mattress to support your back, relieve injured joints, and keep you cool throughout the night.

6. A Sick looking Mattress

Over the decades, your mattress can look like lumpy mashed potatoes. It needs to be replaced pronto or else cause severe discomfort.

If the lumps aren’t noticeable, you will definitely feel them lying on the bed. Change your mattress for comfortable nights when you experience too much sinking or uneven terrain that needs to be scaled to find the sweet spot to lay.

7. Mattress Reminding You of Creaky Horror Shows

Some signs of a bad mattress cannot be seen but heard. It might be your old bed frames or mattress springs when you hear incessant squeaking, creaking, and whining like the horror movie sound effects.

The noise can not only keep you up at night, but your mattress will fail to provide the much-needed support and comfort. Durable foam bed mattresses like memory foam are motion resistant and do not let a restless bed partner ruin your good night’s sleep.

Bottom Line

It is essential to understand the different signs of a bad mattress and look for the best replacement for the best price to relieve your spine and reduce joint and muscle pains. With Livpure’s wide range of mattresses suitable for every bed frame and preference, you can browse the website to your heart’s content.

Visit the website and avail exciting deals and unbelievable discounts on bed mattresses.

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