How Memory Foam Mattress Are Made, Benefits Of Using An Orthopedic Mattress, How Sleeping Positions Affect Our Backs

How Memory Foam Mattress Are Made

We have slept on a memory foam mattress at least once in our lives. But, did you know that NASA developed memory foam mattresses? Around the 1970s, NASA’s Ames Research Center intended to improve the safety of airline passengers and crews in case of emergencies. However, it was never used in space shuttles.

The scientists came up with a temperature-sensitive memory foam. It was called ‘slow spring back foam’ because it could withstand intense pressure and spring back slowly later. This is precisely the reason why memory foam has the unique ability to change shape according to your body. 

This is called contouring so that your spine has the full support and does not bend while you sleep. Hence, it came into the mattress industry and gained popularity because of its molding ability. You can check out an online mattress made of memory foam for the extra support your spine needs.

How is a memory foam made?

Memory foam mattresses need to be specially designed to take the pressure of your body weight and evenly distribute it while sleeping. To dig deeper into the process of memory foam mattress, let us first understand how the foam is made. 

  • Reacting agents are combined with isocyanates and polyols. Isocyanate is a chemical compound that chemically reacts with polymers to produce polyurethane foam. Polyols are organic compounds and are also found in sugars. 
  • Then the mixture is whipped to form a froth. Then, it is poured into a mould, transforming into foam.
  • Then, gas or blowing agents are added to the foam. These have varying densities, depending on the amount of air and polymer mixture.
  • Next, the foam is heated again after cooling it once. It is then left to cure (the process of moisture loss prevention)
  • Then, you wash the foam and dry it. It is then inspected for quality standards.
  • Finally, it gets cut according to various mattress sizes.

How are memory foam beds made?

There is a step-by-step layering of materials in the making of a memory foam mattress. Polyurethane is used as the base layer. The memory foam is placed on top of this in addition to other layering materials.

How are the materials fixed?

Mattress manufacturers may use adhesive to stick one layer over another. There are various types of adhesives available. Further, many manufacturers add flame-resistant fabric barriers on top of the mattress. 

This is done to protect the mattress against accidents like fire according to mattress safety guidelines. Finally, they add a cover to give the mattress its final look.

Chemicals used

Many harmful chemicals were being used to produce memory foam and latex mattresses. Since people refrained from using these mattresses with toxic substances, there has been a shift. Manufacturers are making conscious choices like using sustainable green materials like soybean oil to replace some petrochemicals. These contain lower levels to no toxicity.

How Does Memory Foam Work?

Memory Foam is a synthetic and comfortable mattress foam. These are like regular foams except for their ability to change shape when subjected to heat. When you sleep on memory foam mattresses, your body releases heat. 


Due to body heat, the foam softens, takes the shape of your natural curves, and provides spine support. This helps to avoid back pain. This provides even pressure distribution of your body’s weight on the mattress and vice-versa. 

Once you get up from the bed, these memory foam mattresses slowly spring back to their original shape since there is no heat.

Slow shape change

When you sleep on your mattress, a certain quick body weight is applied to the bed. The foam changes shape slowly despite this sudden weight on the mattress. 

This shows that memory foam is excellent at absorbing an impactful force. Hence, it will not lead to quick sagging.

However, it may cause a sweaty experience since the heat may cause some to sweat and provide an uncomfortable sleep experience.

Spine support

Memory foam contouring helps provide 100% spine support depending on body weight and sleeping positions. This allows the mattress to cushion the body evenly and create a slow contouring feeling so that body does not feel undue pressure. 

As the contouring occurs along the body’s natural curves, there is constant spine alignment. Memory foam does not let the body sink deeper to avoid upper or lower back pain.  


When there is more heat, the foam gets flexible and changes shape. When the temperature is low, it becomes stiff, goes back to its original form, and provides an even look when not in use. This is why you feel relaxed, and the foam feels soft after lying on it for a couple of minutes.

Types of memory foam mattresses for sleeping

There are a ton of mattresses labelled as the best mattressin the mattress industry. However, memory foam mattresses are an everyday favourite as they serve different purposes. It can be used by children, adults and older people apart. 

Its most important function is the ability to contour according to body shape and provide pain-free sleep. 

Some of the types of memory foam mattresses, according to usage, are-

  • Body pain – Issues like upper and lower back pain can create havoc in our lives. An orthopedic mattress made from a memory foam mattress or latex mattress is specially designed to provide pressure-relieving sleeping zones. You can buy a memory foam mattress online.
  • Hotels – Have you wondered why you like the hotel mattress better than your home? Mattress used in hotels is usually memory foam or spring beds. Hybrid mattress for hotel is becoming popular since they provide the benefits of supportive innerspring coils and body contouring memory foam. 
  • Comfortable and Deep sleep – As discussed earlier, a memory foam mattress can assume the shape of your body and support your spine alignment. This prevents body bending and induces deep sleep by making your body comfortable. You can buy an online mattress made of memory foam to sleep like a baby.

Which is the best mattress size for daily use?

You can buy a livpure mattress made of memory foam in king-size or double bed size if you sleep with your partner and children. There should be enough space for the skin to breathe and change positions.

Double bed size for a spring bed or memory foam will be good enough for two people for comfortable sleeping. 

Wrapping Up

This viscoelastic material that we call memory foam is one of the best mattresses for all types of sleepers. You need to decide on the firmness that your body likes. Livpure mattress made of memory foam works wonders for working professionals who need deep and quality sleep. 

If you are looking for your home or mattress for hotel, you can check out king size mattress and buy a mattress online at affordable rates. Further, this comfortable mattress is also used as an orthopedic mattress for older people with back pain.

Memory foam mattress used in hotels is specially designed to provide maximum comfort to the guests keeping a variety of people in mind. So if you want your body to get a relaxed and comfortable sleep, memory foam mattresses can be life-changing.