How to Effectively Move your Mattresses during Frequent Transfers

How to Effectively Move your Mattresses during Frequent Transfers

Does your job require you to change cities frequently? While you might have mastered packing your clothes or shifting your tables, are you sure you are moving your mattress correctly? Other household items can be packed easily by wrapping them up and putting them in boxes. However, you must pay extra attention while packing and moving mattresses.

You must have invested a reasonable amount of time researching and buying the best mattress, like a mattress for back pain and comfortable sleep. Further, the best mattress will last longer if you take good care of and maintain it.

To ensure a hassle-free mattress transfer, you must consider mattress price, time, quality packing materials, and technique.

Equipment you need to move your mattress

If you are shifting cities, you must get specific equipment to ensure your mattresses move smoothly. You can rent these items or buy them online or at a nearby store.

  • A mattress bag – This is like a suitcase for your mattress. Carefully storing the mattress inside a mattress bag ensures that the mattress is protected from dust, external pollutants and harmful chemicals.
  • A hand truck – This equipment helps you move your mattress from your house to the loading truck without much physical exertion. You can rent it from a local shop or check to type a ‘mattress store near me’ to find a hand truck in your locality.
  • A ratchet strap –  The strap does not allow the bed to move and fall onto other things. You can search ‘how to shift a mattress near me’, and you will be directed to a nearby store where you can buy the straps.
  • Tape – Use duct tape to tighten the mattress bag while moving. This also ensures no gaps in the packaging through which moisture can seep. If you have Livpure mattresses like a regal mattress or memory foam mattress, taping correctly can help you save money on replacing such a good quality mattress.

Prepare and move

If you hire a professional to move your mattress, you don’t have to worry about the transfer process. In case of any damages, you can claim cover as agencies usually come with insurance. However, it’s not a good idea if you plan to take the task all upon yourself.

  • First, you will be overwhelmed by all the packing and moving work.
  • Second, you might not have the necessary skill and equipment to pack and move efficiently.
  • Third, you might damage items like your mattress, which can burn a hole in your pocket.

It’s best to seek help from friends and family, even if you have only a few items to move.

Now, you must consider these things while moving your mattress safely –

The Packing

Use a light, breathable mattress bag to pack your mattress. If you do not want to buy one, you can use bed sheets to wrap it. However, avoid heavy plastics for covering as it can lead to moisture build-up, especially in memory foam mattresses.

Moisture is bad news for your mattress as bacterial growth, and smell build-up will occur. If this happens, you might have to discard it.

Mattress weight and size

The best mattress online, like a single bed mattress, can weigh around 7 kg; a queen-size mattress weighs between 54 to 72 kilograms. Similarly, the weight keeps increasing as you move to a king-size mattress. Further, the dimensions increase from a single to a king-size mattresses.

You will need more hands to move a king-size mattress than a queen or a single-bed mattress. If you try to move it yourself, you might injure yourself.

Vehicle size

You can load your mattress inside a van or a truck. However, you must ensure that there is no curling of the mattress due to over–stuffing. You must ensure that the mattress remains free of any pressure from other items and has enough space around it.

Also, place other things around the mattress at a distance. Nothing should topple on the mattress if the truck or van stops abruptly. Otherwise, it can cause severe damage to the foam of memory foam mattress.

Do and Dont’s of moving your mattress

If you have a mattress for a side sleeper and a mattress for a stomach sleeper, it is evident you have spent good money. Hence, you have to keep in mind some do’s and don’ts while moving your mattress –

  • Car transfer- While it may seem more straightforward to load your mattress to the roof of your car, avoid doing so as it may expose your mattress to dust and other harmful elements.
  • Nails and screws – Place the nails and screws away from the mattress as they may penetrate the mattress bag.
  • Slide down the stairs – While it may seem convenient, never slide the mattress down the stairs. You might damage the surface due to abrasion.
  • Over-load – Never overload the truck when you also have a mattress. Further, do not put things on your mattress by laying them on the floor. You will find a sinking mattress when you unpack.

Unpacking the mattress

After you unload the mattress, use a hand truck to move it inside your new home. Then, it’s all about unpacking and getting a good night’s sleep again.

Wrapping Up

Whether you bought your mattress online or offline, the price of the mattress makes it a relatively high investment. Hence, you must take good care to maintain its longevity.

Moreover, if you have Livpure mattresses like foam mattresses, try to ensure a smooth and damage-free delivery to reap the benefits of your mattress for longer.

Now that you know the steps of packing your mattress for safe moving, you can grab the tools by looking up a mattress store near me. The above steps will help you in the smooth moving of your mattress.

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