How to get the right posture with Best mattresses for optimal health

Are you tired after a day-long and want a good night’s sleep? Your mattresses can significantly contribute to it. To get through that desk job or that fieldwork you’ve been assigned, standing all day long in the sun with a sore back, your body needs adequate rest. 

Nobody likes to go through life with chronic back pain and a pining neck. To avoid the much-dreaded back problems and get younger, theoretically, you need a mattress preferably designed to cater to your needs. A nice, comfortable, deep sleep is the best rest you can get. To get that drooling sleep, the surface you’re sleeping on has to be the perfect one! 

Mattresses are available in different types and sizes. But then, how do you choose which one suits you the best? Choosing your mattress based on weight, sleeping position, and overall physical health would be best. Let’s look at the best mattresses you can bet on and their respective uses.

Best mattress for back and neck problems

Let’s discuss the best mattress for back and neck problems. Ultimately, it all comes down to choosing the right mattress for ourselves. An ideal mattress is supposed to keep the spine’s curvature and alignment regular. 

When choosing a mattress online, be sure to go for an orthopaedic one, considered the best mattress for neck and back pain. An incredible option for that is Livpures’s Ortho CurvX, which comes with Biocrystal and RecoverX technology and Aeroscape Technology, making it the best mattress to sleep on with back problems.

Best mattress for better posture

How often has your mother complained about your stumped back or slouch? It’s time to give her the rest she needs. Some certain qualities and attributes make a person stand out among the crowd, and one of those includes a good body posture. Excluding outside appearances, your body posture influences other aspects, such as experiencing lower back pain, dropping energy levels, and lack of focus and concentration.

A slouchy posture also means lower levels of oxygen intake in the body. Livpure provides various products, including the best mattresses for posture control, to help improve your posture. Livpure Sleep’s OrthoX mattress is one of the best mattresses for posture.

Curve, a cervical pillow, is the perfect combination with your mattress to help you improve your posture. This memory foam pillow has two contours on each side, which help achieve a better posture while sleeping and relieve neck and spondylitis pain.

Best mattress for spinal health  

You are in the most comfortable position when your head, neck, and spine align. This is comparable to flat-out lying on a foam mattress. You can transfer your weight evenly throughout your body by using an excellent cushion to support your head while lying on your back.

Certain people with prominent back arches will need an additional cushion beneath their knees to lessen the strain on their back muscles. Some people may also benefit from slightly raising their feet.

The best mattress for back sleepers is memory foam mattresses. Their orthopaedic design is ideal for supporting the body for a perfect night of sleep. The best part about them is that they come at affordable prices, making them the best mattress for cheap price.

Types of Mattresses

  • Orthopaedic mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses are, without a doubt, the best mattress to sleep in for back pain because they conform to your bold shape and relieves pain. According to doctors, these premium-designed, clinically approved mattresses are considered the best mattress

Standard mattresses have a soft design and can provide pain relief. In contrast, orthopaedic mattresses provide a firm surface that promotes the ideal sleeping position and evenly distributes body weight so that pressure points in the neck, back, and hips don’t develop.

They provide you with plush comfort and have sharp pain-relieving properties. Be sure to check out Livpure’s Regal: Latex + Ortho HR Foam Mattress, which comes with enthusiastic ergonomic support, and a premium bounce similar to that of a spring mattress. 

Orthopaedic mattresses also offer Biocrystal TM and healing stones. They are made from premium latex foam with LuxeXTM technology and Dow Science ™ technology. They also come with five built-in sleep zones, which help get deeper sleep. With all those features, they are the best mattress for back pain. 

  • Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses were invented in 1931 and have forever been a customer favourite, with sweat-free sleep, plush feel, and back support abilities.

If you’re looking for a durable, long-term sleeping surface, Latex is the way to go. These super-breathable, hypoallergenic mattresses allow perfect spine curvature and free blood circulation. 

Latex mattresses come with firm, subtle cushioning and buoyant support for pain relief and comfortable sleep. Latex foam softly cradles heavy body parts like the hips and shoulders. They offer pressure relief and lowers back and neck pain. 

Livpure provides you with various Latex Mattresses, such as The Jeeva Mattress. It has a complete natural top layer, and its second plant oil-based foam layer contains healing biocrystals, which help reduce stress and increase oxygen levels in the body. It also keeps the body temperature regular. They come with a citrus fragrance infused, which helps significantly with calming the mind. This is one of the best mattresses to sleep in with back pain. It is perfect for summers and people suffering from chronic back and joint problems. 

That’s a wrap! 

Sleep is an important aspect, and your mattress determines the quality of sleep you will get. A night of good sleep is essential for a hard day’s work. Choose your mattress after weighing in the variety and composition details of all the available mattresses to make your best bet.