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How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your Sleep Style?

Are you considering buying a new best mattress? Picking the right mattress can become tricky if you don’t know where to start. While all the beds seem alike and comfortable, some might suit your needs better than others. Did you know the market is filled with different mattress options?

Whether you need the best mattress for a plus size person or a tall person, even there are options for the best mattress for stomach pain and back issues. However, most people neglect their personal needs and factors that affect their sleep.

Apart from the factors like body type and mattress type, you should also consider your sleeping style. Surprising? It’s not if you think about it. 

Let’s find out why.

Mattresses for Different Sleeping Styles 

Sleeping styles are hardly on anybody’s mind when browsing for mattresses. However, it’s one of the crucial aspects while choosing the best mattress to purchase online. Why? 

Different sleeping styles or positions affect health conditions. It can aggravate or alleviate pain and significantly impact your sleep quality. As a result, it can touch both health and overall life. So, in a nutshell, sleeping styles matter. 

Now, let’s dive in and learn more about sleeping styles and what is the mattress to buy online 2020.

Back Sleepers

Sleeping on the back is probably the most common position among people worldwide. It is also thought to be the best and most healthy sleeping style. It supports the back, head and neck alignment by allowing the spine to rest in the neutral position.

However, when you sleep on your back, and your mattresses is too soft, the torso sinks lower than the upper and lower body. It places too much pressure on the lower back. Hence, if your sleeping style and you want the best mattress for back pain in India, avoid ultra-soft ones. Instead, go for a firm mattress to support your spine. And yet has enough cushioning for better comfort and feels soft on your lower back, hips and shoulders.

Memory foam and hybrid ones with medium firmness one is the best mattress for back and neck pain.

Side Sleepers

Have you tried scouring the internet to find the best mattress for orthopaedic problems as a side sleeper? 

Almost 80% of the world’s population like to sleep on their side. And if you snore while sleeping or are a pregnant woman, then sleeping on the side is the best position. Side sleeping styles have two types:

  • Fetal: It’s when you keep your legs and arms bent
  • Log: It’s when you keep your legs and arms straight

Both of these positions are common among people. It also has many benefits for the sleeper.

  • Sleeping on the side can decrease snoring and helps in better digestion. 
  • This sleeping style promotes blood circulation from the adult to the fetus and reduces strain on the organs. 
  • One study found that side sleeping could ease back aches and lessen stiffness upon waking. 

If you’re among people who prefer to sleep on the side, opt for a slightly softer mattress. Sleeping on the side puts more pressure on the neck, shoulders, and hips. 

Hence, memory foam mattresses that conform to the body contour are the best for side sleepers who want the best mattress for lower back pain 2022. Avoid sleeping on a very hard bed for a good night’s sleep. 

Stomach Sleepers

Some people also like sleeping on their stomachs with their faces on the mattress. Usually, experts discourage sleeping in this position. However, many people can’t sleep unless they sleep on their tummy. 

Also, stomach sleeping often provokes back pain, as keeping the hips aligned with the spine is problematic throughout the night. Sleeping on your stomach puts unwanted stress on your spine, so you might want to get the best mattress for sore back and shoulders.

A good mattress for stomach sleepers should have more firmness to support their spine. While the extra plush mattress may seem relaxing and comfy, avoid getting one if this is your sleeping style. If your bed is too soft, you will always get back and neck pain when you wake up. 

A firm mattress will prevent your hips from sinking further into the bed and keep the spine straight as much as possible. Memory foam or a hybrid is the best mattress for sore muscles if you’re a belly sleeper. 

Toss and Turn Sleepers

Do you change your sleeping position throughout the night? If yes, you fall into this category.

While most people know which position they fall asleep in, many don’t stick to a particular place. They usually toss and turn in the bed and change position every few hours. Finding the  mattress firmness for bad back is even more difficult if you’re among toss-and-turn sleepers

In such cases, find the best value and highest quality mattress that provides the firmness level suitable for your comfort. Avoid a rigid and firm mattress for a smooth rollover. But as you switch sleeping positions during the night, your bed also needs to support you whether you’re resting on your side, front or back. 

Hence, the key here is to pick a responsive mattress that allows you to change positions and move comfortably. While latex or other types of foam respond well to movement could work, a hybrid mattress is the most suitable one.

The Right Mattress for You

There you have it! So next time you look for the top 5 best mattresses for back pain, consider your sleep position to avoid picking the wrong one. Also, don’t forget to factor in your needs and research the basics of different mattresses.

Remember, a sleeping mattress is something you’ll use for many hours a day for several years. So, spending a few hours researching and selecting the best mattress for price 2021 is worth it. Considering your needs and equipping yourself with the correct information will lead you in the right direction. 

Also, keep in mind that it can take a few weeks to adjust to your new mattress. If you found the best mattress post-back surgery, give it a little time to sync to your body. Only then you’ll know whether or not it is “the suitable one” for you.