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How Mattresses Are Packaged?

There are several factors to take into account before purchasing a mattress online. None of us would want to compromise on the quality of products by neglecting any one aspect of the mattress. While purchasing a mattress online, you often consider — the type of foam, highlights/features of the mattress, size/dimensions of the bed, the thickness and density of the mattress, and obviously, the cost. However, when you buy a mattress, you may wonder how and when your product will be delivered to you.

Most online mattress stores offer an express delivery service and the product reaches your doorstep within a few days of placing your order. Generally, the mattress delivery comes in a box, which is commonly termed as Mattress-in-a-Box. 

What is a Mattress in a box? 

A mattress in a box is a regular mattress that is fitted inside a box for the purpose of easy transportation. So, how does a bed as big as California king-size fit into a small box? A mattress in a box is a regular foam mattress that has been compressed and packed into an airtight bag. The mattress is rolled tightly and placed inside a cardboard box. The size of this box is not much bigger than a medium-sized cabinet. This kind of box packaging makes it extremely convenient and easy for manufacturers to transport and delivery at reasonable prices. Unlike traditional mattresses, the new-age foam mattress can be maneuvered and folded into a box.

Mattress in a box allows you to make a purchase online and get it delivered at home without any hassle. With this sort of shopping, your cost of transportation is also covered by the manufacturers. While purchasing a traditional mattress from an offline store can be bothersome as they do not provide mattresses in a box. Also, you are obliged to pay the transportation cost for your purchase. 

Generally, most memory foam mattresses are likely to be packed in such a compact way. However, many latex and hybrid mattresses are also available in the market that comes in a box. This packaging is also available in different sizes – king, single bed, king mattress size, single mattress size, super king mattress, and more. 

How does a mattress in a box work? 

Can you fit your mattress into a box? The answer is an absolute NO. Most modern foam mattresses are packaged with hi-tech machines and high-quality packaging material. Manufacturers employ advanced mechanics to compress the mattress to make it half of its original size. The next step is to pack this compressed mattress super tightly in a box to ship. When this package reaches the customer, all they need to do is open the package in an open space. Once the customer unwraps the package, the mattress automatically expands to its original size. The whole process is easy and really convenient for even a first-time customer. This is also one of the reasons why people prefer buying a mattress online. 

The benefits of a mattress in a box


When we talk about convenience, this definitely tops the list. Simply, choose a mattress that you like from the website and your order gets delivered to your doorstep. Once you receive your package, you can easily move it from one place to another. This entire process makes it super duper convenient for the customers. 

No traveling involved 

Your mattress gets delivered right to you. Looking from store to store looking for the right mattress can be annoying. You will have to keep looking for something that works for you, then negotiate pricing and delivery. On the other hand, this doesn’t require any travel. Not only ordering is easy, but it also delivers right to your door.


The best thing about this online shopping experience is that you get multiple options to choose from. There are numerous options available in all types, sizes, prices, and features from various brands out there. All you have to do is pick one based on your preferences. If you are someone who is concerned about the temperature of your mattress, then go for a mattress that offers better comfort and airflow within the foam. The Aeroscape technology in Livpure mattresses ensures enhanced foam with higher open cells for cooling and comfort. 

Cost efficiency 

Purchasing your mattress online allows you to choose a mattress within your budget. If you are lucky, you will definitely find a great deal to save a few bucks. Moreover, you have to pay nothing for the delivery and transportation of the products. Some brands also offer coupons and other discounts for your next purchase. This way you actually end up saving a lot of money.

Easy setup

Mattress in a box is convenient to move around the house and assemble on your own. You just have to follow a few simple steps. This way you don’t carry a heavy-weight mattress in the house to set up. 

Easy return

If you are selecting a reputed brand like Livpure, you get an easy return policy. If you are satisfied with the product or have received a defective piece, you have the option to return or exchange your product. 

It’s a wrap!

Buying a mattress online is a great way to get your product packaged and delivered to your home without any hassle. There are a number of advantages of choosing a mattress in a box. If you are looking for a mattress right now, head straight to look for the best mattress online

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