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How To Maintain The Right Body Posture With Mattresses

Poor posture can hinder your physical performance. In other words, if you spend too much time sitting or spend half your day hunching over electronic devices, you must get a high-quality mattress to maintain a good posture and stay healthy.

Thus, buying the best mattress for good posture isn’t just about improving your comfort level — it’s also about protecting yourself from life-shortening conditions like osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease, and chronic pain.

So, read on to learn what makes an excellent mattress that helps with a good posture and how to purchase a mattress online.

What is a Good Mattress for Good Posture?

Choosing the best mattress can help you sleep better and recover faster from daytime activities. It improves your fitness and makes you less likely to suffer chronic pain. You should seek these three specific factors when looking for a good posture-mattress.

  • Look for an evenly supportive mattress — i.e., one that evenly distributes pressure throughout the body.
  • A mattress that doesn’t promote unhealthy spinal curves — i.e., one that improves the length and strength of your muscles.
  • A mattress that supports your poor posture — i.e., one that promotes better sitting and standing posture.

Types of Mattresses to Improve Your Body Posture

The process of purchasing a mattress is quite simple if you know your sleeping style and habits. Here are a few types of mattresses that you can consider buying.

1. Innersprings and Top-end

High-quality innerspring are the primary components of a good posture mattress. Innerspring mattresses are typically made from coil springs, which react to your weight and shape by expanding and contracting. This gives each bed its unique support level.

The innerspring mattresses are usually paired with top-end foam. You may have seen this foam referred to as visco-elastic memory foam or visco-elastic polyurethane foam.

This foam reacts like a visco-gel, softening in response to your weight and forming your shape as a gel-based mattress would. This makes it so good at relieving pressure and redistributing weight along your body’s curves.

2. Latex and Visco-elastic Memory Foam

This is an unbeatable combination. Latex mattresses have a layer of latex foam that softens in response to your weight while also contouring your curves. This helps to relieve pressure while also providing better spinal alignment.

Visco-elastic memory foam is usually paired with latex foam. Latex and visco-elastic memory foam are not only great for promoting good posture — but they’re also great at relieving pressure and helping with sleep quality. They are powerful at helping your body relax and sleep well. The livpure mattresses are best known for memory foam mattresses.

3. Bump-proof and Orthopedic Mattresses

You may not have known this, but many beds on the market today are not “bump-proof.” What does this even mean? These mattresses need to be more stable to handle being repeatedly bumped by the bed frame. This can cause them to sink, twist, and even break.

When a “bump-proof” mattress is repeatedly bumped into the bed frame, it doesn’t sink, twist, or break. The most common type of “bump-proof” mattress is an orthopedic mattress, specifically engineered to be stable and durable.

An orthopedic mattress is a foam mattress designed to ease the pain while sleeping. It is made with a particular type of firmer foam specifically engineered to conform to the curves of your body. These are great because they promote good posture while preventing the spine from twisting and breaking.

4. Ayurvedic Mattress

These mattresses are made with 100% natural memory foam. You can find them in different forms, like mattresses with lavender, neem and sandalwood-infused latex foam.

An ayurvedic mattress provides the best back support and helps calm your brain, keeping stress and anxiety at a distance. Livpure mattress brings India’s first ayurvedic mattress for the most peaceful sleeping experience.

How to Choose the Right Mattress for your Posture?

If you have a particular type of sleeping pattern, you should choose a mattress that will adjust to suit it. If you are a side sleeper, a medium-soft to medium-firm mattress will be the best option. For back-sleepers, a medium to firm mattress will do best for you.

Firm mattresses will provide the necessary support if you wake up sleeping on your stomach. For combination sleepers, medium-firm mattresses provide easy responsive movement in bed for continuous toss and turning.

Regarding body type, the light body builds need soft mattresses; foam and hybrid mattresses are the best options instead of spring mattresses. For average to medium body build, foam, hybrid, latex, and natural mattress will do best according to respective sleeping postures and patterns.

People with heavier body build need solid support for spinal alignment and can’t take the risk of damaging it. Hence, a responsive, extra-firm king-size mattress will provide desired support and comfort without feeling stuck in bed.

After narrowing down your preferences for a new mattress, you must contemplate one question “how to purchase a mattress?” the process is quite simple. Search for your favourite mattress online. Compare different brands and their mattress price. Go through their reviews and ratings.

If you are still doubtful about purchasing an online mattress, you can visit your nearest store and explore more options.

Wrapping Up

Having the right mattress can significantly impact your physical and mental health. It can help you sleep better and recover faster from daily activities. A good mattress can even improve your fitness and make you less likely to suffer from poor posture. Livpure mattress is one such option.

Keeping your body aligned at night can be easy! With the help of the right mattress, you can effortlessly align your pelvis, eliminate any alignment issues and ensure long-term spinal health.

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