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How Do I Know When I Need a New Mattress?

Mattresses significantly affect your sleep schedule, pattern, and quality. It is advisable to change your bed once every few years. But there are a few signs you can look out for indicating that you need a new mattress. 

When should you replace a mattress? 

Your mattress is a very vital investment as it supports your spine and affects your sleep and your overall quality of life. Going down the rabbit hole of holding on to an old mattress can prove to be catastrophic. 

A mattress usually lasts for seven years on average. It can vary, depending on the type of mattress you choose. 

Look out for these signs to determine when to replace your mattress. 

1. Knowing the lifespan of your mattress

Different mattresses have different life spans, and the time to replace them usually depends on the type and quality of your mattress.

A spring mattress with coil support lasts for around ten years. If they are double-sided, then they can be made to last longer by flipping them over every six months.

A memory foam mattress comes in different varieties made of varying materials. If looked after properly, it can last almost 15 years. The longevity of a latex mattress depends on the originality of the Latex in it. Some latex mattresses assure customers of a warranty period of almost 25 years. 

Hybrid mattresses, a mix of foam and spring mattresses, have a relatively lower lifespan of around six years. Some people start using pillow tops, thinking it would increase the mattress’s lifespan, but that is not the case. The most noticeable sign of wear–out is when the cushion-like layer starts to break down, leaving the sleeping surface somewhat uneven. 

Then there is the fun and adventurous waterbed mattress, which is of two types – complex and soft. They usually last for 5-10 years.

2. Mattress feels saggy

When your bed creates the impression of your body as per your sleeping posture, it is a tell–tale sign that the mattress needs to be changed. 

Irrespective of the mattress type, whether it be foam, spring, Latex or any other kind, the materials will eventually start breaking down. 

Sagging happens to all mattresses and can be seen most prominently in the spots where you usually sleep. A sagging mattress causes significant body aches and sleep deprivation. In memory foam mattresses, sagging occurs when the core gets soft.

3. Waking up sore

Spinal support and alignment are usually overlooked even though they play a significant role in getting optimal sleep. Waking up sore and with an ache is an important warning sign to look out for. 

If you find your back hurting more than usual when you wake up, it might have to do with the firmness of your mattress. A medium-firm build usually helps with chronic back pain.

4. Asthma or Allergy problems

If you’re facing allergy-related issues, even if it isn’t allergy season, then your mattress might be the one to blame.

Dust mites can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Vacuuming, steaming and using a mattress protector can minimize the effects, but if the cases start getting extreme, it’s time to change the mattress.

5. Weight Imbalance 

Gaining or losing weight might affect the longevity of your mattress. It is commonly found that heavier body types wear down the mattresses sooner.

Now that you have an idea of the signs to look out for let’s look further into the kinds of mattresses you can choose. 

Which mattress brand should you choose?

All mattresses have a lifespan, and they are sure to wear down. Whether it’s a luxury king size mattress or a foldable mattress, it is bound to need a replacement after a while.

You have an array of choices, but to combine affordability with quality and longevity, the Livpure mattress is here to save your day. Livpure enables you to bring home a variety of super exclusive and affordable mattresses with the utmost ease to provide a blissful sleeping experience. They focus on keeping their mattresses natural and maintaining the highest possible quality.

Let’s look at some of their original collections. 

1. Livpure original mattress collection 

Livpure has three options for comfortable and deep sleep in its original mattress collection. 

  1. Lumbar HR Foam Mattress – It has a medium-firm build, comes with a cooling cover and breathable foam, and is made using 3D Sleeptech technology.
  2. Duos Reversible Foam Mattress – It is available in medium and low-firm builds and comes with a breathable foam and cooling cover. This mattress is reversible and has two layers.
  3. Ortho CurvX HR + Memory foam – This is the best mattress for back pain and has curved orthopedic foam with a medium-firm build and three layers.

2. Livpure luxury mattress collection

Livpure offers an exclusive collection of luxury mattresses to combine comfort with richness. 

  1. Regal Latex + Ortho HR Memory foam – These orthopedic mattresses provide a spring-like bounce and differentiated support. They have three layers and a medium-firm build. These are excellent for natural stress relief. 
  2. Jeeva Natural Latex – This is the closest thing to sleeping on nature’s lap – a natural mattress with a triple layer and medium-firm build. It is embedded with a citrus fragrance and is a great stress reliever.

Opt for a blissful sleep 

Like all other things, mattresses also come and go, but you should consider your health and sound sleep and invest accordingly. We live in a complex world where people are mainly occupied with work and are stressed most of the time. A night of quality sleep is the way to get some relaxation. 

Remember, it is an expense for self-care, and taking care of your mental and physical health is the best gift you can give yourself. So, don’t hesitate to replace that mattress if required, and get yourself the best mattress that suits you.