How Often Do Hotels Change Their Mattress

How Often Do Hotels Change Their Mattress

After a busy day of work, touring, or whatever else has dragged you away from home, there is nothing better than sinking onto the plush mattress in your room at luxury hotels.

While nothing can compare to the cosiness of your bed back home, the mattresses at some of the nicer hotels can certainly hold their own when it comes to overall relaxation. Because their livelihood depends on customer loyalty, hoteliers make every effort to ensure that their guests enjoy a restful night’s sleep while staying with them.

Find out more about the bed mattress used by top hotels, how they maintain them, and how you can use this information to improve your sleep wherever you may be.

Why It’s So Crucial to Change Mattresses

People are understandably hesitant to replace their mattresses, given the high cost and the hassle of transporting them. However, a new mattress is necessary when the old one becomes worn out. Can too much time spent in bed cause any problems?

The first issue is that mattresses eventually become less sturdy. All varieties of mattresses, including memory foam mattress, orthopaedic mattress and even the best mattress for back pain, will sink inward and become unstable. Back, neck, and hip discomfort may be worse by even a little reduction in the supportiveness of your mattress.

As a bonus, frequent mattress change is a critical component of hygienic home care. With time, dander accumulates both externally and inside on the mattress. The more there is, the more of a magnet it becomes for pests like mites and bed bugs.

How Often Do Hotels Replace Their Mattresses?

Although most hotels change their mattresses between three to five years, the particular schedule for doing so might vary from one business to the next depending on factors such as volume, use, and budget, as well as the kind of mattress and make of mattress.

However, hotel mattresses are generally replaced more often than other mattresses. This is because the level of comfort and support provided by the mattress is critical to the success of the hotel’s business, and the fact that hotel mattresses are commonly subjected to intense use.

How Are Hotel Beds So Cosy?

Hotels depend on high-quality mattresses to give their visitors the ideal degree of support, comfort, and adequate rest, and white linen is a crucial component in creating a luxurious atmosphere in which to sleep.

Luxurious mattresses at hotels are often either hybrid, regular innerspring, or memory foam. Hybrid mattresses are gaining popularity because they are a good compromise between firm innerspring and plush memory foam.

Those who sleep on their sides will like how their hips and shoulders are relieved from strain, thanks to the design of these mattresses. They are often king size mattress or super king size bed and are made in a way that prevents motion from being transferred from one person to another, so visitors can enjoy a good night’s rest even if they share a bed.

Top-quality hotel mattresses use temperature-regulating components like permeable fibres and copper springs to keep you cool overnight.

Mattress Replacement Warning Signs

There are a few fast methods to tell whether the king bed size mattress in your hotel suite is old enough to warrant changing, even if its age isn’t always apparent. Before you get comfortable in your room, peek at the bed. If the bed seems to be in poor condition, you should ask to be transferred to another room or choose a new hotel.

Here are some of the most obvious warning signs that the mattress in your hotel room needs to be replaced:


What do you hear while you shift positions on the bed? When the coils of the innerspring get worn, you may hear a squeaking sound. When coils begin to squeal, they have already degraded beyond the point where they can adequately hold their load.


Do you see any stains on the

? When staying at home, a mattress with a few stains isn’t a huge deal, but the same stains might be a health risk when checking into a hotel. Former visitors may have left foreseeable stains behind, so be on the lookout for any discolouration.

Upon checking into your hotel room, your first order of business should be to remove the sheets and examine the mattress. If it’s undamaged and smooth, you may go down on your back and check for creaks and bumps.

An Inconsistent Sensation

Mattresses of any quality will experience some internal movement over time. But, if the mattress’s internal architecture deteriorates too much, it will no longer offer enough support.

Upon laying down, what impressions do you get from the mattress? Does it support your whole body evenly, or do some areas sink more than others? How flat or uneven is the surface of the mattress?

Make a mental note if you detect the presence of springs as well. It is impossible to feel the individual coils of a well-maintained innerspring mattress.

Shifting Motion

This will not be an issue if your hotel room has a single bed size mattress. But if you have a suite with a queen mattress or larger, keep this in mind.

A well-maintained mattress can greatly reduce the movement felt by other sleepers. The greatest mattresses are so comfortable that you won’t even notice if your companion gets out of bed in the middle of the night.

However, a mattress may lose its capacity to prevent motion as it ages. Stay still on the bed as your partner enters and exits. It’s time to acquire a new mattress if you keep feeling rocked back and forth.

Wrapping up

Hotels should replace their mattresses at the very latest every ten years. Even though you have no say over how often hotels change their mattresses, above mentioned are a few easy ways to tell which ones have fresh, clean beds.

Be sure to inquire about the mattress’s age before making a reservation. Next, look for tears or stains on the mattress. Be aware of any sounds the mattress produces and how much motion you feel.

Finding the perfect hotel bed only takes little research. In addition, Livpure mattress offers the same range of mattress online for use at home, allowing you to sleep well without worrying about check-out time. Avoid worrying about hygiene, and get yourself a comfy mattress today!